Is it worth bathing Hindu Gods w/ milk, honey, yoghurt while in other part of world people are starving?

Is it worth bathing Hindu Gods w/ milk, honey, yoghurt while in other part of world people are starving?

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Religion is a matter of faith and loves to follow a ritual held dear. It may be bathing or cleaning the idols of their deities with milk, honey or yoghurt. It could be for keeping the idols cleansed. This is my honest opinion that it should be left to the individual concerned to propagate a person’s line of thinking or understanding. While doing so, It gives that person maximum satisfaction which is above everything else.

Hindus do Idol worshiping. These idols are to be kept neat and clean as we shower and use soap etc to keep ourselves neat minus germs. In the same way, we bath our Deities clean by bathing those Idols with milk, honey, yogurt to cleanse. In the process of doing so, see the amount of emotional upsurge one gets – only a person who does this act with enthusiasm can fathom the amount of satiety he/she gets. I think this is a sort of showering LOVE to the deity. Just do it yourself and see – but you’ll have to do it with sincere love.

People are starving not because of that fact that Hindu bath their Idols of Gods with milk etc but by their own shortcomings. And you may knowing as to who starve. Those do not work. There is everything for those who work. There is enough of work to eke out a living – and honorable at that. Also it has got no relevance with worship and the way to do it.

Honestly, religion should be left to the people concerned and not linked with any extraneous things. All religions have the practices which particular and dear to them. We all should respect them. *

*Belief is such a thing which attaches us with an object of our belief and when it comes to deities, the answers to our problems just come from the inner recesses of our mind. And whenever it is from our inner-self, the results are really astounding.



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    1. Sweety madam, where I’ve mentioned that our own Ishwara need to be bribed. I’ve mentioned that cleansing idols with honey or curd or water etc is just like our require cleansing our own body. Why do you take IDOL as LIFELESS. Consider these with LIFE AND DO EVERYTHING WITH THESE AS SUCH.

      I too am opposed to exhibitionist attitude of offerings and many a times I’ve been told to go out of the Altar simply because I was not carrying good offering but only my SINCERE LOVE.

      For this, you’ll have to read my blogs. In one of the blogs : PARADOX OF PRAYERS I’ve mentioned about everything you are talking about

      Do go through and comment.


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