(ON 3RD APRIL 2015)

Amongst all Fridays’, the most Holy,
Call it a Good Friday or a Great Friday,
No strings attached whatsoever for us all,
A day long penance and fasting observed without fail,
This Solemn Day is commemorated as an anniversary,
Of death of our beloved & revered Lord Jesus Christ,
This Day’s purity remains alike for a commoner or a priest.

A Day which we reminisce,
When our beloved Lord Jesus Christ,
Offered himself on the Cross,
Without even a slightest emotional upsurge,
Peaceful & compassionate while in real life’s passage,
And serene whilst embracing death by hapless.
Underwent crucification and ultimate surrender,
On this Day – to our common Creator!

Seeking forgiveness for perpetrators

And guilty for His own death!

So merciful even to irreligious ones!

With words: ‘Father, forgive them,

For they know not what they do’

Such sympathy is an extraordinary one

It could be with the heart of one who is the dearest Son

Of Omnipotent and Omniscient

Such Sympathy is a key to Christ Consciousness

Suffering for us – relentless pangs combined with humiliation,
A holy death indeed for our redemption,
His supreme sacrifice is an instrument of compensation,
For the sins of everyone of us on this earth.
AND then followed by a surprise resurrection,
Thus stunning the people at large by this revivification.
Methods may differ of observation,
But the holiness of Good Friday remains above par,
Devout kneel with utmost reverence, they pay,
Before wooden Cross kept in Churches so holy on this day.

Seven last words of Lord Christ are too repeated,
So that HIS utterances remain engraved,
In our memory lane forever and ever.
A symbolic burial of the Lord too is performed,
Differences may be in the methods,
Yet inner most springing of touching feeling is unparalleled,
For our Beloved Jesus Christ,
Who for Truth’s sake gave His everything,
So that we may be absolved of our sins.





History is witness to the fact that the incarnations of our Creator had to endure trials and tribulations in their life time while living on this earth. People who opposed their ideas and ideals always opposed them tooth and nail because these God’s Incarnations were the messengers of peace and their mission was to spread the TRUTH. They preached ‘Bless them that curse you.’ They presented a living example for us humans to see how best they withstood onslaughts of those who opposed the very ideals departure from their pseudo and outdated beliefs.

While reforming the masses and showing them the true path, the messengers of our God, Jesus Christ faced umpteenth obstacles from those who opposed their ideals. These incarnations faced hurdles at every step but with their foresights and fortitude these Apostles of Peace challenged the old and hackneyed mores of behaviour and came out unscathed ultimately. Surprisingly, after their earthy sojourns they were accepted as the Messengers of God by one and all. This is the tragedy of humans that we do not recognize His Messengers/Incarnations while they are on this planet but when they are no longer with us then we take them as their revered ones!

Lord Jesus Christ is one example amongst others like Prophet Mohammad, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama who gave new meaning and content to the philosophy of living. These Messengers of Peace fought for the common people and were able to rid the society of the evil doers and challenged the very philosophies of people at the helm of affairs during the periods on this earth. In that process these Sons of God had to face opposition. People who mattered suspected these because ideals were counter to their (powerful opponents) own and in upholding these they (Sons of God) had to face trials and tribulations. During the life time Jesus Christ did everything to rid the then society of the evils prevalent and wanted to change the outlook of the people.

Jesus anguished and felt sympathy even for his tormentors while he agonized on the cross for us all. We should never forget that He suffered so that we are redeemed of our sins that we as humans do commit. There were disturbances and upheavals after he gave up his spirit.

Crucification of Jesus Christ gave a new meaning of life to us humans to follow. His ideals and preaching are held dear by us all and will remain so till eternity. May this Day remain etched in our memory as the day of redemption of humanity and He remains a beacon of light for all of us on this earth.

It is well said, there is always a light after the darkness. Jesus used to heal the physical ills of masses, he wanted their highest good while he was in flesh and blood like us. But the insensitive people just crucified him! This is also a fact that he had the power to escape being crucified but he did not do so. And in even in agony he said: ‘Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.’ That is why He had to come back again for our happiness and for our purification. This purification is attained only when we’ve conquered our weaknesses in the form of our ego etc.

If crufication was a dark blot on those who crucified Jesus, the Easter is commemorated as a symbol of resurrection. Easter celebration has a historic perspective. It also symbolizes rebirth; a pious day that is why devotees decorate their houses, rejoice, mass prayers are conducted in Churches. It is a celebration in connection with the rising of Christ – the Son of God. Easter also opens door for a holy association with God through Jesus Christ. Amen



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  1. still i have the question, why can’t he himself destroy the bad ,,,why did he crucified himself for us!

    1. You’ve a very valid question; which every rational thinking people will ask. But despite all the powers Jesus was conferred by God, He still forgave them by saying: FATHER, FORGIVE THEM, FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO. His love encompassed everything else. He loved even his detractors. That is the difference between us ordinary people and the Messengers of GOD. Messengers of God utilize their prowess’s for the spread of LOVE thus becoming an example for others to follow.

      He could have annihilated all wicked people opposing Him yet He forgave them because that is the true trait of an Omniscient and Omnipotent. He is not for showcasing his powers but to showcase His ETERNAL LOVE. In this process He has to be crucified for us all: ALAS.

      God has also got His limits. When we humans exceed that limit which He think is unforgiving then His wrath comes and that wrath is just ruthless.

      But all in all, our GOD is very compassionate and magmatic in His all encompassing LOVE.

      Embrace Him and He will embrace you.


      1. you enlightened me with this “FATHER, FORGIVE THEM, FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO”
        As a Hindu, we had Lord Krishna, and at Krushetra the war between good and bad people ( though some people sided the bad people) he ordered , the disciple Arjuna, to go over and kill the bad people for the sake of society, still he said , they are not killed , they were not created either, it’s not that they will not take birth again, so it’s your duty to kill them.
        In this case , our teachings say that bad should be punished, but he also forgiven the people who wanted asylum in his reign.

      2. First of all my sincere thanks for your most valuable comments. Fact stands out, when evil exceeds in its intensity, God intervenes to rid the society off the evil doers. In Kurukshetra battle between Pandavas and Kauravas, Lord Krishna exhorts Arjuna to fight the battle because: There is neither birth nor death of soul at any time. It comes into existence after being born and will not come into being. It is unborn, eternal, ever existing and primeval. Soul is not killed when the body is slain.

        It goes to show that Lord Krishna wanted the evil doers in the form of Dharyodhana and his brothers including those who sided evil to be killed so that evil is rid from the society. As Dharyodhana was unrepentant and wanted to have everything for himself and for that he went all out in getting that including taking everything from Pandavas through deceit.

        That is why I say, God intervenes when evil crosses all limits and His retribution is also too severe. He also is forgiving for those who accept their faults and refine their ways and lead a honorable life.

        In the religious texts, of all known religions, there is much similarities in thoughts leading to our Creator.

        I take CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS & KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS to be same. But for this, we have to go deep into ourselves and help ourselves to get self realization. I am a Hindu but I get the same LIGHT when I pray/meditate or go through the texts of different religions.


      3. Really you are great, I’m feeling blessed today, thank you so much, I thought you are a Christian, I like all the religions by the way.

      4. No, not at all. I consider all the religions leading to a ONE single TRUTH. Whenever I stand praying, I get light which is same. It has got no religious tag. It is pure LIGHT of my BHAGWAN/LORD/ALLAHA/CHRIST/AKALPURAKH OR WHATEVER NAME YOU GIVE. But main SOURCE remains the same.

        My regards

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