In Bhagwad Gita (Chapter 1 – 40 ) it has rightly been said:

pradushyanti kulastriyah |
u dutāsu vārnēya
jāyatē var

Arjun, with huge concern tells Lord Sri Krishna, O Krishna! When sin prevails, the women of the family get polluted, and then from the corruption of womanhood produces unwanted, unworthy children. This will also impact complex system of occupations and communities – the social order besides spreading corruption and bribery.


Corruption is a design by an individual, an organization, a community/society, a country for the purpose of unreasonable benefits for a single individual, organization, a community/society or a country. This benefit could be accrued by adopting sinful, impiety, unethical, immorality, evil, debased of all the negativities put together.


There is no escape route for anybody, any society/community or any country which adopts corrupt practices for garnering corrupt practices. If it is not from law enforcing agencies or the country or the world Recognized Laws then the Natural Laws OR finally the perpetrators cannot escape the retributions of our CREATOR. We are all accountable to Him ultimately.




  • Administration related corruption. When no file or work gets done without putting wait (of bribe) on it then babus or administrative machinery is found to be involved then we can term it corruption officialdom. There are so many cases where individuals have collected money beyond their known income.


  • Corruption in families. What happens when one of the spouse (male / female) or both are involved in moral trepidations. In this sort of a scenario whole of the fabric of the family gets impacted.



  • Government’s Complacency or direct involvement. Scams such as coal scam which happened while allotting coal blocks to different parties on the basis of pecuniary considerations or any other consideration or 2G scam involving politicians and government officials of India undercharging the companies for frequency allocation for pecuniary consideration. Or we know about Bofor gun scam. These sorts of corruption within the Government tarnishes and the image of the country and imperils its position and prestige in the comity of nations.


In many cases the money collected by the individuals or the ministers could stash their money in foreign banks to avoid tax or fearful of being caught red handed. The recent cases of BLACK MONEY deposited outside the country is a stark reality of corruption in high places.


  • Informal Institutions/organizations. It has been experienced that people trust those who preach religion and if these very people prove to be involved in wrong doings/corrupt practices which are immoral and unethical then there is a problem. This sort of a corruption gives a real bad name to the informal institution or the organization and general masses feel disillusioned. There are examples of known people involved in immoral acts, even as low as sexual related scandalsws, while preaching morality.


Individuals, organizations or a society involved could be compared to a corrupt data that is secured in a computer database but is corrupted by the virus thus making the system dysfunctional in the process.

Corruption is said to be done when one resorts to or adopts unethical methods in order to garner pecuniary gains and in that process breaks the laws of country concerned. Besides moral corruption, when one adopts immoral practices for pecuniary gains. This method could be immoral tarnishing the very character of the individual concerned.

Corruption has obviously taken a toll on our society. If we term it a slow poison, it will not be a wrong thing. Everybody wants to be materially prosperous. Some adopt short route, in the process,  just hoodwinking the rules and regulations in vogue.


          We do not get good candidates to represent us because there is often a sale and purchase of candidates while choosing them, though with some exception. Those with power and pelf get upper hand. Candidates who actually have ability in real sense of terms get booted out initially itself and the ones with influence in plenty with plentiful money just get voted in. What can we expect from the ones who have come to represent us by purchasing their tickets? Well, it is not a rocket science not to be understood. Then when corruption takes a hydra headed snake form, we blame others. We ourselves had chosen those who are representing us then how others are responsible for it all!


In the offices, general people have to grease the palms of the person(s) concerned for getting their jobs done. For instance, even in tender bidding, rules and regulations are given a sweetest good bye.  Those with influence at the right places get their bids passed with even less competency for acquiring the same.


Various scams which are coming to light now have taken the corruption and the corrupt practices to another dimension.  


Even the religious places too are not immune to it. People at the helm furtively siphon off the offerings for their own use.


I am of the opinion that some fear of our CREATOR is created that the money created through illegal and corrupt practices, if used for upbringing of the children, will have ill effects on their growth and development. And this is so? Then I think some wise thinking may dawn and the corruption may decline.


Or let the law of the land made stringent and practical that those who resort to corrupt practices, are made to face consequences for their acts, then also something tangible could be expected.


We ourselves have to introspect that how this menace of  corruption has to be bridled lest it eats the very edifice on which our society rests.


With this intension in mind, I have penned down a poem titled CORRUPTION. Kindly appraise and comment for I love comments.




Accountability means call to question the acts of omissions and commissions. When one has resorted to unethical means garnering undue gratifications/profits he/she is accountable to his/her action. It also provides moral or a legal framework to take the individual to task. The individual concerned has to shoulder blameworthiness and is/are liable for legal action. Black money earned through corrupt practices has to be accounted for. `


While individuals are responsible for their actions and could be dealt according to the law of the land, if found to have resorted to corrupt practices, political party could be punished by the people in the elections if that party does not translate their promises into tangible results. Or a political party commits scams for getting pecuniary gains.


There is a social accountability if an individual adopts corrupt practices. He / she could be orchestrated by the society.


Accountability is also based on moral/ethical trepidation. When we break rules and conventions, we have to face the music of our misdemeanor. It follows that whatever an individual, a society or a country does is accountable for the undoing. In parliamentary system of Government legislatures are accountable to the people of the country.


The administration could be held responsible if they do not follow the laid down norms of the official rules and regulations.


The menace of corruption, if controlled through strongest but enforceable legislation could bode well for the countries concerned.










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  1. Yes Sharmishtha ji, this is the tragedy of our judicial system, one gets justice after spending so many years and that too when you hardly are in a position to feel joyous about the justice you have got because of time involved in that decision. Then evidence, which is hard to come, thus the criminals and the law breakers just escape the net. There is also corruption in the law enforcement agencies, which compounds the entire process.

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