Are people happy or sad by nature ?


If a happy person gets isolated due to some reason… And then repeatedly subjects himself to melancholy… Like depressive thoughts… Sad memories, incidents… For a length of time… Would he become sad ??

If a sad person gets into the company of awesome happy people, is too busy to be sad, too occupied with them… Forcefully enjoying… Letting go.. Getting wasted… Learning to laugh at things… Would he become happy ??

Or is it in a person’s nature to be sad or happy no matter what the circumstances ??

I ask this because i am a melancholic pessimist… Have always been this way.. I take things people say way too seriously and would find drama or offence in the least significant things…. But ive tried to change… Its difficult but maybe not impossible…

I wanted to know… About other people… Are you all happy or sad by nature or just responsive to situations ??

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  • Harbans answered 3 years ago
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A person is sad or happy in sync with the mindset of that person concerned. It is on the spur. There are people who have made it their habit to exhibit sadness without any perceptible reason whatsoever. But happiness is a positive frame of mind / state of mind. To be happy, that happiness has to spring from inside of self. In other words, It is innate. It is not merely showing on the surface of your face but comes from within. A person with a control over his senses does not allow the sadness invade his privacy. The outer influences do not influence his/her inner thought percepts. It is just like hot outside and cool inwards. Whatever hotness occurs outside the body just is alleviated by inner coolness. Whenever something adverse invades us, there are sufficient inner defences to ward off the sense of negative feeling and dilute it and eliminate it altogether. This quality to remain happy internally comes with experience and perseverance and with God’s grace. Meditative concentration is also the answer for equanimity both in happy and sad moment.

Yes, our company of friends influences us. If we are in the company of happy people who despite their adversities remain calm and self possessed. They never are swayed by untoward situations. If we care to read their behavior and mindset, we shall learn much from such people and question us. Why these people are happy and why I cannot be like them? With this sort of a positive thought, we can alleviate our sad disposition and live with equanimity thus ‘melancholic pessimist’ state of mind could be transformed into contented optimistic state of mind.

Man is not happy or sad by nature, though a person’s nature sometimes is influenced. One makes it a habit to imbibe the characteristic by his own free will. Nobody can force any sort of habit on us. If we are determined to be happy by all means, sure enough, nothing can stop us from doing so. And if we are in the habit of comparing ourselves with others irrationally, we are sure to face the music for it all.

Thus, happiness and sadness depends on the individual’s capacity to take as he/she likes and react.


Thus nobody is happy or sad by nature but if we want to be happy nobody in this world can make us sad.


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    1. You are absolutely correct sir.

      But being human, we have to surmount so many hurdles in day to day life. I consider a challenge-less life a no life at all. So happiness and sadness are the two sides of the same coin that is called LIFE and we have to face each of these with fortitude and courage and not to be frightened.


  1. Thanks for the post which is thought provoking. I’ve wondered if it’s something we learn or just how we are made.
    For me, staying sad or frustrated takes too much effort.
    Also, being in the company of people who stay under rain clouds feels tiresome. I’ve become more accepting over the years, especially when I imagine they don’t believe they have a choice. I’m still curious about it.

    1. Thanks a ton for your visit to my blog and appraising the same besides giving your most valuable comments.

      Fact stands out that those who come out unscathed in the din of hue and cry of their miseries are the person with character. They are rare now a days. Such people actually should help others in transforming the outlook of negative oriented people. Some people just cry louder than it is required even for some pinpricks in their relationships or when they come under some problem. Instead of solving those challenges they just bury under the load of their contradictions.

      We ought to choose a good company. Company gives us a feeling of togetherness and a purpose in our life. Give and take is the name of the game.

      More accepting is one of the best traits that an individual could possess. Laudable.

      A learning experience from your comments.


  2. It depends on situation. Introvert is my real traits, but I find peace and joy in stillness. Though helping friends to stand up is also my joy when I give them the strength to go on.

    1. Being introvert and helping others in their hour of need speaks volumes of a person. A person who can maintain silence in the midst of verbosity wins ultimately and in the ream of spirituality this trait is beneficial.

      Regards madam

      1. I meant, a person who remains silent being introvert is a spiritual inclined personage and dear to our LORD.

        Verbosity (A person who speaks more than it is warranted ) is just opposite to silence.

        Thanks for your rebuttal.



  3. My mood depends on the weather, and mood of other around me. The weather because I suffer from Chronic Fibromyalgia, and if I am around people it can depend on what mood they are in, but I usually try to change their mood or situation if I can’t then I remove myself from negative people or situations, I prefer to be happy. My husband who is a Neuron-psychologist will tell you that you can “change” your mood or any habit, it’s called making new neuron-pathways, it is difficult but can be rewarding depending on what your are trying to change. 🙂 God Bless

    1. In fact climate in which we live and the people with whom with interact impact us immensely. Positive oriented company of friends can make huge difference in our lives. There are some people who are never satisfied (fastidious types) with what they have. They are always in need of something more despite being brimming with everything except satisfaction.

      Body aches of any sorts could be forgotten for sometimes if you have company of positive oriented people around you – with whom you can share your joys and sorrows sometimes. Our state of mind just makes difference and those who can adjust in any environs they are put in do have added advantage.

      It is nice to know t hat your husband is a Neuron-psychologist and that is why you have imbibed all the appropriate traits required for us all.

      Facts remains, we have to have a positive change and this ‘change’ should spring from our inner self to be more enduring and purposeful.

      It is also a fact that if we are determined to ‘change’ and imbibe good traits, every other things becomes secondary – with grace of GOD though.


      With regards

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