Under the influence of anger so unpredictable

Divest the reins of our mind forcibly

And fastens our mind with its tentacles so hard

Putting a smoke screen of uncertainty

In the process, filling us with negativity

Blocking the flow of positive thoughts

Resulting in impediments and inertia

In our life’s journey ahead.

How best we imagine

And sweat for making that imagination a reality

Determines our life’s quality

Physical, mental and spiritual health

Are important cogs for steering us forward

Ensuring ample mental peace

A sure sign of better life ahead

With enough graces of our Creator.




It is our common our experience that whenever we are in extreme excited state, we’re not able focus on the job at hand simply because of inertia created in that state. A decision taken in excited state disappoints us ultimately. Peace of mind is a necessity for ensuring quick and qualitative results.

Our mental state is prime-mover of our life. How best we react to a situation / unforeseen event, and handle the same determines the quality of our life. A life lived naturally brings in its wake happiness and satiety, positivity and ultimately prosperity. When we feel positive in our mental outlook, we tend to face the ups and downs of our life with utmost determination and composure. Also, if some mental block knocks at our door, we can train ourselves to turn to our imagination and think about an incident from which we had extricated ourselves earlier on and feel sure that this time too good results will ensue. Moot point is to bring in peace of mind.


We generally block our efforts (deliberately or otherwise) or condition ourselves with certain kinds of attachments and we want to cling ourselves to these even after coming to know that these conditions are dangerous for us and there is utter need of de-conditioning ourselves. These attachments are far too many like: material possession, our relations, our body etc.


Natural way of living is to live, to the extent possible, keeping ourselves away from extremes with the idea ‘too much of everything is bad’. Meaning, without much burden of knots that bind us. De-knotting is required every time knot hass come about. It is like cleaning our clothes or cleansing our body after whenever required. In Bhagwad Gita clearly mentions that a satisfied person is: One who has no animosity for any being, who is friend of everyone, who is compassionate to all, free from the sense of mine, and free from egoism and maintains equanimity of mind and is every satisfied.

The Bible gives is a key to physical and spiritual health: “My son, do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart, for they will prolong your life many years and bring you prosperity . . . This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones”


Natural way of living is to take care of aspects like; physical health, psychological health, physiological health`       , intellectual health, conscious health (life element with which our very existence is sustained) and finally spiritual health. Spiritual health is of utmost importance. In Bhagwat Gita it has been rightly enunciated by Lord Krishna: ‘He, who with his mind fixed in Yoga (of practice) through meditation, and without wavering mind attains me’. And having attained Him means liberation from all births and deaths (Moksha).


Our daily behavior counts much; it is not that every moment we remain serious. We ought to have zeal and zest, will to fight where fighting is required, flight when it is called for, some humour and some mirth; all combined together in certain degrees will make difference. Yesterday, was really appalled to observe the behavior of a grocery store owner when he was rebuking his assistant simply because he was slightly jokingly with a customer! Many of our psychological and physiological problems are due to missing humour from our day to day interactions with others. Humour, besides other positive traits should form part of our behavior otherwise our day’s routines would turn out to be day’s burden for us and monotonous. For this to happen, we have to seriously de-condition ourselves so to say and for that we’ve to approach every problem with understanding. It is not at mere ‘understanding’ level itself our that our problem gets solved but when this ‘understanding’ is translated into tangible outcome. The quality of understanding reached by our mind should follow quality output by our physical body through right karma (Action). Let anything happen, we can control any situation, good or bad, provided we are in total control of our mind.


A depressed person could be found out from his physical behavior in comparison with a person who is happy who will show positive traits in every step. Also, sad or depressed mindset brings in total depletion of energy for taking up any further task – mental or physical.


It is also a fact that we can have unhindered focus on one thing at a time. If we want to focus on a multiple of things then nothing fruitful would be coming out of that divided attention. For a focus to be of benefit, it is also important how much significance we attach with the contentious point we are focusing on coupled with emotional reaction that may result. Heightened internal urge should spring from our heart. Right atmospheric, right attitude, controlled state of mind and de-conditioning the negativity though always help.


Conclusively, it could be concluded that we possess the key in the form of inner potential but how best to tap that one is the need for bringing in peace of mind.


















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  1. Whenever we are at peace, our thinking and acting capacities increases. When in extreme excited state, our output in any field is just negligible or zero. With this intention, I’ve written the above write up.

    Do go through and offer your comments. I love your comments for these are very vehicles for my onwards march.


    Profound regards


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