What is the role of reason and will power in accomplishment of a task?

What is the role of reason and will power in accomplishment of a task?


In life we have multifarious ambitions and competitions. For fulfilling these ambitions, we go all out – even adopting ulterior ways. Although, in olden times this competition was only for food and shelter besides survival instinct, where only those survived who could face the onslaught of climate or the marauders. Impulse of supremacy spurred the humans to evolve still further. This made man like a man possessed; making us subservient to comforts and thus losing touch with our Soul and Super Soul.


Everything that we repeat becomes a habit. This habit could be a good or a bad one, depends on us. We should not become slaves of our bad habits but make these our prisoners. When we apply reason and rationality combined with strong resolution everything that we pre-plan shows positive results. This should also be remembered that while planning for tomorrow’s action, yesterday’s action and its results should never be glossed over or forgotten. The experiences gained from yesterday’s action should be applied for today’s action; lesson learnt from bad ones and good ones to be replicated but with a resolute will power. Dynamism in our efforts can only usher in when we apply our will with discrimination – in the way we cleanse our body daily to keep away from germs. More so, more God oriented vitality will assuredly be the end result when we keep our inner and outer self cleansed off the smut we possess. This will keep us away from unsacred activities.


For ridding ourselves off bad experiences, it is paramount that we break every impulse that comes with iron will and then act, chaffing out the bad with discrimination and self-assurance. When a firm decision is made then nothing should stop us to transact that resolute action – not the last minute dithering or not even a last minute change of circumstances etc.


While cultivating ambition is all very nice when it is within confines of certain limits. But unreasonable ambition leads us astray. It devours us physically and mentally. It is like uncontrollable forest fire. Trying to fulfill one, another crops up and if not fulfilled, it creates all sorts of consternation,  stress, greed, arrogance and ultimately destruction in value system on which humanity stands. For our reasonable ambitions to fructify without any adverse implications on us, it is important that we remain reasonably unattached with the results of our action. This reasonable ambition has the blessing and indelible stamp of our Lord and will not fail us in any way.


Then to be reasonably flexible is always a good practice. There are people who, without any plausible reasons, will stick to their unreasonable decisions stubbornly without even going through the pros and cons of it. To do anything bad knowingly too is a sin. When reason fails at the inception itself, then, there is every reason that act fails before it takes off? Risk taking is all right but taking risk without even going into the nuts and bolts of action to be done is unreasonable.


Right spirit in transacting something to be accomplished is also very important. It goes to show that the attitude with which we do a thing counts a lot. Right attitude leads to right results – if we at all care to be sticklers for the results. A negative and unreasonable mindset with a lot of skepticism means our path is littered with a lot of pitfalls. Contrarily, a thing done with sincerity and with reasonable positive frame of mind brings in enthusiasm, positivity, reasonable passion to excel; God oriented feeling and everlasting happiness dawns (soul’s joy)



I shall thus conclude; when reason fails, Satan start showing evidently.





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