Sweet lessons on life

Breath of Joy

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In my Texas neighborhood, I always looked in wonder at the carefree cute little squirrels flitting about playfully enjoying their acorn meal 🙂 Light on their feet and mischievous taking a photo was always an exciting challenge. This lovely poem (by AB) brings out my true feelings of those moments.  🙂

As I walked, my head bowed down,
With the weight of all worldly matters,
I saw this squirrel merrily running around as if the world belonged to him,
But it did belong to him.

I saw him going about his task joyfully without a care in the world.
He was performing the most mundane task of searching for something to eat, or perhaps playing around after he had his fill,
But he, just like me is God’s creature. I marveled at the difference between him and me.
He lived on trust, knowing he will be taken…

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8 thoughts on “Sweet lessons on life”

  1. Really a sweet lesson to the humans. They are steeped in worries of today and tomorrow but no worries for squirrel.

    Such a beautiful poem with a message for us all.

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