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HABITS OF OUR MIND – Habits of our mind deliver immensely, When we’re holding its strings tightly, It fully obeys our commands, And helps tide over diverse situations, Or else, in the dire strait we’ll find ourselves, Then it becomes our notorious master, And behaves like a wild dog, Dogging

What are the causes for memory loss ?

WHAT ARE THE CAUSES OF MEMORY LOSS Does too much computer usage and online chatting help to reduce memory ? Best Answer Harbans   answered 3 years ago Edit Anything done excessively is bad for our system. But use of computers is not the only reason for memory loss/reduction. Excessive use

Sweet lessons on life

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? Howdy folk In my Texas neighborhood, I always looked in wonder at the carefree cute little squirrels flitting about playfully enjoying their acorn meal 🙂 Light on their feet and mischievous taking a photo was always an exciting challenge. This lovely poem (by…

How do I handle feeling produced by my snobby relatives?

RELATIONSHIP : One should try to have compassion, understanding and patience for a relationship to be enduring.

What career oriented girls aspect from their spouse ?

What career oriented girls aspect from their spouse ? Marriage problem 4 answers Answers                                                                            Relevance


THOUGHTS ON OUR INTENTIONS Intentions are the anticipated aims or opinions or predicted results, or the intended action that we desire to perform in order to execute that for tangible results. Intended intentions may or may not turn into substantial results, howsoever honorable our intentions may be. The good intentions

The Universe in your Veins #18 By: MICHÆL T. COE

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The Universe in your Veins #18 Poetry By: MICHAEL T. COE

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