Does a person with immense knowledge possess wisdom too? Also, is wisdom a permanent possession of a person?

Does a person with immense knowledge possess wisdom too? Also, is wisdom a permanent possession of a person?

It has been generally thought that a person who has got knowledge or has acquired learning is a person possessing wisdom. But in actual practice is it rightly so? The knowledge gained or learning attained through sheer hard work should bestow us aptitude to think and proceed further utilizing the gained knowledge for tangible results and understanding with insight that the results are seen on the ground. Knowledge / learning should make us sublime, compassionate, empathetic, pragmatic in outlook and above all God oriented. It should not make us egoistic or arrogant or power hungry. Wisdom is earned over a period of time and that has to be shielded from all sorts of temptations under whose evil influence it loses its sheen.

Demon king Ravana is a case in point that high prolific knowledge does not make a person wise. He was a member of a highly advanced and intelligent’ Yaksha tribe. He worshiped Lord Shiva and earned many celestial boons for his untiring worship, a great scholar of Vedas, Veena Maestro, authored a book on astrology – known as Ravana Sanhita, was well versed in Ayurveda and as per Lord Brahma’s boon had nectar in his belly which gave him the characteristics of immortality. But despite all this huge reservoir of knowledge base, he did a despicable and immoral act of abducting Sita Mata – the consort of Lord Rama while he was on 14 years exile! Despite possessing all knowledge or say wisdom, the King Ravana proved himself to be a slave to his sensory temptations. Allurements are thus our enemies and we should keep ourselves away from these,

Wisdom means possessing quality of a wise person, both in words and deeds; having the quality of taking right decision at right time without bias in judgement; being insightful evaluator and foresee the coming events and take corrective measures besides being dispassionate in every way.

Wisdom of King Vikramaditya. Vikram era started in 57 BC. King Vikramaditya, on the other hand, was one amongst the ten kings known for their sagacity, sense of understanding, scholarship and enlightenment. So much so he was attached to the will of God that he started penance at the tender age of five and persisted in his devotion for twelve long years. God Shiva graced him a celestial golden throne as a boon which was decorated with thirty-two statues. His rule remained for one hundred years and folklores are replete with his wisdom and fair-play in judgements for his subjects. No allurements could touch this pious king ever and that is the reason we remember him for his impeccable wisdom and cite him as an epitome of wisdom.


Wisdom gained by the grace of God has to be very assiduously protected and cared that it is not leaked through some tiny holes created by us intentionally or unintentionally – willy-nilly. With wisdom in our actions, nothing can harm us. In life, there are temptations lurking at every turn of our life. We have to keep away from these allurements with the strength of our will power. Saying a clear ‘no’ to the deceptive enticements is the answer to keeping the reservoir of wisdom accumulating, flowing and preventing it from being drying. The wisdom that we have acquired with fortitude and hard work has to be maintained and enhanced and not frittered away by giving more preference to our sensory desires. It goes to show that it is not a permanent asset but this has to be attained ‘drop-by-drop’ and not to let it dried up lest we become egoistic like demon king Ravana or king Solomon.

It should never be forgotten that we are made in our Creator’s mold and thus should try living as such. No outward yearnings should tempt us and take us away from spiritual oriented path. If we follow this path then nothing matters for us. We should love the ONE which is everlasting and a magic potion for all our cures.

Wisdom of King Solomon. Then we know the wisdom of King Solomon. He did not ask God for the boon of having ‘anything’ but he chose understanding and discernment; when God appeared in his dreams. God granted him riches and power besides huge reservoir of wisdom coupled with knowledge in various fields. He was prolific writer, a philosopher, a scientist, avid in many disciplines who loved art besides being the best diplomat which brought peace with his neighborly kingdoms.

Despite being bestowed wisdom by the God, he was lured into lust and other unethical temptations. All his accomplishments were brought to naught by his weakness for the material possessions and other sensual pleasures.

There is a perceptible lesson for us humans in this; when we give more credence to earthy wealth, power and pelf rather than spiritual wealth then our downfall is certain, despite huge reservoir of wealth or knowledge base, status and even God gifted wisdom could peter-away if immoral and unethical attitude make inroads in our lives.

Thus, it could be concluded that WISDOM has to be acquired and when acquired has to be maintained through our words and deeds. It is not KNOWLEDGE which could be increased in the absence of increase in WISDOM. Do let’s know about your experiences in this.

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