How Hinduism/Sikhism and Islam are/could be COMMON for meditating on NAAM (Name of God)?

How Hinduism/Sikhism and Islam are/could be COMMON for meditating on NAAM (Name of God)?


Please give your answer after reading as follows:


• Meditate on the NAAM(Name of God) through INHALE & EXHALE.

It may any of these:
Allah’u Akbar, Wah’e Guru , Om Namo Shivay or OM.

While INHALE say in mind “Allahu” or “Wahe” or “Om Namo” or “”O””,
While EXHALE say in mind “Akbar” or “Guru” or “Shivay” or “”M”” respectively.

MIND NEEDS VARIETY, keep on CHANGING THE WORD of Name after a few days. But , meditate on the NAAM(whatever may be the word) with passage of Inhale and exhale.

You should recite NAAM THROUGH TONGUE also. Actually, you must start with tongue recitation and then switch over to breath recitation. As tongue recitation we may also sing beautiful verses from Quran, Gurbani, Gita etc.

Update : @Turkish Jar,

Of course Islam is Monotheist faith. But,Hinduism also practise Monotheism through Polytheism. Means.. ONE GOD invoked through various visual forms(images) and sound forms(words).

Moreover, Hinduism rests on the theory of PANENTHEISM. Means… Spiritual energy(all souls) and non Spiritual energy(Universe) are manifestation of God Himself. But Panentheism can not be practiced as it is the ultimate state of realisation by soul. We practise MONOTHEISM in its pure form and also through Polytheism also. AIKEM SUDVIPRA BAHUDHA VADENTY.

Update 2: @ God_i_O,
It’s not just meditation as adopted by atheistic faiths like Jains and Budhha. We perceive as meditating on NAAM(Name of God). Of course U 2 can do it while normal prayer. During SAJDA, INHALE and say in mind ALLAH-O while U get up and then while bowing down EXHALE and say in mind AKBAR. You can any other set of words like ALLAH O MALIQ or any other NAAM. See the miracle!!!!

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  • Harbans answered 3 years ago
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Meditation does not require any particular phraseology. The basic things which are helpful in this is enthusiasm with which you meditate, the concentration and the sincerity you put in your worship. For self-realisation and to reach to that ‘truth’, it is important that you do your meditation with non-attachment, being pure and truthful in your prayer. NAAM could be through chanting but that chanting should spring from the heart and not from your brain. Initially you require some effort in this endeavour and slowly but surely your efforts will fructify and you will be able to connect with Him. This is not acquired overnight. To reach to that Truth, mere words are not sufficient. Urge from your personal being should spring up and transform you thoroughly. Follow any religion to reach Him, but that way to the Ultimate Destination is only acquired through self-purification and with oneness of purpose. Tongue recitation initially and then realising Him through concerted concentration (inhale and exhale concentration) on the centre between the eyes till such time you get light and ultimately peace. *

Just disconnect of the conscious self while praying. In that state even forgetting what you are. A total surrender – merging with Him totally. No outer influence should perturb you or disturb you from the prayers. That is the total bliss because connectivity with HIM provides us eternal happiness. More the enthusiasm, more the effect.

One thing that is disturbing me that some people make prayer just mechanical in outlook. Just recitation from some scriptures verbatim. May be it is fine for some people but is there any benefit.

If Krishna or Guru Nanak Consciousness could be attained through total surrender then why not Christ Consciousness. There being no difference, all NAAMs are ONE then why differentiate.

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wonderful explanation !!!!! my brother.

Thanx all .



In Bhagwad Gita (Chapter 1 – 40 ) it has rightly been said:

pradushyanti kulastriyah |
u dutāsu vārnēya
jāyatē var

Arjun, with huge concern tells Lord Sri Krishna, O Krishna! When sin prevails, the women of the family get polluted, and then from the corruption of womanhood produces unwanted, unworthy children. This will also impact complex system of occupations and communities – the social order besides spreading corruption and bribery.


Corruption is a design by an individual, an organization, a community/society, a country for the purpose of unreasonable benefits for a single individual, organization, a community/society or a country. This benefit could be accrued by adopting sinful, impiety, unethical, immorality, evil, debased of all the negativities put together.


There is no escape route for anybody, any society/community or any country which adopts corrupt practices for garnering corrupt practices. If it is not from law enforcing agencies or the country or the world Recognized Laws then the Natural Laws OR finally the perpetrators cannot escape the retributions of our CREATOR. We are all accountable to Him ultimately.




  • Administration related corruption. When no file or work gets done without putting wait (of bribe) on it then babus or administrative machinery is found to be involved then we can term it corruption officialdom. There are so many cases where individuals have collected money beyond their known income.


  • Corruption in families. What happens when one of the spouse (male / female) or both are involved in moral trepidations. In this sort of a scenario whole of the fabric of the family gets impacted.



  • Government’s Complacency or direct involvement. Scams such as coal scam which happened while allotting coal blocks to different parties on the basis of pecuniary considerations or any other consideration or 2G scam involving politicians and government officials of India undercharging the companies for frequency allocation for pecuniary consideration. Or we know about Bofor gun scam. These sorts of corruption within the Government tarnishes and the image of the country and imperils its position and prestige in the comity of nations.


In many cases the money collected by the individuals or the ministers could stash their money in foreign banks to avoid tax or fearful of being caught red handed. The recent cases of BLACK MONEY deposited outside the country is a stark reality of corruption in high places.


  • Informal Institutions/organizations. It has been experienced that people trust those who preach religion and if these very people prove to be involved in wrong doings/corrupt practices which are immoral and unethical then there is a problem. This sort of a corruption gives a real bad name to the informal institution or the organization and general masses feel disillusioned. There are examples of known people involved in immoral acts, even as low as sexual related scandalsws, while preaching morality.


Individuals, organizations or a society involved could be compared to a corrupt data that is secured in a computer database but is corrupted by the virus thus making the system dysfunctional in the process.

Corruption is said to be done when one resorts to or adopts unethical methods in order to garner pecuniary gains and in that process breaks the laws of country concerned. Besides moral corruption, when one adopts immoral practices for pecuniary gains. This method could be immoral tarnishing the very character of the individual concerned.

Corruption has obviously taken a toll on our society. If we term it a slow poison, it will not be a wrong thing. Everybody wants to be materially prosperous. Some adopt short route, in the process,  just hoodwinking the rules and regulations in vogue.


          We do not get good candidates to represent us because there is often a sale and purchase of candidates while choosing them, though with some exception. Those with power and pelf get upper hand. Candidates who actually have ability in real sense of terms get booted out initially itself and the ones with influence in plenty with plentiful money just get voted in. What can we expect from the ones who have come to represent us by purchasing their tickets? Well, it is not a rocket science not to be understood. Then when corruption takes a hydra headed snake form, we blame others. We ourselves had chosen those who are representing us then how others are responsible for it all!


In the offices, general people have to grease the palms of the person(s) concerned for getting their jobs done. For instance, even in tender bidding, rules and regulations are given a sweetest good bye.  Those with influence at the right places get their bids passed with even less competency for acquiring the same.


Various scams which are coming to light now have taken the corruption and the corrupt practices to another dimension.  


Even the religious places too are not immune to it. People at the helm furtively siphon off the offerings for their own use.


I am of the opinion that some fear of our CREATOR is created that the money created through illegal and corrupt practices, if used for upbringing of the children, will have ill effects on their growth and development. And this is so? Then I think some wise thinking may dawn and the corruption may decline.


Or let the law of the land made stringent and practical that those who resort to corrupt practices, are made to face consequences for their acts, then also something tangible could be expected.


We ourselves have to introspect that how this menace of  corruption has to be bridled lest it eats the very edifice on which our society rests.


With this intension in mind, I have penned down a poem titled CORRUPTION. Kindly appraise and comment for I love comments.




Accountability means call to question the acts of omissions and commissions. When one has resorted to unethical means garnering undue gratifications/profits he/she is accountable to his/her action. It also provides moral or a legal framework to take the individual to task. The individual concerned has to shoulder blameworthiness and is/are liable for legal action. Black money earned through corrupt practices has to be accounted for. `


While individuals are responsible for their actions and could be dealt according to the law of the land, if found to have resorted to corrupt practices, political party could be punished by the people in the elections if that party does not translate their promises into tangible results. Or a political party commits scams for getting pecuniary gains.


There is a social accountability if an individual adopts corrupt practices. He / she could be orchestrated by the society.


Accountability is also based on moral/ethical trepidation. When we break rules and conventions, we have to face the music of our misdemeanor. It follows that whatever an individual, a society or a country does is accountable for the undoing. In parliamentary system of Government legislatures are accountable to the people of the country.


The administration could be held responsible if they do not follow the laid down norms of the official rules and regulations.


The menace of corruption, if controlled through strongest but enforceable legislation could bode well for the countries concerned.













In great epic Mahabharta, on being born blind, Dhritrashtra, the father of Dharyodhana always played victim for attracting attention and sympathy. For his blindness, he blamed his destiny and Iswara. And after the demise of his brother Pandu he was crowed as a king due to his angry outbursts of being victim by circumstances and all others who come in contact with him.

Playing victim is a height of irresponsibility. The one who plays victim, does not want to do his/her duty as a true citizen. This sort of a person just knows where his/her bread would be buttered and adopts every method in the armoury to shirk responsibility.

It has rightly been said that humans have to interact in order to get his / her needs fulfilled. For this, some social obligations too are placed and for fulfillment of these, one essentially has to have emotional maturity. A person with low level of emotional maturity just goes on blaming others for his/her failings and at times seeks attention by feigning victimized. These people exhibit their emotional upsurges by staging hurtful and blaming others at every pretext so as to attract attention besides diverting others’ attention from the others. Blaming others is their main ploy/pastime. Such people get satisfaction by inflicting sufferings on others by his/her ill-intentioned intent.

In our day to day lives, many a times, we must have seen people who are expert in playing victim despite being law breakers of highest order. They prove so, by their deliberate acts of omissions and commissions besides being frivolous in nature. This could be synonym with ‘the pot calling the kettle black’. It is also rightly been said, if we repeat a lie ten times, then, being humans, we start thinking there may be some semblance of truth – taking cue from the adage ‘no fire without smoke’. When somebody throws mud at us, some of it surely sticks, despite our ducking.

There are people who are always ready to tarnish others’ image by projecting themselves as ‘holier than thou’ and play victimized by hurling frivolous charges which the other person may not have even inkling about. So much so strident is their offense that the actual victim finds it hard to defend or no explanation could placate the feigner. These sorts of people will hurl every sort of blames on others in order to gain easy publicity and sympathy.

We have instances where a community as a whole was forced to leave their homes and hearths under the cruel shadow of gun and the very people cried hoarse for their human rights being muzzled. The actual perpetrators playing or feigning victim under the glare of media had had a negative impact on the psyche of actual victims. The pain of losing the native place where one is born and experienced the ups and downs is known only to the actual victim and not the feigner.

At this, we are reminded of a story of a wolf and a poor lamb. As the lamb was drinking water downstream, the wolf told that it was muddying its water. Lamb, in its exasperation, fearing reprisal told that the water was actually flowing from wolf to the lamb and not otherwise. On this, the wolf anyhow wanted to eat the lamb and pounced upon the lamb and ate it up.

The righteous person will feel disillusioned if somebody labels uncalled-for insinuations against him/her for a questionable behavior; which, if gone through threadbare, will have no takers.

• At Home. There are some members in the family who for attracting attention may cook up stories or manipulate some events in their favour to get undue benefits. It is because family members, due to their proximity know the vulnerability of each person and hence are always on the lookout for taking advantage. At time, some members may feign illness to attract attention in order to escape from taking responsibility.

The main cause of playing victim are inherent prejudices besides jealousies which bedevil the relationships between different people in the family fabric. If these factors are taken care of then sure enough the malady will be removed and an air of trust is established.

• Work Place. We have ourselves experienced some people who are manipulators at the work place. They interfere in the affairs of others in order to prove their worth for winning the brownie points. Such fellows want to project themselves as real contributors for the organization. Such people know where their bread is buttered and buttered nicely. They exploit the propensity of the head of the institution to be swayed by the pep talk or flattery and such people take advantage of this weakness at times by poisoning their ears against others in the organization. When lie is nailed, they try their last weapon of emotional blackmail.

• In Informal Institutions. Playing victim is also rampant in informal institutions where their interests as an institution is concerned albeit at the cost of others. This could be done by adopting any manipulative stratagem as deemed fit; by attacking the vulnerability of others to gain brownie points. Its implications are too bad because general masses just are swayed by informal institutions.

• Playing Victim by the Political Parties. Knowing full well the mood of the people, due to their party’s non-performance coupled with their involvement in different scams while in power, political parties adopt different methodologies to delude the voters to get their support. This strategy does not succeed all the times because of voters’ maturity. They know that this playing victim is mere a show and thus voters pay back in the same coin by defeating the concerned party.

Remedy lies in the political parties to deliver their promises through good governance. Mere feigning victimized does not pay now. It is because masses have not matured and know their rights and duties.

• It is not only true of individuals but also communities and countries. Recent times, we have the examples of some countries which inflict untold death and destruction on the hapless civilians by firing heavy caliber fire but sadly feign ignorance of the same or play victimized by the other country. This is also to getting sympathy and also to divert attention from the real issues and also to wash their hands off their ill-conceived designs. They resort of blackmail when their ill-conceived deceit is detected.

The best solution is to realize the futility of playing victimized and work for a balanced growth in our lives. This could meaningfully be achieved if we adopt spiritual way of living where we do our Karma with the association of God.

How much do you know about love and affection?

How much do you know about love and affection?

A 7 year old sister asked her brother about the meaning of love and affection. He answered: you are taking the chocolates of mine daily and i am keeping daily fresh chocolates. i know you are taking chocolates, knowing that i put the chocolates again and again. This is called love and affection.

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• Harbans answered 3 years ago

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Love (Adore – worship) and affection (fondness), if taken together, help consolidate our relationship. It is need based. Whenever somebody in our relationship or outside it meets our daily requirement(s) we take it as such. There is no quid pro quo in such love and affection. It is a duty based or responsibility based. Such things are important factors in our day to day lives. You go all out in meeting the needs of others without something in return. But love when taken alone has got wider connotations. It is based on truth, sincerity, honesty and integrity without expecting anything in return. Love combined with affection is really, in my view, others may differ is intoxicating and give purpose in our life that you have to fulfill something for your dear one, you are duty bound but that duty is not compulsion but a social necessity. *

*Love is adoration or worship and affection is fondness for somebody or something. When you shower love and affection towards humans or animals, combined together these have mesmerizing affect. Our Lord loves us immensely and if we reciprocate it, it multiplies and impacts our life. Love in fact is a crazy in itself, it multiplies as we divide it. Love and affection, if distributed as freebee, brings forth understanding and camaraderie freely. A person to whom you love, you ask nothing in return. It is pious in nature.
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i am pleased with your answer. Thank you. i also thank other answerers.

Thought Provoking thoughts on Diwali Day

Thought Provoking thoughts on Diwali

Literally, deepvali means (deep – light and vali a row and together it means a row of lights)

After finishing his 14 long years of exile besides annihilating the demon king Ravana and with it his evil deeds; he, accompanied with brother Lashmana and Sita, Lord Rama was accorded a rousing welcome by the happy populace of Ayodhya. The common people welcomed them by illuminating their homes and streets of Ayodhya. The righteous emperor Bharata, the virtuous one coronated the his elder brother Rama to the thrown of Ayodhya.

Dhanteras on 22 October 2014: It is the first day of the five days of celebration of Diwali. Dhan means wealth and teras means thirteenth day as per Hindu Calendar. On this day, devout purchase gold, silver ornaments / coins or any other precious metal or utensils as per the propensity of the person concerned. Maan Lakshmi – the Goddess of Wealth and wellbeing is worshiped on this day. On this day, houses and business established are spruced up for the ongoing Diwali. It is also accompanied with Dhanvantri’s poojan (worship) for ensuring sound health and wellbeing. Today is a day when Lord Yama is also worshiped with full devotion.


Example of Obedience to the family. The king of Ayodhaya Dhashratha, had made a solemn pledge to his wife Kakto ask for two boons or promises whenever she wanted. While there was a strong news that the king wanted Ramji to be coronated as the king, Manthra the maid servant of KaIkeyi poisoned the ears of the queen Kaikeyi and exhorted her to ask for realization of two promises given to her by the king.

First the coronation for Bharata (Kaikeyi’s son) and second, 14 years’ exile for Rama (the son of Kaushilya). As there was the dictum in the family: – Raghukul Reet Sada Chali Aayi Puran Jaaye Par Bachan Na Jaye (There is a tradition in Raghukul that they will prefer death to break a promise), so Ayodhya king had to concede the demands of Kaikeyi though grudgingly.

After hearing all this, Rama did not say even a single word. Contrarily, he put on his the simplest dress to depart for exile, thus obeying the directive of his father without demur or reservation. Sitaji (consort of Ramji and Lakshamana (the son of Sumitra) too wanted to accompany Rama. This is a fine example of obedience of the orders of elders in the family. We ought to imbibe this fine trait of Lord Rama and thus follow a righteous path in our life.
Fine example of cohesion in the family. As Bharata came to know about the 14 years’ exile of Lord Rama and coronation for himself, he felt very disappointed. He flatly refused to be crowed as a king of Ayodhya in the absence of elder broth Rama and Lakshmana. No arguments of any sort could placate him. He thought this act of being emperor as adharam (irreligiosity). He even went to the jungles in order to persuade Rama and Lakshmana to return back to Ayodhaya but no rational reasoning could convince them. This is termed as Bharat Milap.

Finally, he extracted a promise from Ramji that on his return back from 14 years’ exile, he will take the reigns as an emperor. Such was the love between the brothers – an unparalled one. Rama’s love for Bharta was also an example. He mentioned that his love for him was just like the love he showers on Hanuman. We should follow this example for ensuring goodwill in our families. Wealth or any other consideration should not be an impediment for a good relations in our families.

Ravana the Demon King was Knowledgeable. Ravana, the son of Vishwashrava (A Brahman rishi) and his mother Kaikasi (from a demon family) was a scholarly person who had the knowledge of Vedas and other scriptures at his finger tips but he is taken in negative light because he did not make use of this knowledge for the benefit of demon clan. On the other hand, he was intoxicated with his prowess and knowledge. So much so he was swayed by ego that he stooped to abducting Sita Maata the consort of Lord Rama. It goes to prove that if we do not use the knowledge with sagacity, we sure will fall prey to unethical karma leading to our downfall.

Kuber Puja. Kuber is the step brother of Ravana and is considered as the treasurer of wealth. It is believed amongst the devout that worship of Lord Kubera, especially on the auspicious day of Diwali, brings affluence and progress in business. Just as we can have fresh water from the fresh water resource, we can have Lord Kubera’s blessings. He bequeaths wealth if we sincerely do our karma as per the natural laws. His graces those who resort to right karma and possess right attitude. Kubera pooja is done on Diwali Day so that there is sufficiency of everything for meeting the needs of our family.

Lordess Lakshmi & Lord Ganesha Pooja. No Diwali is considered complete without first inviting Lord Ganesha because He is an embodiment of good beginning and removes obstacles besides being the Lord of Wisdom. Lordess Lakshmi represent wealth and wellbeing. On the auspicious day of Diwali, both of the deities share a single altar thus ensuring blessings of the both. The former is taken as Lordess of wealth and the latter as the bestower of prosperity.

Playing Gamble on Diwali Day. A legend has it that on Diwali Day Goddess Parvati played dice with Lord Shiva and he ordained that anyone who gambled on this day, prosperity will smile on them. This tradition continues even today. But some unethical people just gamble away their homes and hearths on this day and have to fend for themselves. This is bad. Tradition is OK, but excess of everything is bad should never be forgotten.

It should never be forgotten that when tradition marries with modernity, may it be celebration of festivals or any other day we consider pious and worth celebrating, it gives us feeling of wellness amongst our fellow beings. But one thing we ought not forget that celebration should never be individualistic in nature. When all are happy then celebration given more satisfaction. May it be celebration of Diwali, Christmas Day, EID or any other religious day – when all accompany us, celebration becomes more meaningful.


What does having a clean heart mean ? 


In this world and rat race, everyones fighting for survival …. So whats a clean heart ? To say whatever comes into heart or mind, needs to be controlled sometimes in order not to hurt the other person …. Maybe lie and pretend sometimes …. So whats a clean heart ?

The relevance in today’s world ?

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  • Harbans answered 3 years ago
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A clean heart is the one which does not have any ill-will, ill-feeling, misgiving against anyone. he/she is the one who believes everybody to be rational in their action and deeds. Takes no offence for anything under any situation or circumstances. He /she does not intentionally harm others. His/her heart is so full of consideration for others that whenever he/she sees any harm done, he is emotional charged and exhibits the same on ground and acts to alleviate. In my opinion, ‘lie’ for a good cause to some extent is ok, but that ought not be made a habit otherwise whatever is done gets diluted, the definition of ‘good heart’ gets blurred.

In the present day world, yes it is immensely and hugely required. We experience today people are so obsessed for the material world that they could go to any limit of decency in acquiring the same though they may have to anyhow take by any means. This engenders ill-feelings and hence woefully ill-conceived.

Conclusively, it could be inferred that being clean hearted is a crying need of the hour. *

*The following are some of the best traits of a person with ‘clean heart’.


  1. That person is spiritual in  his/her outlook.
  2. Respects others as he wants himself/herself to be respected by others.
  3. He/she does not discriminate on the basis of caste, color or social standing etc.
  4. He/she comes to the rescue of the needy.
  5. That person feels compassion towards others.
  6. That person is full of empathy towards others needs and aspirations.
  7. That person feels pained when anybody is pained due to one reason of the other.
  8. He/she no negative traits like anger, jealousy, rancor, et al.
  9. That person is always in a positive frame of mind.
  10. That person possesses equanimity in happy and sad situations.




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Why American love India d India love Amreica why?

Why American love India d India love America why? 

cz i have seen many people who love to go America.they love there no culture system. Hollywood,cities.etc…d i talked to many Americans on my fb d twitter they love 2 come India d want discover India by them-self…d i seen so many american people near me around me whenever i go out…why this happen…i want answer from ami people….what ami people like about India
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Liking or disliking is skin deep. It is not perfunctory. India has a diverse cultural heritage with varied and unexplored horizons which need to be seen and appreciated. The olden art and craft is worth emulating. Indian greatness lies in its diversity. On the other hand India is a country which has not aligned with any country of the world or block. 

Also, as far as the IT industries is concerned, Americans and Indians have many things to share. Indian expertise in this field and others have made quite a difference in America. The Americans by dint of their life style are quite forwarding looking. The case of Bill Gates visits to India many a times and helping in whatever way he could is laudable. 

In the field of world peace, India and American can cooperate for bettering world scene. Americans have always inspired Indians in many ways than one. It is because of this, many doctors and engineers of repute are working shoulder to shoulder in American and helping cementing the relationship even more. Indians and Americans have many things in common and it is good that this relationship flourishes for better tomorrow. It is a relation of give and take. And has a great future, differences, sometimes notwithstanding.*

*Visit present Prime Minister, Mr. Narinder Modi, has really cemented the relationship between India and America. Between them they have signed agreement beneficial for both – discussed about WTO problems, terrorism besides many other For this kindly visit my blog on: Prime Minister Modi’s visit in Medison. There has to be convergence of views since America is an oldest democracy and India is a largest democracy. Sure enough, in the days to come there would be solidification of relationship between the two democracies for the overall benefits of the two. 



Truth possesses immaculate lucidity

Which maintains its transparency

At all places and times when necessary

Try effacing it with wickedness

It emerges with still more goodness

And proves its eternalness – wholeness

Meaning truth cannot be explained in its entirety

For there is always scope for more clarity

To say that one can explain the whole truth clearly

Nature of which being infinity

Amounts to untruth of highest proportionality.

Eternal truth could be understood wholly or  partly

Through prayer that too with sincerity.

Goes to show that Truth being eternal in nature

It is the One which has us all created.



The word satsang (Sanskrit word) has two syllabuses: ‘Sat’ and ‘sang’ where ‘sat’ means the truth and ‘sang’ refers to the company or association. Put together, it means ‘in the company of or association with. Together, satsang is an act which creates an environment conducive for experiencing the presence of our Isvara (Creator).

Here, it would be apt to further elaborate on the meaning of the word ‘truth’ – a statement of fact (satya), an undisputed fact (which could be tested and attested at any space of time. Of all the things, God is the TRUTH – an absolute truth at that. And ‘sang’ means company or association. When the two syllabuses are combined, it becomes ‘satsang’ meaning the company of truth.

Then in Satsang, the Karma (action) of a yogi with a single mindedness of pursuit of that truth (sat), bereft of any attachment to the fruits of that pursuit is also a must. Thisis in the modef of satya (satavic) in its nature. A pursuit which is done with an intention to having benefit that activity is in the mdoef of passion (Rajasvic) and the action that is performed with delusion – without any thought to consequences is in the category of ignorance (Tamsic). Only the SATTVIC action is right action for complete orientation towards God.

It has been experienced that even a well intentioned participation in numerous teaching / preaching session but being deficit on practen then all the exercise would be short on deliverance. We can meaningfully mention the taste of a dish by tasting, mere knowing about the work that went into preparing the dish hardly matters. We, therefore, have to make the teachings of our gurus our daily life activity then only we can realize the truth and know abouts its importance. The people with sincereeity establish connectivity with our Lord. Persons with skeptical mentality just remain disillusioned.

Importantly, spiritual practice could start with the chant of God’s names or recitation from the spiritual text besides internalization of the prayer with right attitude and pious heart while cutting off all the connections with the conscious world. By doing this, the thin layer of suspicion just evaporates and truth is thus realized.

Bhagwad Gita has rightly enunciated : Free from ever-hoping desires and from cravings from possessions, with the heart controlled by the soul…..a yogi should constantly try to unite with the soul.” That is a true meaning of SATSANG.

As a seeker starts chanting mantras/reciting from the religious texts, attends discourses on spiritualism, During the course of this satsang, a seeker is afforded opportunity to seek answers to his/her doubts pestering. In many cases, if the seeker is thorough righteous, he/she may get answers to questions at the time one is totally immersed in satsang. Appropriate environment creates appropriate opportunities for satiety of internal quibbling queries dormant in the seekers. This makes the journey of the seeker more fertile and fulfilling with passage of time. The best part of it all is that satsang is so empowering that it could help even the one who has just been initiated into it. Only the right attitude and will to excel despite impediments are the pre-requisite.

Kinds of satsang:-

  • Satsamg with God.
  • Satsang with preacher.
  • Satsang with Masdters/Gurus.
  • Satsang with fellow seekers.
  • Satsang with a Bhakta (Yogi) for direct perception of truth.

Important thoughts on Satsang:-

  • No intervention of priests required. An environment could be created where the bhaktas could invoke Isvara (God) collectively for a meaningful and positive effect, changing both the environment and the individuals concerned.


  • Even those with less gyan (knowledge) of religious oriented songs/recitation of mantras benefit from this sort of satsang, even with repetition of the same.
  • Purification of the individual & environment. Whole of the environment around the place of congregation is purified with spiritual songs /recitations/ mantras. Spiritual scriptural recitation could change the very thinking of the bhaktas for a peaceful living and equanimity.
  • Direct Linkage between Bhakta and the God. There is direct connection with the bhaktas and the God with the honest and sincere satsang.
  • Repetition. All bhaktas could repeat after the person who could sing the prayers in the praise of God.
  • Satsang cleanses the internal self and external environs.
  • The influence of group songs / religious hymns or congregation on the participants is obviously more. It is done without the mediation of the priest or pandit. These songs are sung in the praise of our Lord. In other words, here devout directly approach God in group. Here there is no need of reading from religious texts – simplicity and sincere devotion besides realism are of prime importance. Chorus religious songs cement the relationship of man with the God.


In satsung various people of different hues with complete commitment and freedom just surrender to the God. Here a body of people sing songs together with a wonderful effect.  

Religious Congregation is the invocation for an act by way of chorus songs to establish rapport with our deity or a spiritual entity through collective songs with enthusiasm and fervor. The main thrust is to connect with our Lord through direct communication. It is done either in public place or privately at home of the devout. Here the use of religious language to invoke God comes naturally and rend the air and even the environment becomes filled with positive energy.

My own experience in a satsung is that I was not knowing even the language in which the songs were sung by the devotees but the effect on my psyche was total. It mesmerized me immensely as if I were knowing the language concerned totally.

The collective energy of the people will transform not only the people concerned but also makes the prayer and worship meaningful for a large number of people. These songs may be sung by two three singers and repetition of the same song by the congregation collectively.  


What is life according to you?





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  • Harbans answered 3 years ago
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Life is what you make of it. If you have reservoir of determination and will power to accomplish your goal, sure enough, with His Grace, you will meet success and your life will be a bed of roses. Positive attitude, despite hardships, makes the life more challenging and livable. Your way of looking at the problem at hand makes the life more enchanting. 

Life without difficulty becomes rudderless. More problems, more challenges to face and better time devoted in solving them. This type of life is better than whiling away time in only day dreaming and wishful thinking.*

*The one who is here on this planet has got one problem or the other. If one has sufficiency in material possessions, that person may be having health problems, may have problems towards offspring, may have myriad other challenges at the workplace or adjustment problems at home or any other indescribable and purely personal problem. Life is like that only? But one extraordinarily wonderful thing in life is that when one solves a pestering problem with one’s own efforts, the satisfaction that person gets is hard to describe in words. The perseverance and resilience, besides belief that OUR LORD is there to assist us makes a huge difference in our life. 

Thus life should be taken as a happy sojourn,despite bumps sometimes!


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I agree but i dont know about the grace but life is life should be happy and keep moving. there is no particular way to define life each are of from different class society each grow in there own way for a poor people we cant say just be happy we should do some thing for his daily bread