Small-small steps taken with utmost sincerity

And done just differently

Provides sufficient synergy

To our efforts & makes much difference finally

A big leap ahead bereft of any care

Surely produces unpredictable scare

Fall may make us unbalanced

Thus stopping our forward march unhindered.

A child when born
Is unaware of everything that happens around
Till such time
Mother, with her slow but tender touches & nudges

The time tested ones

With a lots of love and care
There is joy even in the child’s tears

Mixed with her own tears of delight

At the slightest prank of the tot
Daily is the fitting moment for new skill learning

Thru’ small-small steps put together.

Then our Lord Divine
Dearest of all

Being an Absolute Potency

And we His marginal potencies

He is ever ready to render succor in our sincere endeavors
Wants nothing but our genuine adulation
This we can shower on our Creator
Not at one go!

But thru small-small doses
One right step at a time – slowly
With righteousness writ large, surely
On each step taken under His care
With the fond notion that nothing goes amiss

When our life’s keys are with our Lord

Small-small steps taken sincerely just count a lot.



If we carry out small things with utmost interest and sincerity besides letting our inner potentials to come into play, then, half the battle is won. The results of these small-small steps add up and bestow huge synergy to our efforts. I’m of the view that these small-small steps slight are slow but push forwards. This is just like a small swallow of food that we take, chew nicely, get digested without creating any digestive problems. Contrarily, if we swallow a big morsel, firstly, we are unable to chew fully, will surely create digestive problems – instead of mitigating our hunger. Surely, no side effects in slow but small steps. No pressures or stressful situations. This is true of job on hand, too. Excessive excitement in handling more than we can handle with felicity produces excessive disappointment when results are not to our likings.

For climbing a steep mountain, we have to take small steps without forgetting that a single wrong and hasty step will jeopardize our further march or may also put full-stop to our chances of becoming a mountaineer for good. Momentum in our life is established when small-small steps, step-by-step engender small-small but sure changes in our own self add-up to make a huge difference ultimately.

This small-small step principle is adopted by the farming community. Firstly, the farmers plough the fields nicely on which seeds are sown besides looking after the natty-gritty of field’s security by ensuring proper fencing besides removing unwanted weeds from time to time. Having planted the seeds, proper watering is needed for sprouting. Put right type of manure with right types of pesticides assures unhindered growth. Then the assistance which the Mother Nature renders in the form of air, water and sun cannot be forgotten. All these small but important steps assure the unhindered growth till harvesting, in all these, the farmer gets utmost satisfaction. In the similar way, we bestow miniscule care and see our offspring growing. What a feeling! In all these, our contribution, coupled with the contribution of people around us make huge difference besides Mother Nature’s gifts.

Meaningful steps at the right time and space count a lot. It has also been seen that a Manager who inspires and motivates subordinates and lauds their small steps towards fructification of project on hand succeeds. For motivation to be of any value, the leader has to be an example for others to follow. Those who desist from taking even small-small steps at a time are disappointed.

Lord Krishna, in Chapter 3 of Bhagwad Gita , has enunciated: ‘Whatever a great man does, the same action is imitated by the common people. The example set by the great men or the standards he sets according to morality, the world follows the same.

If I stop doing my duties, people following me and believing me as their ideal will change their attitude. Society will perish and I will mix up truth and falsehood, create confusion and in the end, cause their destruction.’

The above is true in meditation/prayer, too. Small steps make difference immensely. If we want that our questions are answered by our Creator, we have to offer sincere prayers. Big strides can follow afterwards, when we are confident that our first small steps are in the right direction. Having understood the importance of smaller steps, it is important that we understand the following:-

Knowing self. What are our prime requirements for improvement on daily basis. This may be our physical and social development besides psychological development that is also eventually required. For physical development, food, air and water are a must and for social development contact with our immediate social groups is essential. Contact with other gender too is essential. Psychological development can be ensured by infusing positive traits and negating the negativity through suggestions and personal experiences under the guidance of parents in the childhood and experts, when required afterwards. For this to happen meaningfully, we have to take every step slowly but surely and with sincerity. Any wrong step and in the wrong direction in haste could mess up everything.

Every righteous step put forward is a welcome step forward in achieving our goal. But care ought to be exercised that nothing is done in a huff and consequently mess up everything.

Our Guru/Preacher’s counseling should always be respected to avoid any wrong step forward. But these steps should be in consonance with the will of our Lord – slow but sincere.

Practicing or experiencing the finer points of our gain. We should enjoy all the experiences of our life just calmly and slowly. Let these be forward movement or even slightly backward too. A tectonic shift or paradigm shift to our efforts could only come when we experience the results of our efforts in small-small ways initially and then steadily increase the tempo of our efforts. SPEED AND EASE will be attained when experience just add up. Predictable time-frame for these experiences differ from person to person.


























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  1. Many a times, we are in hurry to accomplish our goals in life. It may be at home or at work place. If we do everything with GOD’S SPEED, everything will come out fine. Alternatively, if we just hurry up, things will certainly mess up. It may be in bringing up our children, keeping pace with the development now, OR anything. Hurry brings worries. Small-small steps taken makes difference ultimately. No heart burns in small fall, but when fall is from a distance then God is our saviour.

    Kindly go through the write up and comment.

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