Month: April 2015

One of the World’s Most Prominent Nepali Communities Mobilizes After the Quake

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On Sunday, Urmila Ghale, a 27-year-old Nepali woman working in Hong Kong’s construction sector, had only a few minutes to answer a call from her injured brother. He relayed the news that five members of her family had died in Nepal’s Gurkha district, near the epicenter…

Himalayan Natural Tragedy

Himalayan Natural Tragedy Yesterday. at about 11.41 AM, as we were sitting and busy in our daily routines, we were jolted by an earthquake which later on was found to be at 7.9 magnitude – an intensity which could have devastating effect on the life and property on the affected


  FACTORS RESPONSIBLE FOR CHARACTER BUILDING AND TYPES OF CHARACTERS God has created every individual differently; physically and mentally, besides trait of discrimination is also bestowed in us humans. Being so, it is natural that every person’s personality is different. These traits may be inherent or imbibed from the environs

Why are there so many poor people in India?

Why are there so many poor people in India? 1 following 8 answers Answers Relevance Best Answer:  Rich or poor counts taking into account their satisfaction quotients. In India, a poor fellow may be earning his daily bread on day-to-day basis yet he is satisfied by what he has. He

The Bible ! / God’s Truthful Visible Presence . (Post # 563)

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The Bible is the best selling book of all time.For the last two thousand years the Bible is the most read book in the history of humankind , no other religious book of any doctrine come even close to it. The Holy Bible is the most…


ON EXCITED STATE OF MIND AND PEACE OF MIND Under the influence of anger so unpredictable Divest the reins of our mind forcibly And fastens our mind with its tentacles so hard Putting a smoke screen of uncertainty In the process, filling us with negativity Blocking the flow of positive

What is purity of body, mind, heart or soul and how it is attained?

What is purity of body,  mind, heart or soul and how it is attained? The word, pure means free from any foreign elements or contaminants which impede our growth. It means being free from any toxins. It is in its original form. Healthy diet too is responsible for keeping our

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