Why are there so many poor people in India?

Why are there so many poor people in India?

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Best Answer:  Rich or poor counts taking into account their satisfaction quotients. In India, a poor fellow may be earning his daily bread on day-to-day basis yet he is satisfied by what he has. He sleeps well anytime anywhere without any difficulty. A fellow does menial job without any inhibition to earn a living for the entire family. There are no debilitating diseases which may be an impediment in his day to day functioning. It is also a fact that who exert themselves can eke out a living without any botheration. Do you call that man a poor. By all reckoning not. The poor man lives with his family feeling all emotional attachment with them. Feeling their rhythm completely, have broad smile whenever there is a festival – which are aplenty. If you tell them poor then it is good for you. A life spent in satisfaction is better although with less riches than a bundle of money with less degree of satisfaction – a life full of internal conflicts, leading to many upheavals in life.

Also, in India, a poor fellow is the one who is reluctant to eke out his living, is lazy, whiles away his time for there are many opportunities for a person who wants to work. There are so many schemes opened for the poor and downtrodden by the Govt and non-governmental agencies / Companies to help the needy. Hence, on the whole I can say with utmost certainty that in India being ‘poor’ is self-imposed malady adopted by some and not as it used to be in bygone days.*

*I consider poverty as a self-induced malady. Those who are having some skill or unskilled can earn a decent amount if he is willing to working. Willingness to work counts a lot. Contrarily, those who just while away their time in day dreaming, despite being educated, are just the burden on the family or the society in which they are living. I consider poverty as a self inflicted malady in which a poor person himself is responsible for not doing a job which is available for that job is below his standing! I just am of the opinion, a job which brings you something in return, with which the sustenance of our family is dependent is the most honorable. All jobs are honorable, it is the spirit in which we perform that ‘job’ counts. Thus India is not a ‘poor’ country. It is rich with its rich culture and civilization where all the people of different religions just subsist with some difference sometimes but there is a freedom to express and get their problems reflected in the free and fair media etc.

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    1. Fact remains, all the agencies; governmental and private are providing succour to the needy by way of providing jobs etc. The skilled and unskilled workers are getting the work according to their skill and capabilities. My inference is that those who are willing to do something should get requisite jobs. Globalization too has expanded the opportunities for providing the sphere of job market.

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