PM Modi at Madison Square – cementing ties with America HIS VISION FOR INDIA

PM Modi at Madison Square – cementing ties with America


It has rightly been said that the countries which remain united casting aside all the differences based on caste, creed, cultural differences can make huge strides ahead, when everyone performs his/her duties with dedication/ persevere for a common cause ; when all have respect for each others’ religious sentiments then nobody can stop that country’s onward march towards progress.  Also, when there is a zero tolerance to corruption and nepotism when narrow parochialism takes backseat then that country has assured bright future. Just casting aside petty mindedness. Shote Log performing big tasks is the slogan of the Prime Minister.

Every Indian felt proud at the reception of PM of India got. Firstly, the voice of sanity to the right to reply of our neighbour’s tirades against India – which was appreciated by all.Will do big things for small people.

On 28th September, the rousing reception by the Indians – Americans, then the cultural progromme which was given by the participants were really incredible.

In his speech PM covered the following salient points.

·      Sincere Performance. His exhortation to the employees to attend office on time and work sincerely. He was forthright in mentioning that he has not taken even 15 minutes off since he became PM so he would expect that others should be on time to attend to his/her offices and duties.

·      Progress by the World. He mentioned that the world at large is forging ahead / progressing and India should also make its presence felt in tne comity of nations. Now a days, we are living in a global village and whatever happens in any part of the world has implication for India. He mentioned that we have to face all the challenges.

·       ; Expectations from India. While addressing the audiences present, he told that you people have expectations from me and from India. He exhorted them to keep one foot in India for making themselves aware what is all happening there.

·  ;21st Century is Asian’s Century. It has been said by very many people that 21st Century would be Asian Century and Bharat is in Asia. And it would be Century of Bharat.

·      &nb sp;Youngest India. India is the youngest in the world (with 65% of the people below the age of 35 years) and has the oldest culture and the admix of both, he mentioned with fullest confidence, will help make the dream of India come true with fullest bhagidhari.

·       ; Three Things why India would be 21st century Asian Giant. 

  • Population of 1.25 Crores where 65% are below the age of 35 years.
  • Bubbling and largest democracy  in the world – where people choose their own Governments.
  • Has most suitable demographic Division.

·      Why World Country should come to India. India with a population of 1.25 Crores constitute a vast market for the products having demand of goods and services and if right climate is created, it will impact hugely. In other words India has a huge market with huge population.

·       ; America is an old democracy while India is a largest democracy.

·        Technology makes a Difference. Previously, Indians were considered to be a nation of snake charmers, we used to play with snakes only but now we are playing with the mouse of the computer – a big leap ahead by any imagination.

·  Jan Bhagedhari (Joint partnership) can make a Huge Difference. He mentioned that if all the people and the Government work together, it can make a huge difference to the progress of the country.

  • Indians are available everywhere round the globe and contributing their mite for the countries concerned.

·       Indi a remained under subjugation for 1000 – 1200 years. Sikhs, in particular their Gurus contributed immensely. They made huge sacrifices for the cause of the common people – which cannot be forgotten by any.

·        Gandhiji Contribution for freedom of India. Gandhiji was also an NRI. While he came to India, he too made it a Jan Andholan to liberate India off the foreign yoke.,

·      Skilled workers. India with its 65% youths can make a great impact economically when they learn some skill. This skill can work wonders not only in India but also in foreign lands. For example there is a huge demand of nursing assistants, teachers especially of Math and Science.

·      India’s Advancement in Science and Technology. He gave an interesting analogy. It takes Rs. 10/- per Km for a three wheeler ride from Ahmadanagar  but our scientists have made it possible with Rs. 7/- per Kms for the visit to MARS and with a budget of less than a Hollywood film/ India has sent its mission to Mars with indigineous technology and that too in first attempt! An incredible achievement indeed he declared.

·      Creator of job and Seeker of job. He mentioned that our priority should be to create job rather than job seekers.

·      Jan Dhan Jojna. He cited the example of Jan Dhan Jojna. He had declared that this scheme should start with ZERO BALANCE. But this has yielded Rs. 1500 CRORES in bank deposits for 4 crore people! An achievement indeed by any reckoning.

·        Make-in-India. He then emphasized the concept of Make-in-India. He also invited suggestion on his website: for making this dream true.

·        ;Redundant Rules. He mentioned that the rules which become impediments should be dropped forthwith. He assured that all the rules which are not proving worthwhile would be removed.

·      ;Cleanliness. He mentioned that he is from a humble background as a tea vendor. He thus wants that people should keep their surroundings neat and clean. He also told that he will endeavour that toilets are available for maximum people. He wanted GANDGI SE MUKAT BHARAT (INDIA FREE OF UNCLEANLINESS) and also emphasized that Gandhiji liked cleanliness.

·       Gang a Cleaning. He stressed that Ganga cleaning mission should be followed up assiduously. 40% of the people in Uttarakhand, UP, Behar, West Bengal are dependent on Ganga for irrigation and meeting their water requirement. In this direction, he asked his audiences about the need for Ganga cleaning which was received with huge applause. By so doing, we shall not only be in tune with our faith but also with cleaning the environment and climate control.

·     ; Gandhiji came to India on 8-9 Jan 1915. He fought for our freedom through non-violent means. We can pay him back (karaj chukka sakte hen) by keeping the Ganga clean and keeping our environment in which we live clean.

·      PIO and OCI. He announced that PIO and OCI passport amongst NRI community would be merged and there will be no need to go to police stations for checks etc.  And this PIO would be for life. He also informed that visa on arrival scheme would also be launched soon.

This visit  will actually have salutary effect on INDO-AMERICAN relationship and take it to new heights. Two democracies – one bigger (India) and the other older (America) coming together.



Is life worth living?

Is life worth living?

Hi, I know this sounds depressing, but I’m only 26, and honestly l wouldn’t mind just dying (no, I don’t mean I plan on killing myself, so don’t worry about that).

I’m a first year Grad student, and I hate it. I don’t hate the program, and I actually love what I’m studying, but I feel so burnt out (I just finished a double undergrad major in Math and Geography), and I’m scared. What complicates the situation is my less than positive relationship with my research advisor. I don’t even trust her anymore.

I keep telling myself “it’s only two years,” but then I begin to stress out about the “what will I do with the degree” problem. I am terrified of being stuck in a cubicle working for some faceless corporation and kissing the man’s *** for the rest of my life! I feel like the only reason why I am going to school is to keep that from happening.

And then all I see online is about how screwed my generation is, and how none of us are going to survive in the working world. I never had a trust fund, never had heath insurance, never really had parents, and yet I made it through college. I feel like I have always had something to look forward up to this point, but now it feels more and more like that thing is death.

I am so scared of my future. I don’t feel like I can take another day of Grad School, but if the alternative is worse, I don’t know what to do. I feel so lost, so hopeless. I value life, and I have no plan of doing anything harmful, but I need to feel like I have something to look forward, and I don’t anymore.

I know I’ve asked this question before, but I’m starting to get desperate. I have a really hard time getting out of bed in the morning. I’ve had multiple check ups with doctors and they all give me a clean bill of health. I really think it’s straight out depression. I feel trapped in my life now, and that I have no choice of what I can do. It’s just getting worse and worse. Sometimes, I just feel like disappearing.

Is life worth living, should I vanish?

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Really, after reading your description about yourself, I can say, with high degree of certainty that you can be a very good writer. The flow of language and the style, if one reads between the lines, is obviously very lucid, vivid and easy to follow even by a person of less intelligence. Young lady cheer up. Do not think about future, care for your today, which is at your hand. Your future will be taken care of. And also, do not compare yourself with better offs than yourself. Think of the people who are worse off than yourself. You are having every element of yours in perfect cohesion and there is nothing wrong in your constitutional self. Take some positive lessons in spirituality. Keep the company of Christ in your daily life. Think that He is a guiding force for you. When He is with you, you can be assured of better than the best life in the coming day and years to come. So forget your past bad events or anything harsh that has transpired in your life. Bad events even if leave their imprints in us but we have to scrub them off of day-to-life and start with a clean slate. So, cheer up, brace up and never think of negative things in life. You are bestowed with a beautiful life to live for and not to waste it off. Spent your time helping others in your own way and have some positive hobbies. Your time will pass peacefully and cheerfully. GOD BLESS. *

Life is what we make of it. It can be a cake walk, if we make it so, can be intractable, if we do not want to live keeping in mind the imponderables that are necessary. It depends onus, if we make a mountain of a molehill, or take any situation as a challenge to pounce on that challenge and win. Or may be we may not succeed in our attempt(s) yet  we have to try again till we attain our goal. That is the life worthliving. This challenge could be sorting out of relationships, sorting out problems at home or at work place or any contingency that may arise spontaneously.

In life, we have to be ready for any contingency, and the will to fight should spring from our inner being but with the faith that in all our endeaours, our CREATOR is always there to come to our help at the right moment. Then why fear. Just make life a cakewalk rather than intractable and complex. Depends on us which way to take.

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Thank you! Unfortunately, I think all that life is is working for the man in a stupid cubicle 😥

It’s just a shame that all the cool stuff about life being unique and meaningful while I was in school was just a load of crap! The real world sucks!



India is a land of festivals, with diverse history besides diverse cultural mores. All  festivals are occasioned on change of certain seasons or based on certain historical events.

People call the same festival differently in different regions but spirit behind all these remains just vibrant. Enthusiam and gaiety remain the guiding force behind all the celebrations. It may be dussehra; diwali; holi; lohri; Eid; Good Friday; Guru Purabhs or any other festival of any religion the spirit of celebration remain the binding force.

Similar is the case with Navratri – a festival lasting for nine days. In these nine days devouts observe strick fasts; remain chaste and desist from telling lies. Wish that people always behave like this all the days!

The first three days are celebrated on the name of Durga mata – Goddess with immense power

For next three days she is worshipped as spiritual wealth – Mata Lakshmi.

Subsequently for next three days, she is Goddess of wisdom – the Goddess Saraswati. It bestows spiritual enlightenment besides showering an individual with all round success.


It is useful for our benefit to know the importance of each day.

1. First Day. On the first day, Mata Durga is termed as Shailputri – the daughter of HimalayA and the consort of Lord Shiva.

  1. Second Day. Mata Durga on the second day is called as Brahmacharini which represents worship. She is the embodiment of huge reserve of power – Shakti.
  1. Third Day. On the third day, the Goddess is venerated as Chandraghanta. She is the embodiment of power and beauty.
  2. Fourth Day. On the fourth day, Maan Durga is worshipped in the form of Kushmanda – the creator of whole universe by the power of her laughter.
  3. Fifth Day. Here on this day, Skanda – the main warrior of Gods’ army.
  1. Sixth Day. On the sixth day, Mataji takes the form of Katyayani with three eyes and four hands – all powerful and grace.
  2. Seventh Day. On this day, Maan Durga takes the form of Kalratri – she is shown as black as dark night with four hands and makes the evil doers fearless.
  1. Eighth Day. On the eighth day, the Mata Durga takes the form of Maha Gauri – with beauty besides having calmnessand exhibits wisdom.
  2. Nineth Day. On the nineth dayMaan Durga is worshipped as Siddidatri – with all the eight sidhis. In this form, she is worshipped by all.

With this intention in view, I have penned down a poem titled : NAVRATRI kindly appraise and comment. I love your comments immensely.




India is a land rich in cultural mores
Here the festivals are galore
Commemorated on certain seasons or occasions
Amongst the venerated festivals in Hindu traditions
Navratri attracts all shades of people for celebrations
Celebrated two times in a year
March-April – as Chaitra Navratri,
October-November – as the Shradha Navratri.
Nav-ratri is the created from two Hindi expressions
‘Nav’ meaning nine
And ‘ratri’ meaning night
Related to Goddess Durga – the Warrior
Attired in mesmerizing dress in red colour
Mounted on the lion so ferocious
Navratri too is linked with fertility of land
Folks observe the fitness of earth
By testing seeds germination in pots earthen
Folks also observe fasting rigidly
And keep themselves chaste
In words and in deeds indeed.

Legends abound about Navratri.

Meheshsura the demon king worshipped Lord Shiva
Who grants him the boon of invincibility even from Gods
Starts killing people most innocent
And even acquired the Seven Lokas by force
Including the thrown of Indra.
To annihilate the powerful Maheshsura
The Trinity & other Gods confabulated
For creating a power supreme for defeating the demon
Created Ma Shakti – Mother the most powerful one
Or Durga, the Warrior Goddess.
The war between Maheshasur and Mother Divine
Lasted for days nine
On day tenth She killed him
Navratri thus symbolizes the victory of good over evil

On (9th day) Mahanavami nine young girls are worshiped
As Nine Forms of Durga Goddess
And gifted food and new dresses.

Another legend has it
King Daksha the King of Himalayan Kingdom
Was blessed with a daughter
He named her Uma – a most beautiful one
She worshipped Lord Shiva immeasurably
So that He may accept her in marriage easily
Having pleased Lord Shiva
Thus marries Uma
Against the wishes of King Dhaksha
One day King Dhaksha held a grand Yagna
All Gods except Shiva were invited
Uma wanted to attend
Yagna with Lord Shiva’s reservation even
And against His wishes
King Daksha reprimanded her for coming uninvited
In rage she jumps into Agni Kund (Fire-grate) and perished
And was termed as Sati
Madev as Virbadhara took King Daksha task for this
On rebirth (as Parbati) she marries Lord Shiva again
She comes to Her parents to stay for Nine Days
And thus we celebrate these Nine Days as Navratri.

Legend also has it that Lord Rama
Worshipped Goddess Durga’s
Nine Forms for nine days
On day tenth He was able to kill powerful demon king Ravana
Thus day tenth is celebrated as Vijaydakshmi or Dussehra
First three days are dedicated to Goddess Durga
In the form of child; young girl and mature woman
The three varied stages of womanhood
Symbolizing victory of evil over falsehood
Next three days are dedicated to Goddess of Wealth & Prosperity
Her name is Goddess Lakshmi
She symbolizes wealth; peace and prosperity
Last three days are commemorated in the name of Goddess Saraswati
The Goddess of knowledge
In snowy white dress
Mounted on a white swan

Thus Navratri is termed as the sign

Of purity and well-being.






Love is the eternal cohesive agent

Which binds us together

With each other in a eternal knot

Creating a feeling of oneness

In weals and woes

When each shares everything

That the other have in abundance

This feeling is loved by our Creator immensely

Creating in us still more gratefulness

And still more loving-kindness

Overflowing with His bounties

Thus cementing our relations

With our fellow beings.


All the holy scriptures of prominent religions enjoin us to love our neighbour as we love ourselves.  This is time tested truth and must be imbibed and followed by all peace loving humans irrespective of their social standing in the society. It should never be forgotten that man cannot live in peace while in isolation or having intransigent attitude amongst themselves.  We, ourselves, have to bridge the gap by our own self effort – approaching our neighbours and participating in their social functions or sharing their burdens.

The Old Testament enunciates : “thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”(Lev. 19:18).

The Bhagavad-Gita (12:13) says: “A man should not hate any living creature. Let him be friendly and compassionate to all.”


If we want to have a cordial relationship with our neighbour, it is incumbent on us to adjust with them. This could only be ensured when we share their happy and sad moments as true members of the society. When we are compassionate towards them besides when we meet their needs. We ought to have faith in our Lord who has created us and where there is unflinching faith there is no scope for disturbance at all.

It has been well said, ‘love thy neighbor as thy self’. We have to understand that we can change anything but it is not in our hands to change our neighbor or neighbourhood.

“love your enemies, bless them that curse you” as uttered by Jesus (Matthew 5:44).

We all say that we love God but without realising that God too wants that we ought to love His creations first and especially those who are very near ua. How can we love God turely when we do not love his creations?

“Do you love your creator? Love your fellow-beings first,” reads a well-known Islamic tradition.

It has also been said that we can change everything around us if it is not in agreement with our likings but we cannot change our neighbour. We can win our neighbour only with love being the binding factor. We have no alternative but to adjust with our neighbours and environment in which we are placed. But we cannot expect others to change according to our own convenience.

It has also been felt that our reelations may be residing far away from our homes and when an unexpected contigency just suddenly what then? The nearest person to bank on is our neighbour but that can happen only when we cooperate with each other and sync with each other. It is not only within our day to day activities but also on our final journey, some people are required to accompany our casket of our body. Fortunates are the ones who have their own relations but what about the ones who do not have their own near relations?  

We ave to set an example for this. There may be difference of opinion but we have to come to term with the reality – a stark reality. We have to be tolerant, understanding, cooperative, compassionate, always have positive attitude, divorced from selfish and selfcentred mindset besides adjusting with the environment.

Compassion, loving-kindness, sympathetic joy, and equanimity are said by Buddhist.

This principle is also true for neighbouring countries. Those who do not realise this truth come to grief. If countries cooperate with each in pursuing good neighbourly relations by respecting each others’ sovereignty and come to each others succour whenever there is any natural tragedies or any other contingencies then our Creator too graces those countries. It is also a fact that now a days, we are living in globalized village where interaction between different countries, more so neighbours, makes a huge difference by enhancing mutual trade, besides increasing warmth by people to people social interactions. Everything could then follow on the basis of give and take.

If a neighbour is more powerful than others then there is a huge requirement of cooperation between the two. Hedgemonistic policies which were prevalent earlier on cannot be pursued now as all are equipped with weapons of mass destruction like atom bombs, missiles etc. So, better course is to follow the policy of cooperation and peaceful co-existence.

Our children should be taught :-

  • Language of Love. (Pyar ki vasha). The children from the beginning should be taught the language of love.
  • Cooperative. A feeling of cooperation should be taught to our children so that they know its true value.
  • Compassionate. Compassion begets friendship this attitude should be imbibed.
  • Understanding. Understanding the needs of others and come to rescue at opportune time is the need of the hour. Here understanding the psyche of others too is needed.
  • Partaking weals and woes. It is essential that we share the good and bad things together. This gives a huge boost in our friendship.
  • Come out of the Rut of one-upmanship.
  • Feel pride to have a neighbour.
  • Relatives and neighbours.  Our neighbour should command the same respect as we give to our relatives.

If we keep the above cited things in mind, then sure enough, we shall have good neighbourly relations and this would be in line with our CREATOR’S WILL.









It has been experienced, whereinsoever and whensoever man has disturbed the natural balance there is a natural calamity. We ourselves are responsible for natural imbalance and we have to suffer the pangs of its consequences. In any part of the world, whenever there is a natural disaster in the form of earth quake, tsunami, or floods; these ought to be taken as a problem requiring humane consideration because there is huge loss of men and materials. It goes to show that Mother Nature is very kind to those who respect It but very retributive who disturb its balance. Nobody is big or small for the Mother Nature.

In June 2013, a severe cloudburst in the northern part of Uttarkhand caused devastating floods and landslides. Then who can forget the Tsumani of 2004 and devastating earthquake that shook Latur and also of Bhuj. All these natural calamities were faced by Indians unitedly.

Now five days of incessant rains lashed the state of J&K due to which life in the state of J&K came to standstill. Due to this unprecedented rains, all road communication to the valley from Jammu, Rajouri and its adjoining areas got disrupted. Not only this, the tele-communication too got disturbed besides washing off many bridges due to which transportation of goods and services were sevrely hit. The road from Srinagar to Leh and Ladakh was also damaged. This made it difficult for the people to stock the supplies for the coming winter, as is the usual practice.

First the Home Minister and subsequently the PM Shri Narinder Modi paid a visit to J&K. The PM announced a grant of 1000 Crores as a first installment for relief and rehabilitation. He also promised continued support for the flood relief of the state and declared that it ought to be construed as a National Disaster for which all people of the country should chip in for assistance.

The gigantic task of opening roads closed due to land slides and disruption of tele-communication have been going on a war footing. The Army and the Indian Air Force have been busy providing succour to the affected people round the clock without even caring for their own families. Beasides, the power and water supplies have too been disrupted at Srinagar. Flooding of Chenab and and Tawi rivers have damaged / washed away the roads leading to washing away of houses and live stocks. There were also land slides adversely affecting the villages around. There are the cases of a few villages being totally destroyed due to heavy land slides.

Indian Air Force is carrying out their task of ferrying the people from Srinagar just round the clock, to their destinations besides distributing the food items to the affected people. NDRF and Army teams, in their boats, are helping the marooned people to the best of their capability.

The houses are still in water till first storey. Some people are still in their houses for fear of their household goods being stolen by unscruplous elements. Only lurking fear now is a fear of the foundation of their house giving way. The administration should keep their fingers crossed for meeting any contingency due to this factor.

The teams of NDRF and Army are going to different houses for rendering a helping hand in whichsoever way they can. Tell-communication is still a problem by which people could tell their problems and convey about their requirements. There is no electricity supply because of water logging in all the areas. Water and eatables are being distributed to the people. Rescue and relief workers in Jawahar Colony, a posh colony of Kashmir, is still going on besides other colonies. There is muddy water all around.
5th Sept onwards, the rescue teams are working round the clock. The armed forces personnel are working without caring about their own relatives whereabouts and safety. The situation at Raj Bagh, where people used to come for meeting their different requirements, is still submerged in water.

Water from houses situated at elevation has reduced but there is mud and slush all around. The destruction caused due to the deluge is unprecedented.

Indian Air Force has been pursuing the task of airlifting relief supplies to the affected places keeping in mind aircraft safety in mind. This commendable efforts are being lauded by all. This relief material is being brought from different parts of the country. Flood relief work is being done by IAF for this whole of the transport fleet is busy – day and night too.

Be that as it may, it should never be forgotten that in the past, National calamities of this degree, Indians have come to the forefront and provided every succour to the needy brethren. This time too this is our e fervent appeal that our countrymen will come to the rescue of the people.

The reasons for this deluge is not far to seek.
• The wetlands which used to absorb extra water of flood etc are now being used for construction of colonies.
• The area of Dal lake has reduced due to one reason of the antoher.

• Functional sewerage system is not there which could take extra water emission due to floods etc.

• The State Government should devise a meaningful force for meeting contingency of this nature.

Future remedial measures

• The role which the Army and the NDRF has performed should also have been done by the Police Force of J&K – who are much aware of the topography of the area.

• Contingency Plan by the State administration should be made based on the lessons learnt from the present unprecedented floods.

• There is a requirement of building strong bunds and sand bags kept ready in adequate numbers made ready to plug the breaches.

• The wetlands which used to absorb flood water are being used for construction. It should be stopped forthwith.

• The relief and rehabilitation after water level recedes should be looked after on a war footing.

• Contingency Plan should be made to fight the outbreak of any epidemic. Hospitals in the valley should be better equipped to deal with any eventualities.

• Construction of houses which would be damaged due to adverse affects of water logging due to unprecedented flood water. For this planned effort is the need of the hour. Or the houses which have already been destroyed or partially damaged need to be taken care of.

This gigantic National Tragedy requires a gigantic National Effort which, I am sure, will fructify if all the people forge together and come forward in this hour of need; in whatever manner they can. We fervently appeal to our countrymen to come forward and make their contribution to the PM’s Relief Fund or any other legitimate agency for this effort. God will certainly help those who show compassion for their brethren in need. Let it be known that tragedy in any part of India should be taken as a NATIONAL TRAGEDY. this score.

My married lover always trying to contact me but I dont want to talk 2 him , he hurts me ,how shoud I avoid him?

My marred lover always trying to contact me but I dont want to talk 2 him , he hurts me ,how shud i avoid him?

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Harbans answered 3 years ago

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First of it is a grave mistake on your part by involving yourself who cannot be depended upon for being your ‘lover’. His hands are already full to shoulder the responsibility of looking after his own family. He, in other words, is cheating on his wife by resorting to this sort of gimmicks. He is tarnishing the institution of marriage and all other things which are accompanied with it all.

It is really not too late. Come out of it all. Why in the first place you should avoid him? He is not worth avoiding. Just face him squarely. If he can be unfaithful to his wife, he could be unfaithful to you as well when you continue this sordid relationship. Think him like a bad chapter in your life and eradicate / erase him from your memory disc. The sooner you do the better for you. Really.*

*We, in our lives, come across people perchance, with good and bad people. It is good to interact with good people who may come to your rescue when you are in trouble, but there are the ones who would like to extract a pound of flesh for every act done. Sagacity is to befriend with caution. To develop intimacy is no problem but it should remain within confines of limits as crossing limits would be at your own peril.
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What makes you fall in love with your partner?
I’m a female I love when my partner opens up to listen about me.
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• Harbans Lal answered 3 years ago

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You love somebody earnestly when there is no confusion in the relationship, no suspicion in the relationship and your mental cues say you have a person of your choice. Nothing should be there to suggest that you have made even an iota of mistake in choosing that partner of yours. It is also not mere listening but following you and vice versa. The other partner should really understanding your viewpoint and you intend also listen to that person and follow his / counsel. That relationship can be termed as lasting and worth ‘falling in love..

When you and your partner are one in every way, have same feeling, appreciate each others’ concerns, partake everything – good or bad, objectively experience life together, etc.
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