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How Hinduism/Sikhism and Islam are/could be COMMON for meditating on NAAM (Name of God)?

How Hinduism/Sikhism and Islam are/could be COMMON for meditating on NAAM (Name of God)?   Please give your answer after reading as follows: MEDITATING ON NAAM • Meditate on the NAAM(Name of God) through INHALE & EXHALE. It may any of these: Allah’u Akbar, Wah’e Guru , Om Namo Shivay


UGLY FACE OF CORRUPTION & ACCOUNTABILITY THEREOF In Bhagwad Gita (Chapter 1 – 40 ) it has rightly been said: . pradushyanti kulastriyah | Strīṣu duṣtāsu vārṣnēya jāyatē varṇasamkaraḥ Arjun, with huge concern tells Lord Sri Krishna, O Krishna! When sin prevails, the women of the family get polluted, and


Those who play or feign victim are the people who have ulterior motive as such the best solution is to take more responsibility and not skirt solutions besides doing their duty with sincerity.

How much do you know about love and affection?

How much do you know about love and affection? A 7 year old sister asked her brother about the meaning of love and affection. He answered: you are taking the chocolates of mine daily and i am keeping daily fresh chocolates. i know you are taking chocolates, knowing that i

Thought Provoking thoughts on Diwali Day

Thought Provoking thoughts on Diwali Literally, deepvali means (deep – light and vali a row and together it means a row of lights) After finishing his 14 long years of exile besides annihilating the demon king Ravana and with it his evil deeds; he, accompanied with brother Lashmana and Sita,

Pond Branches III

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18 Oct • Trout Pond, Sag Harbor


What does having a clean heart mean ?    In this world and rat race, everyones fighting for survival …. So whats a clean heart ? To say whatever comes into heart or mind, needs to be controlled sometimes in order not to hurt the other person …. Maybe lie

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