We generally associate shallow with low or thin – it may be associated with individual or a thing. Shallowness could be with respect to water level, shallow breathing due to panic etc. Thin level of water also is an indication of shallowness of water. Shallowness could be construed as lacking in physical depth. It has been seen that a place where the water is shallower, the bulge is seen higher and steeper – thus taking a form of familiar sharp-crested wave shape. This results in erosion of soil when it touches the soil with a force.

This analogy fits well with the bent of mind of a person with shallow mentality – narrowness in thought percepts but forceful in tall-talks. A person with petty or one dimensional mentality who is in the habit of making exaggerated claims in regard to his proficiency, vision, accomplishment acumen et al but when put to use proves hallow in everything – no penetrative know-how about things he/she professes. An example of ‘Jack of all trades but master of none’ fits nicely with this sort of an individual. Seemingly, sharp on theory but less on delivery could be best described for this sort of a fellow. Also, this sort of an individual has single dimensional mindset besides having less depth in intellect, emotion or gyan (knowledge). He can neither help himself nor is of any help for others ultimately.

This shallowness in a person is in my views a self inflicted psychological tag that a person may have got due to his own style of functioning. It is because every individual who is created by our Creator has special characteristics which nobody other than that individual could fathom to have. Reasons for having this shallowness could be many. It may be due to situation that individual was placed beyond his control that that person could not reach the level in sync with the norms of the society which could be termed as deep one thus earning a tag of shallow.

It is opined that if an individual determines and wants to breach this ‘shallowness’ and reach to deeper state of existence could do so through personal efforts and sincere Karmic actions. We should not nurture a preconceived notion that a particular person cannot be refined or cannot change his preconceived notions. By broadening the outlook on day to day interactions and not narrowing our thought percepts that we can get rid of this feeling. He could if willingness that springs from within self. It should never be forgotten that every mind has the symptoms of growth but we have to make sincere efforts to exploit our inner depth of knowledge that we all possess amply. A man of action does not deviate from his course of action. This has been given In Chapter 6 of Bhagwad Gita, it has been emphasized: As a lamp in a windless place does not flicker, so the Yogi, whose mind is firm, remains steady in the meditation on the self.

A person with   intelligence, maturity and strong emotionally, compassionate in disposition and having knack to discriminate between good and bad is a person who could face challenges of life squarely. He is a ‘guy’ having all the characteristics of compatibility in any situation that person is placed. May it be good or bad. This sort of a person has a vast sense of accommodation for his fellow beings and is easily accessible. He could be termed as a person with pretty deep sense of responsibility and is just antithesis to anything that shallow person possesses.

In contrast, person with low esteem of oneself, not making effort to improve, viewing everything with his own narrow prism, a frog in the well type of a person can also improve. For this to happen, the person concerned firstly have to change his own mental outlook, here psychological alertness is called for not an attitude which limits our horizon.

An individual with shallow mentality has the following drawbacks:-

  1. Low self esteem but professes to be having more.
  2. One dimensional mind or petty mentality bereft of any maturity in thought or action.
  3. Interferes with others’ matter on any or all pretexts.
  4. Have no penetrating knowledge on anything.
  5. Narrowness in thoughts.
  6. Sharp on theory but hallow on delivery.
  7. An person with shallow mentality is buried under the weight of his own contradictions.
  8. Shallowness may be due to some adverse environment at home or the place that person is living.
  • We could broaden the outlook and bring positivity in life, hollowness or shallowness in life will just evaporate.
  • Shallow mentality could be refined if sincere efforts are made by an individual with ample grace from our Lord.



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  1. This question was posed by one of the readers. I’ve tried my best to explain my viewpoint. Kindly give yours, it’ll add to my knowledge.

    With profound regards

  2. Add the common characteristics of psychopaths to your list of 8 drawbacks of shallow mentality, and you can describe many of our elected officials:
    • Glibness and superficial charm
    • Grandiose sense of self-worth
    • Pathological lying
    • Numerous disruptions in their speech including um’s and uh’s
    • Cunning/manipulative
    • Lack of remorse or guilt
    • Shallow affect/emotional range
    • Callous/lack of empathy
    • Parasitic lifestyle
    • Irresponsible
    • Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

    1. Timothy sir my sincere thanks for your most laudable response; I should rightfully it an ADD ON to my write up.

      These 11 besides all the negativity which is dormant constitute the characteristics of a psychopaths – rightly said.

      Need is, if we find any of these afflictions, we should come forward and seek cure for this psy related maladies otherwise have to face music till our end,

      My profound regards

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