What career oriented girls aspect from their spouse ?

What career oriented girls aspect from their spouse ?

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Best Answer:  A career oriented girl expects that her spouse understands her thoroughly as that girl has to devote most of her time and energy at her work place. He should help her in her domestic chores, support her emotionally whenever there is emotional upsurge at time or work pressure, provide her financial support whenever there is a need, enhance her social status by respecting her place amongst the people you are living, and provide her sufficient space for improvement / advancement in her career ladder. And whenever there is divergent of views due to some misunderstanding (which is normal) come out with solution based on equal respect for each other with no lingering doubt for each other. And with love everything is possible should never be forgotten. *


*Additionally, if, sometimes a misunderstanding creeps up due to one reason or anther, that should not be swept under the carpet but discussed and solution sought out as with love and understanding anything falls in place. We are living in fast age, difficulties do visit us in one form or other, these have to be surmounted by both. And finally, having belief that our LORD is always there in their endeavours; then, nothing will go amiss.


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6 thoughts on “What career oriented girls aspect from their spouse ?”

    1. I do not think there is any harm in it. When one is fit for a job and can add to the financial security of the family, it will on the one hand add to the experience of the concerned person and also could help in tiding over the financial requirements of the household. On the other hand, if one is qualified and fritters away her knowhow sitting at home, it is also bad. It generates boredom and ultimately frustration.

      1. Madam, in my sincerest opinion, if you want to work, it is fine but you’ve to do this with the agreement of your husband. If despite your best efforts, you are unable to convince him then the best course is not to opt for it; may be your husband is earning enough for giving you and your offspring all that is required. Job is for creating goodwill for the family as a whole but not for creating problems.


        Thanks and regards

      2. Indeed, having a job is a goodwill for the family. The problem is, men tend to think that they have a stable job is enough. What if the stable job is gone? At least, the wife still can contribute. Don’t you think so?

  1. Like a bicycle two wheels, supporting each other. If one is down, the other too cannot work and hence immobilized. The spouses too are working like this. If husband’s job is gone then sure enough wife can find job and work for the wellbeing of the family as a whole. There should not be any dispute / problem in this. But for this to happen, both the spouses should have LOVE, TRUST and UNDERSTANDING with each other.

    In this scenario, certainly, wife can contribute her mite for the family. Why not? Husband should not feel let down or anything else or stand on ceremony. And in the meanwhile, the husband can try finding the other job, but without any burden of the lost job – WITH A CLEAR MINDSET.


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