The year gone by has sweet and sour memories. For sweet ones we should be thankful to our Lord  but the sour ones be delved upon/introspected threadbare and ask ourselves as to why those were sour and derive lessons out of those. Rose remains attractive simply because there are thorns too. Happiness in life becomes more alluring when it is followed with sadness. Light of the day and darkness of the night are the ones which we should enjoy equally.


 Following are my New Year’s Resolutions vis-à-vis past year(s):-


 Positive Traits imbibed offloading the negativity – Never Forgetting that we Humans (Souls) have Affinity with God (Super Soul). First of all, a true Yogi is the one who is compassionate, selfless to the core, must have scale of values and code of morality/ethics. Even ones religion or dharma ought to be followed with selflessness. Let others follow their dharma faithfully but imbibing all good points of other dharmas. Most of the dissentions in our societies have occurred due to absurd selfishness with which we follow the tenets of dharma, and the greatest dharma for us humans (being souls) is the Love for our Creator (being Super Soul). Dhama is our nature and behaviour should never be forgotten. We can change faith according to the need of the hour or whichever is in consonance with norms of the society vis-à-vis individual.


 Lead a God Oriented Existence. Over and above meeting our basic requirements of food and shelter, we require much more besides. As we are the small potencies of Supreme Potency, it is essential that we lead a life which is in sync with the commandments enshrined in the religious texts.


 A Yogi should always Aspire for Gyan. We should keep our mind receptors open. We should also draw out our potential energy thus take the help of our intuition for furthering our goals in our life. Its requirement is more now because of information revolution which is prevailing presently. For this to happen in a meaningful manner, a Yogi should welcome all types of gyan which is knocking our door steps now.


  Eradication of Conflicts. It has been observed that we face conflicting situations from where it is difficult to extricate. These conflicts may be due to our mindset or due to some external factors like religious, cultural, or intolerance of any kind.  Factors of conflicts could be economic, social or born out of external pressures. These conflicts have to be eliminated for a peaceful co-existence between the diverse cultures and traditions. In the absence of any conflict, we can forge ahead. With conflicts confounding us inside and outside, we become escapist and resort to bad habits like drinking, drugs, lust, and smoking etc thus tarnishing the very image ultimately and leading a worthless existence.


The inward conflicts are more enduring and if cause of the same is not diagnosed soon may snowball into bigger conflicts thus making the life difficult. In essence, I shall try to minimize or eradicate conflicts arisen due to any cause whatsoever. Besides, there are conflict of interest; a bias towards a particular person at the cost of other. It may be for the selection for a particular appointment etc.


Then these conflicts could be resolved through:-


  • By compromising self interests,
  • By feeling compassionate / empathy towards others.
  • Avoiding conflicts by acting reasonably.
  • Just fight the conflicting reasons and clear the air.


 Appreciate the Beauties of Nature. Man has innate sense of beauty. He appreciates beauties in all its forms and Nature in its varied manifestations thrills us to no end. We value and love nature because it has aesthetic and curative values. But for this to happen, we’ve also to keep natural balance by limiting the spread of poisonous gases in the atmosphere. Whatever we can, we should, in small small ways that we are capable of doing.  It should also not be forgotten that beauty is skin deep and need of the hour is to maintain this ‘beauty’ in whatever manner we could.


 Love and its Value in Life. I shall spread the message of love for all. We all are endowed with innate quality of love. Everybody wants love and be loved. It is such a sacred thing which binds us together. This love may be for our parents, for our close relations, friends, love between love and beloved. Love is such an attraction that even ferocious animals could be tamed with true love. History is guide to tell us that much of the cruelties have been perpetrated by loveless persons thus we ought to imbibe all the traits which spread love and trust not hate and distrust. In whatsoever manner, I would be able to, I shall pursue this with the grace of God.


Enhance the Quality of Inquiry. The essence of our mind is to enquire about new things. A person could propel to zenith in knowledge and wisdom if that person has the trait of knowing new things through incisive sense of inquiry. I shall endeavour to imbibe this quality. There is no denying the fact that it is through inquiry that we not only add knowledge but also become creative leading to overall growth. 

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  1. We sometimes want to forget the untoward incidents/happenings of the past – occasionally sweeping these incidents under the carpet. Can this help? I do not think so. These incidents may show their faces again and put us in still more nightmares. So, the best course is to give a patient introspection on these incidents; break these into pieces and then fight them so that these undesirable incidents do not recur.


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