Why is love important than friendship ?

Why is love important than friendship ?



Best Answer:  It is more important that we understand the true meaning of love and friendship. Love has got wide connotations. We can love one’s parents, children or anybody or anything to that matter. We can love ourselves as well. Love with friendship has deeper meaning. It means you know a person or a thing more intimately without any reservation whatsoever. Love, as we take today, it one sided. It should not be that you have love for a person and he or she does not reciprocate your love, then that love is ‘single track’ love and is not lasting. It may ultimately prove that it is deceptive or a pretense. Then what to do? Be very cautious that the other party is not duping you or taking you for a ride with her / his show of love. Love has very deeper meaning than which you show on ground. I love my country, my God. If I take one step my God takes ten steps in reciprocating that love towards me without any return for the love I shower on Him. That sort of love is sacred and eternal. That is the sign of a true love; where there is no expectation but only giving.

Now about friendship, love and friendship can go hand in hand. If both are taken into account in our lives, then there will not be any misunderstanding in our lives. Hence in my view, both love and friendship are the both side of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other one. Kindly see that your love is not one sided affair. *

*Now-a-days it is observed that couples prefer temporary type of relationship; which takes care of the each others’ routine needs. It is termed as live in relationship. It is basically a temporary arrangement and non-enduring relationship which could be dispensed with as we change the diaper of a child when it is soiled – hard words but it is a fact. Here problems confronted are swept under the carpet.It is merely because one party wants his/her need fulfilled with no intrinsic or emotional attachment with each other.

A relationship to be more enduring and purposeful has to be based on mutual love and trust for which each is bound by solemn and holy thread of liking for each other. Where, if one spouse feels pain, it is reflected in other equally or even with more severity. Problems confronted are tackled mutually with respect to each others’ sensibilities. It is not a compromise but a duty to be bound together – sanctified at the Altar, An enduring and lasting pledge to love and care for each other; live and die for each other. It is here that each partner lives for each other. That is the eternal love one should follow where loving relationship exists and not merely shown to exist.

Thus I consider love more important than relationship. But loving relationship is found to be eternal.

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