Reflections on our moods

Fact remains, we can be our own friends or own foes; it all depends how we conduct or react to a situation. Mood is an emotional state triggered by a sudden change in situation or event. It could have a positive or negative connotation. It may be good mood or bad mood; both are the heightened emotional upsurges which are provoked by sudden change in situation or an event. We may exhibit sudden change of mood while seeing an old friend after many years or may feel heightened moodiness after knowing about the disloyalty by somebody we consider our own. Sudden change of mood can also trigger anger, anguish, stress, depression. Any sudden change in our behavior pattern; due to some sudden change in situation may have disastrous implications on us.

The mood could be of individual or that of a crowd. We must have seen the mood of crowd while handing out justice to an individual who has committed heinous crime when caught. The crowd even goes to the extent of lynching that person to death. There are the people who have the trait of enhancing the incensed emotions. They put more oil on the burning amber of flared up emotions thus creating disquiet and ill-will amongst the members of the society.

It is well said, we reflect our mood on our face and eyes. Anybody observing us would be able to gauze the mood; without even interacting with us! We must try to eradicate the mood swings from our mental mirror. All the qualities, good and bad are covered in our moods. Our moods are influenced partly by our own attitude and partly due to the environs in which we are placed. It should always be remembered that moodiness is not a solution or a method or an escape valve to come out of a situation in which we are placed. It is a passion or emotional upsurge. In order to remove the moodiness, we’ve to remove the cause of our rampant mood. Introspection is required to remove the cause of the prevalent mood. Systematic self analysis will bring forth its cause and then we can devise ways and means to eliminate the same.

Our mood change may be due to fear of wellbeing of our family or due to the falling health of a member of our family or may be due to the insecurities due to financial stringency, aging and health hazards or anything. Whatever be the cause, a sincere prayer to God will invoke the healing power. It should always be remembered that God is noticing our minutest details. He has the power to heal every wound of ours. Becoming calmly active and with a belief in Him will make a huge difference.

It is well said: a vacant mind is devil’s workshop. It is self-evident that our mind has to be kept pre-occupied. We become moody when passive thoughts overcome us. To overcome these, we’ve not only to be physically active but also keep our mind active in creative thinking. Creative thinking makes us attuned to our Creator. We create a healthy space whenever we reflect our peace and understanding even when somebody misunderstands us. We should always reflect aroma of love which is lasting. Love is anti-dote for any affliction that my visit us.

When we determine to be tranquil both in happy and sad situations and keep ourselves busy in creative pursuits then we are setting a better precedence. We should always remember that our soul is the storehouse of peace and tranquility. More of the
positive qualities should be stored into it so that it emits the same in the environs in which it goes.

AFFECTS OF OUR MOODS                         

  • Our moods sap away our creative powers. Moods eat away our peace of our mind thus are impediment to further growth. Under the influence of a bad mood, a person may commit an uncalled for act.
  • Moody person remains trumpeting his own side of the story without listening or caring for anybody’s sagacious advice because his judgement is impaired.
  • Anticipating result not to be in our favour may trigger moodiness resulting in messing up our present state of our mind. This occasionally happens in everybody’s life.
  • There are the people who dramatise in order to provoke others so that others too come round to their nefarious designs. We sometimes keep ourselves away from others simply to avoid being influenced by their negative influence.

Our moods and how to overcome these

  1. Whenever we are doing something with a feeling of indifference or when our mind is unsteady then it means mood of highest proportion has engulfed us. Solution is to have full enthusiasm whatever is being done.

Bhagwad Gita opines: Wherever the restless and unseady mind wanders away, from there one must restrain it and bring it back under the control of self.

  1. Less or no belief in our Creator. People who believe in our God’s Omnipotence and Omniscience remain calm and composed under any condition they are placed. Our effort should be God centric with the thought that He will come to our help whenever we are stuck and then we can surmount any difficult that engulfs us.
    The Yogi who is sinless, thus connecting his soul with the Almighty, easily enjoys the highest stage of perfect happiness – Bhagwad Gita.
  2. We tend to think more about the gnawing problems than the ways to eradicate these. This way, we are giving more oxygen to our moods. We should explore all possible angles to solve a problem and then leave the result of action on God. Everything will come about fine with His grace.
  3. In family life and in work place we tend to give more air to our moods. This way we put an opaque screen between ourselves and our intelligence, which proves counterproductive for us. Most of the problems that are there in our family adjustment happen because of our nasty moods. When we are in nasty mood we really blunt our soft emotions and thoughtfulness.

Suppose husband reaches home in a nasty mood and is received by the wife in good mood. Most of the problems could be solved by sharing each others’ problems and if possible understanding them. On the other hand if both are in nasty mood; husband coming from office in a nasty mood and wife is already in a nasty mood because of her domestic chores then God is the savior of this sort of a situation!

  1. Lack of sleep for a particular period of time can result in depression or stress and sleep needed when met can bring us out of this depression.
  2. Sudden occurrence of incidence may result in positive or negative mood. Both have direct implication for the wellbeing of an individual. We should train ourselves to be tranquil and should have self belief that everything would come out fine.
  3. There are the people who remain igniting negative feelings in others. We should keep a healthy distance from such people.

Shakuni in Mahabharta remained igniting the rampant passions and emotions of Dharyodhana thus creating ill-will and negative mind set in him.

  1. We can resort to mood elevating pursuits such as meditation / prayer for changing our negative mood.



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  1. This is another thought provoking post, Harbans. It seems to me that most of what you describe pertains to people of otherwise good mental health. Thus external stresses are the triggers. There are less healthy conditions which can provoke internal mood swings beyond the control of the individual. I hope this adds something to your excellent piece.

    1. My sincere thanks for your kind comments sir.

      You are absolutely right. This write up is for those who themselves are responsible for the mood swings due to their misdemeanors. If these people have sufficient patience and leave everything to ‘TIME’ besides the graces of our LORD then things could be settled and normalcy restored.

      As far as the people with ‘less healthy’ disposition, I think, mood swings based on some psychological reason should seek the help of some Psychotropics counseling in order to find out the malady and devise ways and means to eradicate the same under psy conditions and situations.

      I can only say, there is every cure for everything with the grace of our LORD, we need to have belief and indomitable belief.

      With regards


    1. Yes, you are absolutely right, when our mood swings results due to the internal bickering or misunderstanding then, sometimes, we are constrained to either put up with everything or call spade and spade and clear the air. Latter part is easier said than done in the household with diverse traits and behaviour patterns. Yet, the grace of our LORD solves everything. Here patience and a lot of cool headedness besides endurance will solve much of our problems.

      We ought not adopt escapist rout otherwise will’ve disastrous consequences. At home, when any party wins, it should be understood as a win for the entire family.

      God bless.



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