Non-violence emits fragrance, so refreshing
Whilst humans are in its spell, so enchanting
Wellness and brotherhood prevail
Dark clouds of hate
Loses its evil black cloud
And, at last environs around
Becomes sparkling clean
In its pious presence
Anger dare not show its ugly face
Fearing shameful exposé
In its very presence
Bitterness takes a hasty retreat
Fearing its influence so angelic.

Non-violence, works two ways
It unites relations separated
Due to narrow lanes
Of hatred prevalent since long
Spewing out uncalled for malice
At each other at any chance
Now they shower praise
After being hypnotized by the influence
Of sweet-sweet non-violence.

Also provides food for thought
To go on in life fearlessly
Spreading the message of peace with sanity
A God ordained quality
A undeniable fact – doubtlessly.





Since stone-age man has evolved and modernized in myriad of ways but has not left his violent behavior even a bit. Violence and its methods too have evolved – become more violent / gone sea change due to modern weaponry and other methods of retributions. Sanity is the victim in this sort of situation. Anything and everything become the butt of controversy leading to flash-point and result in mayhem. It has come to such a pass that people take violence in the spirit of resignation.


The Sanskrit word for non-violence is AHIMSA – meaning non-use of force or not to harm others. This ahimsa may be in our attitude and karma – in writing and ensuring its fructification in a most peaceful manner discernible. This ahimsa could be for all living beings or following a way of thinking based entirely on calmness or peaceful or without harming others while performing any task or following a spiritual path, or ethical or moral path.


The history of nonviolence in India is very old. Mahavira (24th Tirthankara of Jainism) professed AHIMSA PHILOSOPHY (599 BCE-527 BCE). Non-violence brings into its wake peace, calmness and tranquility besides bringing in its wake onward march in civilization and progressive mentality.


Gandhian Philosophy of nonviolence proved very effective and helped immensely in India’s freedom movement. Here the Dandi March which he led is praise worthy. His philosophy of satygraha (holding unto truth) through non-violence non-use of force, non-violent protests just peacefully. Even he brought the formula of non-violence and civil disobedience for social change with a difference. This philosophy of non-violence is synonymous with peaceful resolution of disputes. His philosophy of non-violence was used by Martin Luther King for getting civil rights for his people and Nelson Mandela too was influenced by this philosophy of non-violence and adopted this in South Africa.  


Non-violence is a powerful and just weapon. Indeed, it is a weapon unique in history, which cuts without wounding and ennobles the man who wields it.

Martin Luther King, Jr

Even the social, economic, political and political and all sundry differences could be sorted out with cooperation, amity, fellow feeling and on the basis of give and take. No persecution or coercion prosecution but through persuasion / mutual understanding with an idea of give and take for getting things done.



Regionalism and Religious differences. People living in different areas have different aspirations for the progress of their areas. Then there are problems of like mindedness in religions. When religion is taken as a way of life and a means to reach our Lord/Ishwar/Allaha then it is fine But when the people of one religion consider themselves more equal than the people of other then problem arises.

Casteism. In the olden times, castes were due to the role of people following different professions. It is really disgraceful that although a person with high literacy and knowledge (even more than Brahmin) but born in a low caste still is construed as low caste! This is a tragedy and a strange legacy of Manu based caste system. There are so much bad blood between different castes due to this and a reason for violence. Then there are people who, for garnering votes, solidify their caste base for votes when need of the hour is to consolidate the developmental plank for inclusive progress of the people in general. Politicians, without thinking about result, array one community against another for getting their bread buttered.


Communalism. Communalism is the belief in which one community wants to have ascendancy over other communities. The hatred of one community against other unleashes communal violence. It could be termed as majoritism against minoritism


Religion and Caste related Differences. Rise of narrow-mindedness due to caste and religious intolerance too are responsible for bad blood and communal flare-ups. Here the blood of innocent people is shed. I believe violence in the name of religion tantamount to not to understand the true meaning of religion. It should never be forgotten that religions unite us with our Lord.  Thinking otherwise means we do not know the basic tenets of a religion. 


In all the communities there are violent people (hotheads) who are always ready to find time for differences or if differences are not there then create situations prejudicial to the unity and integrity of a country. Increasing cases of religious intolerance have to be arrested. Then sometimes there are the instances where the artists want to project their viewpoints on social realities. I am of the firm view that if a perceived thought is publicized on social media is judgmental of the essential tenets and beliefs of a particular religion then that perceived thought should not be highlighted.

Religious beliefs should always be left untouched by those who do not profess the particular beliefs. Then there are violence when inter-caste and inter religion relations do take place without the permission of elders. We should thus be sensible while dealing those subjects which involve caste and religious sensitivities. It should be remembered, where rationality does not work beliefs works, where sensitivities rule reason pragmatism just fades into oblivion.   


Increased Materialism. It has been experienced that man wants to have as much material prosperity as he could garner – by any means, lawful or through corrupt practices. There is little place for sensitivity to others’ needs, emotions, compassion, love or affection. These are secondary things. Here amassing wealth without giving two hoots for others has become an order of the day. In this rat race, exploitation of worst order has been resorted humane and human emotions hardly count.


Corruption at High Places/Political Parties.  Different scams which resulted due to corrupt practices followed at high places tarnished the image of that political party. It brought into its wake misery to many at the cost of handful of people. It has well been said, excess of everything is bad. When this corruption reaches to its zenith, people exercise their right to vote out that corrupt Government. In democratic sort of Governments, it is through votes. This has been experienced in India.

Violence is against the laws of natural justice / or Clouding our thoughts with Ego. Whenever we consider ourselves more than the law and transgress the same with impunity and when it goes crossing the line once too often then matter becomes rife for aggression or simmering discontent surfaces engulfing not only the affected person but also those who are near. Contrarily, if we remain within the lines of acceptability then things will not go to that far. Violence could be averted if we all remain within the confines of our rights and duties.

The result of violence is still more violence. Result of violence is still more violence. If I resort to violence on others, others too will pay me in the same coin.   Violence bad since it has its origin from our retributive mindset. When one section of society pursues its agenda which the other one considers contrary to their aspirations/unwholesome then differences arise and take violent turn if differences are not sorted out with time and space. The teachings of Bhudhism  and also Jainism  exhort us to adopt non-violence as our way of life.


Gandhian Philosophy is based on non-violence. His SATYGRAHA (truth based resistance) was based entirely on non-violence and see how much benefit it brought out / resulted in our freedom struggle. He was of the opinion that this weapon should not be used indiscriminately.  If used without any thinking about its consequences, it will do more harm than good.


Anger, rancour, greed, lowering others’ prestige/ insulting others, including all the negative traits are the result of VIOLENCE and should be eliminated from our system for good.


Finally, for us humans to have peaceful co-existence, it is a must that we firstly understand and respect others’ sentiments. Human behavior have to be based on tolerance, co-existence and fellow feelings.


The feeling of oneness could be cemented when regionalism, favoritism and narrow thinking could be given good bye for an overall good of all the communities.

Conclusively, it could be said:





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