Do you believe about rebirth?

Do you believe about rebirth?

i believe..if nt y?

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Best Answer:  If you see and analyse the Nature and its accompanying phenomenon, it is evidently clear that everything that is made including our bodies are made in right mold and to function in sync with its construction. If something unnatural is done it (our body) has got it impact. Why is it so? Our mind, body and soul work in tandem. Why it is so? There are the cases when people have recollected their happenings in their past birth and the same have been corroborated. The reincarnation is based on empirical truth. It can just not be proved 100 percent as we humans who act as per the principles of science. There is a hidden truth, a truth which the Creator only knows. We humans cannot say for sure yes or no. But as we believe in God, we also believe in our karma (daily action we do. The good and bad deeds we do are imprinted in our super-conscious mind and are retained which determines our next birth. If you do not believe in the theory of reincarnation then you may not believe in supernatural happenings which are taking place in our daily lives. Can anybody, for sure, decipher how and why a small thing as ‘dream’ takes place while we are sleeping. People may cite different theories of dream but remain mainly based on conjectures and nobody is wholly convinced about its occurrence. Re-birth has also been mentioned in almost all the religious texts.

If one does not believe in the theory of reincarnation then it goes to the domain of ourselves living a mechanical life, like any other machine. It functions like a machine and dies when its power to function goes. But there is difference between animate and inanimate things. Their functions, their constitution and their daily behaviour patters are different. They exhibit different characteristics when put to scientific tests. And when put to empirical tests humans take birth and our karma or past deeds influence our as to what form we have to take after reincarnation. I am of the firm belief that those who believe in God and its creations surely believe in the theory of rebirth.And everything under the sun cannot be put the factual test. Something ought to be left to our Creator and His unique prowess’s to let humans to ponder over his creations. let Him also think how and why He has created humans who suspect even His existence and the existential plays He plays for us all. *

There are some instances of persons telling everything about the happenings in their previous birth(s) and also corroborate the same after going to the places of their earlier birth – a place where they had not visited before! That is also a mystery.

There are many cases where ‘death like situations’ were experienced by some and if their testimony could be believed that we’ve to believe in such theories.

Thus, I believe in the theory of reincarnation. It is not due to my knowledge about this but because there are so many mysteries which are to be unraveled. This is, in any case, not in disagreement of those who believe otherwise.


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8 thoughts on “Do you believe about rebirth?”

  1. GOD is real 100% I`m sure for that I`m a man of faith I don`t have Knowledge but when I`m asking to GOD what I want to learn he give me that …Rebirth it`s possible in the Heaven or in Hell I think after we died well we live in this life of so many Asshole so it`s our choice what to become 🙂

    1. My sincere thanks for your kind comments.

      If one has indomitable faith in our God then half the battle is won without even fighting it! We should do our action and leave the results; these would be positive if our action is positive. Heaven and hell are of our creation. There are people who live in hell of their own creation even on this earth – even with all the comforts at their command?

      Rebirth or rebirth that is laced in contradiction and mysticism but one thing is sure this life is not a FULL STOP, this is only a COMA.


  2. In the law of cause-effect, every action during the time we spend in the samsara, will be “recorded” in our karma. I follow the Buddhist path and I do believe in Jesus as a great Bodhisattva… there could be a really better world if religious hegemony wouldn’t be at work. Yes reincarnation is a tangible reality and everybody should take it very seriously; memorizing that every action we take (good or bad) will have a direct effect on our next reincarnation… Maybe knowing and deeply believing this, we wouldn’t do any harm to other living creatures or to our Mother Earth.
    Serenity and thank you for following my blog 🙂 claudine

    1. First of all my sincere thanks for your most inspiring comments.

      Facts stand out, we have to be very careful that what we do should do with caution with the thought that that action of ours will boomerang on us and impact not only our -present but also future too. I take all the religious texts and the religions preaching that we all have to realize the importance of our soul and its relationship with SUPER SOUL OR relationship of SPIRIT with SUPER SPIRIT. Believing that whatever goes up comes back or whatever you give you get back or action and reaction is equal and opposite; give us an idea that we’ve to be careful that we may not impinge on others’ rights for getting our selfish ends fructified.

      I too believe in the theory of KARMA and reincarnation besides having firm belief that our LORD/Bhagwan/ISHWAR/ALLAHA loves us and we have to be compassionate to our fellow beings.

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