Himalayan Natural Tragedy

Himalayan Natural Tragedy

Yesterday. at about 11.41 AM, as we were sitting and busy in our daily routines, we were jolted by an earthquake which later on was found to be at 7.9 magnitude – an intensity which could have devastating effect on the life and property on the affected populace. Then, we came to know all about the earthquake.

It was a powerful earthquake which had its epicenter near Kathmandu the capital of Nepal thus engulfing Eastern and Western India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Myanmar etc. There were deaths and destruction in Nepal. Indian Government launched its rescue mission under code named : OPERATION MAITRI (ACT OF FRIENDSHIP). In this PM of India has lead from the front. For this, he also mentioned this in his MAN KI BAAT to the people in general.

Teams of NDRF were airlifted to Nepal and they are rendering yeomen’s service. There is also a lesson from this tragic and unpredictable earthquake that if we be prepared in peace we can face any eventuality  natural and man-made whenever any contingency arises.

With this intention in mind, I’ve penned down a poem, do go through.


Himalayan Natural Tragedy


Absence of any perceptible anticipation

 When a natural tragedy of any dimension

Will visit / come about – unsolicited indeed

Himalayan earthquake that occurred unexpected.

The excited tectonic plates

Owing to under the earth tensional stresses

Built up and thenceforth ferocious release

From a fracture in the earth crust

A weak spot for eruption, so violent

Termed as – epicenter of wild tremble

Causing vibrations in its sphere, so ferocious

In wave variety

Causing deaths and destruction all around

Resulting in avalanches & landslides.


The worst Saturday that was woefully

Witnessed awfully by the affected people

A shallow earthquake of 7.9 magnitude

Affecting South Asian Peninsula

With its epicenter at thereabouts of Khatmandu (Nepal)

Engulfing the entire North India

Including Bangladesh & Bhutan

Causing ripples affects

Like a stone when thrown

In stationery water

More swells at the impact site

And less and less as distance increases

Causing shocks and after shocks

Multiples – many times over

Taking in its grips Indian Eastern states

And also Northern Indian states

Causing deaths and destruction.

The humanitarian assistance rendered to Nepal by Indian Government

Code named ‘Operation Maitri’ (Act of Friendship) is so mitigating & humane in nature

Dispatching relief personnel and materials

For rendering rescue operations

To save human lives, so precious

By rendering them succor so badly needed

Thus saving affected ones from jaws of sure deaths

Over 1900 killed and unfortunately and still counting unfortunately

And more than 5000 injured severely

Besides rescuing those stranded

In the inaccessible places, so badly affected.


God, Thee’ve created this earth

And all the living beings, so dear to Thee

Pray keep intact thy graces on thy creations

So that everyone lives just naturally

And not a death is caused unnaturally

Thus leaving the dependents to fend for themselves ultimately.


Harbans Khajuria



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  1. Evacuation by air has already started from Nepal and bus evacuations will also start shortly. GOI is making concerted efforts to help the affected people in a way it is required. Though task is gigantic yet the effort too is also gigantic.

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