Person with solid temperament

Faces life’s tempest

That befalls without visible clue

Resulting in shock so rude

Undettered, brave-hearts face calamity

With head held high and courage so steely

Try reaching the objective

In life with dogged personal resolve

That emanates from inner recesses of mind

Drawing out the energy hidden

And changing it into observant one

Thence attacking adversity

Head on slowly but surely

Fully realizing that buffets of fortune

Smiles on only those fortunates’

Who climb even on the dark clouds

By making these as their stepping-stones

For forging ahead with fervor bereft of fear

Conversely, in ease and peace

Thrives, even a weak and meek!

God’s graces those daring few

Who in adversity never say die.


Though it may seem farfetched yet fact remains; the time gone by is good or bad depends upon the experiences we had from unfavourable ones. Adverse situations, if exploited meaningfully, could bring in its wake wholesome results if we care to take lessons from these. Those people who wilt under the weight of adversity surely have to fend for themselves in the long run. Further, people not facing adversity head on never had their names inscribed in the annals of history. It is in adversity only when our character passes through the litmus test of ‘time’ – time which waits for none. Our personal intentions, inner resolve, perseverance, etc are tested while in the midst of adverse situations. One who faces the onslaughts of time and weathers the storm ultimately will come out unscathed.

Basically, this resolve and will to fight, besides how to remain determined is imbibed from the lap of mother in the childhood itself. It has been a truth that relationship between the child and the mother is a special one and no other relationship equals mother-child relationship. We’ve umpteenth examples to prove this aspect. We know that Lava and Kusha could become brave due to the teachings of Sita Mata while in exile in a hermitage in jungles! Shivaji could become great warrior due to the lessons given by his mother Jijjabhai. The love and care bestowed by Putlibhai had a lasting effect on Mohanchand Karam Chand Gandhi – for the contribution he made in the freedom struggle and his message of non-violence and satyagraha for which he is known the world over and we call him Bapuji with love. All the famous and illustrious historical figures became so because of the initial lessons that these personages got from their mothers.

Mother represents Nature and that is why we call it Mother Nature. It gives us everything viz air, water, sun besides meeting our life supporting needs. But what we give It in return? We actually spoil its balance by spewing poisonous gases in the atmosphere. That is the return gift we give to Mother Nature! In the similar vein, what we are giving to our biological mother; while we are grown up; that every individual can fathom. A mother never strays away from the path of motherhood and accompanying responsibilities; barring a few though.

The history is the guide in unraveling that trials and tribulations faced by Helen Keler, Ribert Bruce, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Rani Lakshmibhai of Jhansi, Shivaji and many others leaders in their own rights specific to their own countries contributed their mite and thus immortalized themselves. These personages worked under adverse situations and earned coveted place for themselves which history will not forget.

Then we have the examples of scientists whose contributions for their inventions and discoveries cannot be forgotten. They worked day and night under adverse conditions. They had nothing to bank on except their indomitable courage and will to excel. In this, the names of scientists like Thomas Edison (Electric Bulb), AG Bell (Telephone), Karl Diesel (Diesel Engine), Albert Einstein (Theory of relativity), G. Marconi (Radio transmission), to name a few. In the same way, great sages and thinkers/philosophers of East and West have etched their names by giving to the world texts containing unparalleled wisdom which will remain influencing from generations to generations. This was accomplished through unstinted penance and sustained work under adverse situations.

Thence, we’ve the example of Maharishi Valmiki who used to rob people for the sustenance of his family till such time he got a sweet lesson of his life and he metamorphosed into through the chant of RAM NAMA and immortalized himself by giving us the great gift in the form of epic – Ramayana.

The example of Oscar Wilde, who transformed himself while being in the prison cell is eye opening. It goes to show that adversity can teach us much if we care to learn from it. The learning impulse should spring from our inner self. The saga of sacrifice coupled with valour exhibited by Chaar Sahibzaadas (Four Princes) the sons of Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj) cannot be forgotten by any right thinking people. They made supreme sacrifices for the noble cause of saving the religious belief of a section of society.

There is one of the best advantages which the adversity brings in its wake. Adversity brings us very close to our Creator. I’ve a personal experience about this. In difficult times, when everybody had left me but only ONE who remained with was my CREATOR MY ISHWAR MY ALLAHA MY LORD hence proving that He is always ready to provide us succor when there is a need.

I view adversity and spirituality interlinked. In spirituality we get the fundamental answers like:

Who I am?

What is the ultimate truth?

Where I shall be after my death?

Is there rebirth after death?

What is Karma and how it can have effect on my life.

Is Moksha (LIBERATION) possible?

All mentioned above including other mystic questions could be meaning answered under the realm of spiritualism and the best course is through prayer, meditation etc.

Contrarily, those who lead a cozy lifestyle and do not go beyond material possessions; which is acquired by any means imaginable also live on this planet. Such people cannot make any difference to the lives of others. They have the habit of living in affluent conditions thus whenever they are subjected to adverse situations due to change of fortunes they wilt under pressure and face an ignoble future.

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  1. Given the pace of life presently, things could go awry, but a person with sagacity will always hold his head high and fight the situation rather than wilt under pressure.


  2. Bonjour(here!) and thanx for your wishes dropped @ my playground… I convey you my very best: health, joy, hope and good luck in all your endeavours! have a positive, optimistic and serene 2015! cheers, Mélanie – Toulouse, France, “old Europe” 🙂

  3. Adversity is the syllabus, World is a class room.

    Greater the degree ‘sought or pursued’, the syllabus gets tougher and tougher accordingly !!

    1. Absolutely correct.

      The more in degree this syllabus, the more challenging this life of ours would become. In lesser degree, our life, seemingly good outwardly becomes less attractive actually. But this type of life would be enjoyed by only those who fight but do not fright !!


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