One of the best gifts of bonhomie
That our Lord has graced us humans
Is the
sense of humour
Which is good humoured buddy response- so emotional
To coming events or situations
We’re,  by the way, circumstantially positioned.

Oft we take everything so seriously
Whilst traversing on the life’s journey
Thus being in immense pressure and tension
Sadly, forgetting our true nature!

So graciously bestowed by our Creator
Of being joyous despite ups and downs
Bedeviling our path, sometimes so sudden
Wisdom is to introspect with cool head
And adopt a life full of humour
Which is a safety valve giving and ease
Thus providing us mental peace
By taking the cues from our inner potentials
As patience, courage, inner resolves
Thus remaining jovial always
Both at happy or sad tidings
And take these in our stride
Thus making favourable all oncoming tides.

Small hiccups should stop us not from moving ahead with smile
Which could be deciphered even from a mile
Etched as eternal – so blissful
Thus making our life a joyful journey
Giving a fillip to our rational understanding
Besides rational enjoyment ever expanding
Of course with our Lord’s blessing



Humour plays a indomitable role in everybody’s life but it should have a permanent stamp on our being. It should form part of our day to day behavior. If it is followed from the early part of childhood as a way of life then it becomes a habit to remain in humourous mood both in good and bad days thus making our life full of joy and worth living.
A person with a sense of humour (hasya) exhibits his emotional (bhavas) responses with a smile or laughs at the slightest funny ruse whereas a person with no sense of humour would not show emotional response or may even fret and fume for the same funny pretext or event.

Significantly, meaning of humour differs from person to person; depends on taste and temperament too. It also depends on the intelligence or may be on some rational cliché or hosts of other reasons like intelligence and maturity of a person, location and cultural background in which a person is living or may be permanent state of mindset of a person as an introvert etc. But one thing is sure, a person who enjoys humour and wit lives peacefully, leads a healthy life, is not jealous of others and lives joyous life. I consider humour as one of the best gifts of God to us which helps us live life happily even in adverse situations.

Humour provides us amusement and turns even the most serious situation into livelier one. The happiest are those who are balanced in their daily behavior and take whatever comes in their stride besides taking all changes by spicing the same with a sense of humour. For them, every challenge is an opportunity to be dealt with not seriously but jovially.

Humour is the funny side or faculty to enjoy what is amusing in a particular situation or an event. In fact it is a state of mind. We often associate humour with irrationality but it is a form of an intellect which turns even a most serious situation into an amusing one. It is just a diversion from the humdrum and monotony of daily activity oriented lifestyle. Be active but without losing peace of mind. These sorts of people do not take life so seriously. Every challenges of life are faced by them like a cake walk. They seek opportunities even in slippery paths and weather the storms laughingly. For them life is a funny symphony and it has to be enjoyed as such.

In Bhagwad Gita it has been rightly said: The mode of goodness binds one to happiness, the mode of passion attaches one to furtive actions and the mode of ignorance leads us to confusion and distress.

It should never be forgotten; what we think, we become. If we want to take everything that happens in our lives very seriously then we’ve to face the music for it. This seriousness will undoubtedly have serious repercussions on our wellbeing besides impacting our relationship with others. Very few people will like to have interaction and association with a person with a frigid or with closed mindset. We should open up and not bind or limit ourselves.

One of the worst travesties of our time is that humour is missing from our midst. This is partly due to the fact that we apply most of our energies on daily routines for material prosperity completely forgetting the place of humour that could be a substitute for a healthy living despite our busiest schedules. These busy schedules have robbed us of living based on Natural Laws. Not living naturally has given us depression and other stress related maladies – hypertension, nervous tension, severe indigestion, heart related diseases etc. By so doing, we are not able to enjoy the fruits of material prosperity for earning of which we compromised our health and wellbeing. We’ve everything but do we’ve our body constitution which agrees with our dietary preferences? Certainly not? If we want to eat spicy food, it creates gastric problems, if we want to enjoy sweets, we’ve sugar or worse still diabetics. Then what is this so much toiling for pilling wealth which becomes burdensome and a come in the way of happiness caused through humourous way of living?

We must have observed how children laugh just naturally. Even in the midst of tears they laugh when hugged or loved. We forget laughing simply because we feel jealousy or are angry on even slightest pretext. We ought to control our chaotic emotions by adopting humour as a way of our life. Even in busy schedule, we should not lose our composure.


Various researches have proved beyond iota of doubt that laughter or humour is the best antidote for stresses and strains which result due to overstretching ourselves. Even the patients who are terminally ill, if they adopt humour in their lives and take life just a happy journey can recover and their chances of cure draw closer to realm of reality. Laughter produces an enzyme which engenders relaxation to our body and induces sleep. Then why not to adopt this as a way of life.

There are people who cut jokes on themselves and in the process they not only make others happy but also remain balanced themselves. If we go through the biographies of great men, we would be inspired how much blessed they were with humour. They change the ambiance wherever they set their feet by their sense of humour.

We know that the use of subtle humour, intelligent wit; suiting time and place changed an ordinary Mahesh Das into one of the jewels of Mughal Emperor Akbar. We enjoy his wittiest anecdotes which are available even today. There is also a life lesson in each of the witty stories. For instance, on asking by the Emperor, what was the fastest things in the world. All others replied differently, Birbal replied ‘thoughts’ – which can take us anywhere, anytime without wastage of time.

We can enjoy humour from our birth to our grave. There are so many examples of those who were very joyful even on our deathbed. Some knew when the show was over on this planet yet they did not lose their mental composure and remained balanced. Life’s challenges did not deter them. In this Actor Lesilie Nielsen, including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig, and his voice continues to carry on after his death, some did not forget to send Christmas cards even after the death; some instructed their well wishers to inscribe some funny words and sentences on their tombstones for posterity.
We do have enjoyed the comic visionary; Charlie Chaplin, He had a successful career as an actor and music composer etc. The most enduring and endearing funny roles portrayed by him still capture our hearts and minds.

I learnt how humour and intelligent wit could help us keep our balance even at the last moment of life; was learnt by me from my father – a World War I veteran. He was on his deathbed. While knowing that death was just a few minutes away, he told my brothers including myself (I was  lad of only 14 years) four enduring lessons. :-

 (a) Always believe in God.

(b) Never speak ill of others.

(c) Never lose hope.

(d) Never lose sense of humour.























What is Yoga also elaborate its benefits to the Yogi?

What is Yoga also elaborate its benefits to the Yogi?

The word YOGA originated from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ meaning to integrate or to unite. Here it connotes the unity of an individual’s consciousness with that of Universal Consciousness. In other words, ancient rishis believed that our body, mind and the soul have to join together or integrate with the environment in which a person is living. For this to happen meaningfully, it is essential that an individual’s emotions, actions and intelligence have to be work in cohesively. For integration of the three (body, mind and soul) with environment in which a Yogi is living, various well coordinated exercises with breathing, experienced over a period of time for their applicability; besides meditation are undertaken ultimately for deriving ultimate benefit.   


  • OUR BODY. It is understood that our body is an important component for carrying out different functions and if it is hale and hearty and possessing more energy we can transact more functions with it. For this to happen, we’ve to have to have balanced diet besides proper exercise to keep it healthy.


  • OUR MIND. We have to rein in our mind so that the senses (sense of sight, sense of touch, sense of smell, sense of taste and sense of hearing) that it possess coordinate all the functions of our body eloquently and works in sync with the requirement of a Yogi. Wavering of senses from one object to another just makes our task of focusing more difficult. That is why we have to mind our mind. This is easier said than done but with internal resolve and by making the environment conducive, nothing is impossible.


  • SOUL/SPIRIT. The soul is self which lives in the body and does its function through it. When there is no soul in our body our body becomes lifeless. It is just like a rudderless boat floating aimlessly in the vast sea without destination. Or it is like a bulb without electricity to give energy to it to run and do its function. Hence we are living, having emotions and perceiving things intelligently or our mind is functional because we’ve got a soul which is giving our body life. A soulless body is a lifeless body. When body and mind are in fine fettle then our soul too functions accordingly. It is also well said that our soul or spirit is not apart from the Super Soul.


Breathing in O2 and breathing out CO2 is one of the most important need of our body and if it is closely regimented and systematically done then it proves to be divinely provided sustenance to our body and Yoga bestows us opportunity to enhance breathing methodically which could be proved scientifically. When breathing control is ensured meticulously then we proceed with the next step focused meditation or prayer. While doing so, our mind’s quietness or stillness state is termed as passive activism.


In Chapter 2 of Bhagwad Gita, it has been very emphatically mentioned that our responsibility is only to perform our prescribed duty, but we never are entitled to its fruits. We should not be motivated by results of our activities and also we should not have any attachment for not doing our duty. While performing our duty, we should remain even minded both in success and failure. Such a calm temperament and our expertness in performing our task is called YOGA.

Only detached actions (selfless actions) and performing that action with best of our capability will make our pursuit purposeful and meaningful in the long run. We can choose the various duties but it is not in our hands to choose results as we desire. But practically, it has been found that if our pursuit of action is sincere and done with calm temperament then result cannot be disappointing. In this state of mind, even if the results are not good, we shall not be disappointed.


The Yogic exercises or Asnas done persistently makes it possible to regulate our breathing thus making it possible to improve the entire metabolic system of our body; in that blood circulation, abdominal organs function perfectly besides keeping all the organs of the body function wonderfully well because every limb of body is benefited with the regulated exercises. When our body is functionally healthy then we can perform various tasks cohesively.

Benefits of Yoga

Ban Ki-moon has rightly said:

“Yoga does not discriminate…all people can practise, regardless of their relative strength, age or ability.”

  • Yoga instills discipline in the Yogi.


  • Yoga is a scientific method which unites soul with the Super Soul (God) – we rise above delusion and reunite with our Creator.


  • It enhances our concentration through focus on the omniscient spiritual eye (between the two eyebrows) thereby memory.


  • It controls our stress and strain thus we can function perfectly since we learn how to keep our mind under control besides controlling our emotions which keep us adversely affected.


  • As in Yoga, we give more credence to ‘self’, we can thereby can attain self realization first and subsequently God-realization.


  • Breathing control ensures sound metabolic process of our body thus we have proper circulation of blood besides all the internal organs like heart, liver, lungs including all abdominal organs of our body function in fine fettle because of this regulated breathing and exercises.


  • Meditation in rigorous and with focused manner ensures that we move forward spiritually with a view to connect with our Lord/Creator in a disciplined way. It should always be remembered that systematic meditation makes a true Yogi.


  • Yoga helps us in facing challenges of life boldly and with equanimity.


  • Yoga helps us to imbibe the trait of love and acceptance for everything and everybody.


  • Yogic exercises through various postures enhances our self control thus self confidence because of opening the door of intuitive consciousness – sixth sense which makes it possible to anticipate the coming events!


  • While stress is on self (as is done in Raja Yoga), it enhances the Yogi’s self esteem and self control besides enhancing self reliance in everything a Yogi ventures.



In this branch of Yoga, the Yogis use physical pose or asana with proper breathing exercises or pranayama and subsequent meditation in a focused manner for ensuring good health besides ensuring our spiritual forward march.


Bhakti word originated from Sanskrit word Bhaja meaning to contemplate, pray, love, worship etc. Here a Yoga meditate persistently thus integrates heart and body functions wherein body, mind and soul just combine for integrating with Super Soul. Yoga of Bhakti makes us aware of ONE DIVINE by undivided concentration and thus helps us see ONE DIVINE in everyone and everything. While  Karma-yoga becomes Bhakti-yoga,  it is done with God consciousness.



Raja means associated with royalty. In other words, it is KING OF YOGA. It is based on teachings of the EIGHT LIMBS OF Yoga which is based on YOGA SUTRAS. In this, A Yogi considers self as a central to all and thus considers animate and inanimate the same – no difference in living and non-living things.  If you wish to learn discipline, then Raja Yoga would perfectly suit that need.



Jnana Yoga is related with the mind and therefore its focus is on intelligence of a person. Here Yogis lay more emphasis on wisdom and intellect and try integrate the two so that it works for the self optimally. Also Jnana Yogis are after knowledge, they acquire the knowledge from any source or religions because they work on the principle that knowledge could be gleaned from any sources – religions and philosophies. It is universal in nature. Jnana Yoga proponents are rational in their approach for getting knowledge and thus believe that in order to get connectivity with a SINGLE ONE any path or any religion could be followed. Religion or caste or creed is not limiting factor in acquiring knowledge.

Tantra Yoga or Yoga of Rituals


Tantra Yoga deals with head and heart. While pursuing Tantra Yoga one has to have the quality of  purity of mind, devotion, humility, love etc. Here some rituals are observed for obtaining benefit for the body, mind and spirit.

There are still a lot of misconceptions about Yoga, for instance, Yoga being a religion. Yoga is not a religion. It is more of a set of techniques for us to find spirituality. In fact, Yoga is being practiced by a lot of people from different religions and benefitting from doing this.


Another misconception is that Yoga is merely  an exercise, a way for us to keep fit. It is partly true, but if you think that Yoga is just that then you are greatly mistaken. Yoga develops the body since a weak one is a hindrance to spiritual growth. It does not simply focus on the physical but on the mental and spiritual aspects as well.




Karma Yoga is relation to our action that we transact. Before any action is undertaken, it has to be based on some sound thought. The thoughts for action ought to be positive in nature besides being selfless and detachment from the fruits of that action. Karma Yoga has been amply mentioned in Bhagwad Gita stresses that we should transact our actions and detach from the fruits of those actions. Meaning when our actions are based on sound and rational thoughts then their results will have to be good.  Also by detaching ourselves from the fruits, we’re able to concentrate/focus on out actions besides offering those actions to God rather than frittering our energies by attaching ourselves with result of our action.

Initiative is the Innate Divine Spark, why not to exploit it?

Initiative is the Innate Divine Spark, why not to exploit it?


Initiative is Eternal Divine spark

A faculty so very creative

Passed on by our own Infinite Creator!

Graced to each one of us without bias in fact.

Much of the latent energy that we possess

Gets frittered away

When it is untapped anyway

By not thinking creatively

And we fail to carve a niche for ourselves

By not using the Infinite Cosmic initiative

Or try improving on what others endeavor

If time is not appropriate

And all our efforts fail to click

We ought not to think everything is lost

And never ever quit making sincere effort

Thinking that opportunities are hidden everywhere

New quest for ideas have to be genuinely made

By focusing on the areas unexplored/less traveled

Where total attention is woefully required

For to be exceptional

Our work will have be exceptional

If need be, by being self-promotional!

With a indomitable belief – Creator’s assistance will be forthcoming

To fill the gap of our shortcoming.

Initiative is the use of creative ability of an individual. It is a spark in our heart which spurs us to go ahead despite hard times and our Creator has graced every one of us with this innate power. In other words, it is inner voice of our Creator. It is the hidden potential which is crying for exploitation. If we do not use this Divine Spark then mistake lies with us.

Initiative is one of the unique traits in humans. As initiative is associated with latent creative energy, therefore, every individual is endowed with power to create something which others cannot. It is a unique feature in itself. We can solve a problem just differently with the Eternal creative power of our Creator. We can recreate solutions to vexing problems in our own way by using this unique energy – initiative.

How many of us exploit this latent creative energy in us? We do every activity for our sustenance – eat, drink, sleep, wake and be happy (if our situations warrants so). One thing that differentiates humans from animals is that humans have the trait of discrimination. We are always busy in this rat race and take life so seriously that we sometimes forget to laugh or smile which animals cannot though animals exhibit profound behavior when satisfied. The actions of dogs or cats or horses, peacocks or any other animal when happy are the case in point.

If I ask myself, how many times I’ve taken initiative. I could count it on my fingers – a few times only – that too not so difficult initiatives! Initiative is one of the greatest qualities of an individual which that person can exploit. A man who takes initiative takes everybody and everything along while– even environment becomes appropriate for that individual. Everyone must have got somebody in their sphere of influence, who in our opinion, took initiative and influenced others. I have the exceptional example of a Principal (Mr. Sarbjit Singh Minhas) who with the use of this Divine Spark has earned for himself name and fame besides popularity not only amongst students but also general masses who are influenced and benefited from his initiatives. His initiatives in the field of education have been awarded nationally and internationally.

History is replete with many examples in which many personages have used this creative potential and changed the very way of living of the people in general. If I’ve not made use of this creative energy then I am responsible for this lapse but at least we can tell our children to exploit this capability and create something unique for which we could be proud of them.


With initiatives, we can mend fences with our relations which have gone sore. If initiative for mending fences is not done then we remain where we are. Just with illwill for each other? Also, we remain thinking; why me? Why not the other person? And also, what difference does it make if I am not taking initiative? These questions still keep us away from taking initiative. We are very conscious about the environment in which we are; what others will think, if I tend to do something different? This could be at work place. Or may be this fine-tuned trait could meaningfully be used for establishing good neighbourly relationships.


Initiative also is important while pursuing the goal of our spiritual life. The main defect in our attitude is that we follow this path mechanically. Just following passively what others do, without realizing that what is appropriate and beneficial spiritually for others may not be suitable for us. Whatever suits for a particular person most for prayer/meditation should be followed. Passively following others just will not work. We should listen to our inner voice for this. In other words, we ought to have faith in our inner resolve and then follow that sincerely.

It should also be remembered that power of our initiative is related to our soul. Whatever suits us the most spiritually should be sincerely followed otherwise we should take the cue from other successful personages (as gurus/preachers) and follow with some improvement, if and when required. It should be kept in mind that our Creator’s infinite power can make a huge difference. Small hiccups should not be limiting factor in our way.


We’ve examples of men of impeccable character who through their initiative made a name for themselves. Those were the men who earned their greatness with personal initiative by facing adverse situations. In fact we can ensure flowering of initiative through inner resolve and personal initiative in moving ahead despite hardships. Past record of failings should not deter us for our onward movement though past experiences should be taken as a cue. Every coming moment should be taken as a moment of new opportunity and exploited as such. Whatever part we are playing, we should play that part exceptionally well and then God will certainly come to our assistance. In other words, we’ve to be attuned to Cosmic Power. If once we fail, we’ve not to sit just tight but fight it out – try again and again till we succeed.

We observe people just toiling it out; sometimes aimlessly, without planning running after mirage which they are unable to reach. This hot-chase just continues unabated. Many a times we are running mechanically like a robot – sometimes not well programmed one. Motivation is all very nice but motivation without proper planning, taking plunge without realizing where we’re plunging. It is like groping in the pitch dark; where we shall fall is anybody’s guess. Motivation with proper perspective planning is a must and initiative for this is a panacea. Those who take initiative are extraordinarily creative, never lose themselves while planning, executing = and if even then they fail they try again. That truly is the right way to use our initiative faculty.












Living is the most complicated art. Living is not merely eating, drinking and make merry. It is to be lived and lived respectably. Modern science has given us comforts but it has taken us away from natural way of living. Really, science and technology has made us slave to it. Gone are the days when people used to enjoy the beauties of nature. In olden times, nature used to play a dominant role. In our zeal to excel, we just do not enjoy the mysteries of nature; shining of stars and sights of shooting stars, chirping of birds in the trees, walking barefooted on the dew laden grass in the morning, taking the rain droplets in our palms and walking in the rain, viewing the snowflakes falling from sky, viewing the sun rise and sun set, enjoying the moon lit night, the sound of brook, listening to the cry of a small new born and enjoying the prattle of small children etc etc.  

Now, with all our acts of omissions and commissions, we are spoiling it and thus spoiling its balance. The real way of living is to look at the brighter side of things despite tragedies.

While we just think about increasing the kitty of gadgets which make our life comfortable, in this quest, we just forget the value of love. Every one of us should transform our anger, greed, rancor, jealousy, etc with love. It should never be forgotten that light of love just removes the darkness of negativity.

How satisfying it is when our efforts are rewarded! This has been amply proved that if we put our efforts sincerely coupled with God’s grace, we come out successful ultimately. Today, I had a chance meeting with a person who used to work as a semi-skilled worker in a large sweetshop. He told me that he is presently owning a large sweetshop of his own, in the process giving employment to many. He told me that the sweetshop owner fired him from the shop without any rhyme or reason. Then he determined that he’ll work hard; which he did because his costly car and the locality in which he was now living revealed in all. This gives us an ample lesson that when one makes sincere efforts every element in the universe comes to the succor in that person’s efforts. We’ve the examples of different personages who not only changed their own lives but also influenced and left an indelible impression on the world at large; Isaac Pittman, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein amongst so many, who rose to their pinnacle of success due to their singleness of purpose and hard work.

Importantly, it is a travesty of fact that we consider ourselves unquestionably above board as far as public health vis-à-vis our dealings are concerned. We should never be selfish in that. In our zeal to get ahead we have become self centred and want to excel at the cost of others. We must have observed how some companies mix harmful agents into the diets of general public thus jeopardizing the health of general people. The recent instance of manufacturers of magi is case in point.

Then while living, we lose sight of humour and laughter. In the absence of humour and laughter, we tend to live in despondency and cultivate the habit of remaining very serious on slightest of pretext. This has robbed us from living happily. We tend to be dejected and saddened by small incidences. It seems as though we’ve totally bid good bye to ‘let go’ attitude from our lives.

In our lives, we just think, whatever we’ve got is due our individual efforts. This way, we tend to forget the contributions of others in our success. It should never be forgotten that we can only put efforts, it is the society only which recognizes our efforts – then only we are successful. We should never forget that in our success, the contributions of our well-wishers, the good wishes of our relations and friend besides the graces and bounties of our Creator should never be forgotten. If this is not realized in our lives then one day we are doomed. The self centred attitude ditches us after sometimes.

The real art of living is to live on the principle of simple living and high thinking; though wealth is required for meeting our requirements of life yet our aim ought not be merely to possess wealth and forget every other things like being noble, caring, giving happiness to others during our interactions with others. We should celebrate every small success in life and associate others too in our celebrations. This would make us sociable and cooperative bereft of jealously and rancor towards others.

If the living is merely for individual’s own bread and butter then it is all right. It is not so. Also, we are inter-connected with others in the form of wife, husband, children, parents, friends and other people who come in contact with us in our social interactions. Undoubtedly, life is such unpredictable, sometimes, we meet some people who influence more than even our blood relations.

Apart from this, there are occasions when nothing works. Every job we put our hands on, just fails to click. Then what? it is well said, everybody knows for sure how to live when everything is according to our liking. But what then if all the roads just lead to doom and gloom; a choppy water all the way. This happened in the life of one of my friends. He was having roaring business, had everything which a family aspires for – material prosperity, happy family life with children studying in standard schools. But unfortunately, a fire incident at shop-cum-store changed everything. Everything in it was gutted. The problem got compounded because there was no insurance cover for the equipment kept in the store. Due to this, life came crashing for the entire family – adversely affecting the education of the children and it also impacted social standing of the family. Despite the most daunting situation in which the family concerned was placed, due to their resilience, hard work disposition, cooperative attitude and determination to excel besides sheer belief in God their lives changed for better due to God’s grace.

Living is an art and most complicated one at that. Various people have various aims in life. For some it is an empty dream, for others enthusiasm, it is adventure, fulfils his/her duties, living a life full of pleasure with self centred approach, for some it is joy ride, for some it is both a tragedy and comedy etc. fact stands out there are comedy and tragedy in life.

  • Spiritual way of living. For a spiritual bent of mind individual life is serious journey. It is a life full of caring for others, meeting others’ needs, being faithful and live life full of sympathy for others while respecting others rights and spiritual freedoms of others.
  • Live and die for material prosperity is living only like animals.

These people want to have everything which makes them more comfortable materially. Greed for still more materials compels them to adopt corrupt practices or may adopt any extreme steps as usurping others’ possessions by illegal means. Their lifestyle shows as though they’ve come to this world for good. These people could ward off anything in their control but when some natural calamities visit, they find themselves caught between the proverbial devil and the deep blue sea. It is because in their entire lives they’ve not cared for human values and when caught in the whirlpool of uncertainty finally it is hard for them to come back.

  • Ego based life. We should be careful in understanding as to where our self esteem starts and ends and from where ego starts. This; ‘I, me, my’ attitude is harmful and cannot succeed ultimately.
  • Life of empathy. If we’ve compassion for others, every endeavour of ours would be in sync with God’s commandments.
  • It is well said that if we live optimistically it would be a life full of creativity. It should be remembered that creativity is another form of prayer. A person who is creative knows how to live totally.