Observe the wonder of wonders

The outer space or unknown beyond

The planets, constellation of stars in the Milky Way

Their most disciplined working

Compels us to ponder

How everything just works wonder?

Some stars die of ageing

And wither away by burning

Others take birth on daily basis

In sync our Lord’s mere wish!

The centre of gravity

Of each planet works brilliantly

By keeping its flock in tact

Within its orbit

Gives us humans

Sufficient proof about

How His will runs supreme – so disciplined.


Yet humans with inflated ego

Like an overblown balloon

Continue the policy of subjugating

With false pretense so nauseating

That everything around them is taking place

Due to prowess of theirs

Which though is an indiscipline of highest order.


Self discipline helps us to shun and throw away

The vices which come in our way

These vices are the viruses like greed, anger & lust

Producing delusion – a state deficit in trust

And make us hollow physically as well spiritually

Rather than intoxication by drugs with effect so transitory

We could’ve this so eternally

By following a self regulated existence

Realizing the innate potentiality that exists

In us all with His grace.



Discipline in the Outer Space and Natural Phenomenon. There is a perfect discipline in the working of the Sun, the Moon including all the heavenly bodies. If there were no discipline, then, there would have been accidents in the universe between the revolving heavenly bodies resulting in sheer disorder and chaos in their working. This will also have adverse impact on the working of other planets. Then we have all the constituents of Mother Nature which work in perfect discipline. Various seasons follow the perfect system and discipline.

Discipline in Animals and Birds. There is discipline in animals; the sheep walks in its herd, even the ants follow discipline in their lives. How the herd of buffaloes or elephants in the jungles save their young ones or olds from the dangers are the example for us humans to emulate. Even it is true of birds.

If there is a discipline in the working of all the animate or inanimate things then why not in humans who have been assigned the power of discrimination by our Lord? Discipline hardly means that it is to be forced down our throats. It is not to be enforced through unreasonable coercion. It should come through self realization or self imposed discipline. Doubts are always there due to one reason or another but the one who surmounts the coming doubts with resolute will power and belief in our Lord comes out safe and sound.

Discipline and Spiritual awakening. God dwells in us but the evil forces like greed, anger, lust limit our reach to Him. Then continuous use of intoxicants and over indulgence in sex and drugs even make us slave to these bad habits thus shutting the doors of our spiritual journey and thus eternal happiness in our lives. The inhibiting forces create all sorts of negative traits in us; hate in place of love, selfishness in place of selflessness, resentment place of cooperation, coldness in place of compassion. We should not become slave to bad habits lest these become impediment to not only this birth or the future ones too. By so doing, we become subservient to our senses i.e. we become excessively body conscious. All these bad habits could be eliminated by self effort and proper discipline. For this, self restraint is the best course. Whenever satanic forces in us prod us for resorting to unethical acts, it should be stopped by our internal mechanism of resolute willpower. Here disciplining ourselves is a must.

Imbibing the discipline of Armed Forces in our lives too. While talking about discipline, it is worthwhile to know how our armed forces work. They follow a set of code of conduct threadbare. Loyalties, sense of fellowship besides integrity to the country concerned are the principles on which these men in uniform function. Armed force personnel are the torchbearers of discipline.

Disciplined Citizens are the future of a country. Even in political and social life of a country, discipline plays an important role. A country whose workforce are apathetic and tardy, backwardness in outlook, narrow-minded, indifferent to work, where workers only care for their rights and conveniently shirk from their responsibilities that country cannot progress and is doomed to go down. In this sort of a society women do not feel safe even in public places because of non-cooperative attitude of the law enforcement agencies.

A country whose people are progressive in words and deeds, where discipline prevails in all walks of life, where people impose self-discipline through self-restraint and perform, shoulder their responsibilities with dedication and with a spirit of accommodation take their country to the path of prosperity.

Self-discipline is a must. We’ve to have self-discipline, while doing any action, we can introspect, whether our action impinges on somebody else rights or not. Occasionally, we see that unruly mob resort to violence for getting their grievances redressed. So much so is the extent of their violence that they burn the factories which is the source of their sustenance! It amounts to burning the same boat which carries them to the shore? As we think so we become is the best example.

Disciplining the Mind. It has been well said, you are what you think yourself to be. If we doubt on every pretext then results will also be doubtful. When we doubt, we stop thinking rationally and reasonably. This skepticism arises when we think that everything that is happening is due to us rather than we being a mere instrument of a change – nothing more.

Discipline in our day-to-day actions. A disciplined person gets knowledge in every Karmic deed. Deed for that person is not a burden but a disciplined journey ahead with a total control of mind for the fructification of a work at hand. Contrarily, a person who does not control his mind and senses need no enemy. The mind itself becomes the enemy of that person. When we are doing our obligatory duties by reining in our senses then that action/duty yields wholesome dividends; we need not worry about the results when our actions are sincere and honorable. Important aspect of self disciplining or self-restraint too includes; being careful lest we resort to anger, greed and lust – the three enemies of humanity.

Discipline should start from home itself. The child should be disciplined from home itself. Congenial atmosphere ought to be created at home for imbibing right traits and values in the children. For this to happen, the parents themselves have to be more disciplined and set an example for the children to follow. If quality time is given to the child that child will grow up to be obedient and disciplined citizen, obeying all the rules and regulations in school and then working in accordance with norms of the society.

Indisciplined parents bring up indisciplined children has been proved. Broken homes are responsible for bringing about untold indiscipline in their children. These children grow to be aggressive and hard to discipline later on – creating chaos in the society in which they live.

Discipline and fear. We remain fearing from every conceivable happening – fear of losing somebody near to us, fear of some undesirable unfortunate incident, fear of losing our hard earned possessions, ageing besides our fear whether somebody will bestow us care and protection at our oldage, fear of consequences of sins committed by us during lifetime also remain clouding our thoughts.. Now fearing death will not take us anywhere. It is certain and cannot be wished away. It is thus a natural truth that whoever is born here on this earth will have to die so we’ve to discipline ourselves to accept the real things in life. Rather than fearing, we should try facing these and live peacefully – keeping our faith on God and surrendering to His will at all times. This is the only answer to our unfounded fears. Accepting with open hands whatsoever comes and not to be passive spectator but action oriented – being the disciplined human being.

In sum, it could be said that although discipline is hard to implement but is essential for forward march of the society. It is followed by casting aside all the passivity and baggage of dullness prevailing in our system and bringing in its wake God oriented freshness and spirit. It is thus important that we maintain discipline for living in harmony with our fellow beings in the spirit of give and take. With the grace of God more synergy and help galvanize ourselves for tangible results as a perfect human being.

In Bhagwad Gita it has been said: The power of God is with you at all times; through the activities of mind, senses, breathing, and emotions; and is constantly doing all the work using you as a mere instrument.

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  1. Wow – what a powerful post! I agree with every word here. Cosmic stars are so well planned in their vast bowl. Human beings need to be told that they are NOT the entre of universe, tey are just a miniscule speck.
    As for discipline, as you rightly said, the mind is the master and needs to be vigilant and alert to the body’s whims.

    1. Dr. sahiba thanks a lot for your inspiring and valuable comments.

      For Creator everyone is important. Humans are not so exception but have been given the special characteristics of discrimination, yet, other animates too have special traits of their individualistic to their flock.

      Ego is the humans’ undoing; which ruins everything that an individual earns for himself by way of behaviour with others including all His creations.

      Mind’s function has to be reined and not allowed to run amok.


      1. Precisely. Mind is the greatest gift to mankind- and yet we continue to misuse it. This is unlike animals, who instinctively know their best quality and use it wisely.

      2. Madam, thanks a lot for your wisdom filled comments.

        I have just replied to one of the queries of our mind and its mystic actions as under.

        OM SHRI HARI

        Prof Saheb; the questions posed are really very relevant and every right thinking soul delves these. In my own point of view, I beg to say as under:-

        1. Our body is the doer of everything karmic deeds but which part directs us to do – our mind.
        2. Our mind is having immense imaginative power – more than any elements of nature like air, water, sound etc.
        3. For mind is mystical in nature, we can rein in; with resolute will power and right attitude.
        4. Having reining in the mind means doing everything within the ambit of reason. When reason comes to the fore in application, morality and ethics and rationality are not far too off.
        5. Nothing is more important than right attitude and sincere effort while reason is also taken into account.
        6. All the factors mentioned above (ethical aspects, moralistic standpoint, rationality) give us wisdom to follow right course / take right action (positive karma) in conformity with the LAWS OF KARMA.
        7. Acting in conformity with LAWS OF KARMA means cleaning or cleansing the inner and outer slush of our body and mind.
        8. Positive or credit in karmic deeds means doing away all the karmas which are in the ambit of debit and clearly a very POSITIVE for any KARMA YOGI.
        9. It goes to show that our MIND AND BODY are responsible for adding or subtracting our KARMIC DEEDS OR MISDEEDS.
        10. When we are grounded i.e. we experience equanimity in bad and good situation then we are in GOOD KARMIC STATE.
        11. This good credit limit in our KARMA not only acts in our present but also impacts our future incarnations.
        12. What we are presently ; including our deformities, are due to our past karma and the present karmic deeds would be experienced in the in the present years of our life or the next birth(s).

        Hence, it could be concluded, what we are today is the result of not only our present but also due to our past deeds or misdeeds

        And which part is the CARRIER of GOOD OR BAD KARMA to suffer or experience the pangs of our karma OR ….
        I suppose it is SOUL which carries our KARMIC DEEDS OR MISDEEDS. People may differ but all these are laced in mysticism. Only our CREATOR knows for sure….

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