Need Advice PLZZZ D: Help so confused?

Need Advice PLZZZ D: Help so confused?


I did post this a few ties apologies if your reading again. and sorry for the annoying title
So I think I like this guy but its a bit more complicated than that :/ Well last year I was introduced to him by a friend and I became friends with him over the course of about 6 months.He gave me him number like 2 weeks after I meet him. I never text him and he never really text me because we saw each other like everyday. He always seemed like he was flirting like he touch my hands or my face and when I got hurt and was in the hospital my friend told him and he text me the day he found out. Now this is all fine until next semester I’m not in any of his classes and we never text but we never did to begin with. I didn’t get to see him much but I thought after the summer I’ll probably have classes with him and I still did not the following year. A few times when I did see him in the hallway though we had a brief conversation before class. When I did use to see him A lto I would always catch him looking at me, but then look away. Even now when I don’t see him that much if I pass him in the hall way I feel like I catch this awkward glance and it always causes me to look away. Unfortunately my friend who was friend with both of us moved away, and the friends I have now don’t really like him at all. I mean when I ask why they never even give me a right answer. It’s now almost summer again and I don’t know what to do. About a month ago though I text him and we chatted for a bit but I didn’t want to seem desperate or anything so I haven’t text him since. I am in my 3rd year of high school and not sure what to do :/


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From the account you have written it is quite evident that your association with this fellow is not deep rooted. It is based entirely on a chance meeting and nothing else. My honest advice to you is that you should complete your studies first with single mindset that you want to accomplish something in life. If, otherwise, somebody somewhere comes your way and you both have a good connectivity in your perception, yes, maintain that relationship. This relationship should be based on sincerity and honesty. Then there is no give and take basis on this account. In that case if one wants something the other have the intuitive know how, how the other is feeling or anything else. A friendship that is developed fleetingly ends fleetingly. No two opinions on this. This should be kept in mind. *


*In school and college days, everybody has flings of this nature; which we think to be blooming of relationship but it is not so as days pass. Serious and mature relationship is based entirely on consideration coupled with maturity on both sides. To be sincere, I too felt something of this nature while in school or in my college days. But that just happened and were forgotten. Seemed a dream thereafter; after my studies. Now only a flickering memory is left. Nothing serious.


Further, I shall advice you further to devote full time to your studies. Having completed your studies purposefully including some professional course apply for some meaningful employment to be self reliant financially. To be self sufficient financially means much now a days. On this account, your parents who are basically your well wishers will also say the same thing. Then they will also be on the same page as you are with regard to your relationship.


For a relationship to be more lasting the following aspects should be taken into account:-


  1. It should be based on love from both the sides.
  2. Decisions should be taken taking into account all the aspects; love, relationship, financial support, etc.
  3. Compatibility is a must for a relationship to be more permanent.
  4. Support of our parents or other well wishers is a must in case of future need when something untoward takes place.
  5. No decision to be taken based entirely on emotions.
  6. Head and heart should work in tandem for a relationship to be successful.



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      You are absolutely correct. It is an anguish ridden voice of a teenager but we’ve to render help to this wayward teenager lest she is lead astray in life. That was the sole purpose of this answer.



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