Initiative is the Innate Divine Spark, why not to exploit it?

Initiative is the Innate Divine Spark, why not to exploit it?


Initiative is Eternal Divine spark

A faculty so very creative

Passed on by our own Infinite Creator!

Graced to each one of us without bias in fact.

Much of the latent energy that we possess

Gets frittered away

When it is untapped anyway

By not thinking creatively

And we fail to carve a niche for ourselves

By not using the Infinite Cosmic initiative

Or try improving on what others endeavor

If time is not appropriate

And all our efforts fail to click

We ought not to think everything is lost

And never ever quit making sincere effort

Thinking that opportunities are hidden everywhere

New quest for ideas have to be genuinely made

By focusing on the areas unexplored/less traveled

Where total attention is woefully required

For to be exceptional

Our work will have be exceptional

If need be, by being self-promotional!

With a indomitable belief – Creator’s assistance will be forthcoming

To fill the gap of our shortcoming.

Initiative is the use of creative ability of an individual. It is a spark in our heart which spurs us to go ahead despite hard times and our Creator has graced every one of us with this innate power. In other words, it is inner voice of our Creator. It is the hidden potential which is crying for exploitation. If we do not use this Divine Spark then mistake lies with us.

Initiative is one of the unique traits in humans. As initiative is associated with latent creative energy, therefore, every individual is endowed with power to create something which others cannot. It is a unique feature in itself. We can solve a problem just differently with the Eternal creative power of our Creator. We can recreate solutions to vexing problems in our own way by using this unique energy – initiative.

How many of us exploit this latent creative energy in us? We do every activity for our sustenance – eat, drink, sleep, wake and be happy (if our situations warrants so). One thing that differentiates humans from animals is that humans have the trait of discrimination. We are always busy in this rat race and take life so seriously that we sometimes forget to laugh or smile which animals cannot though animals exhibit profound behavior when satisfied. The actions of dogs or cats or horses, peacocks or any other animal when happy are the case in point.

If I ask myself, how many times I’ve taken initiative. I could count it on my fingers – a few times only – that too not so difficult initiatives! Initiative is one of the greatest qualities of an individual which that person can exploit. A man who takes initiative takes everybody and everything along while– even environment becomes appropriate for that individual. Everyone must have got somebody in their sphere of influence, who in our opinion, took initiative and influenced others. I have the exceptional example of a Principal (Mr. Sarbjit Singh Minhas) who with the use of this Divine Spark has earned for himself name and fame besides popularity not only amongst students but also general masses who are influenced and benefited from his initiatives. His initiatives in the field of education have been awarded nationally and internationally.

History is replete with many examples in which many personages have used this creative potential and changed the very way of living of the people in general. If I’ve not made use of this creative energy then I am responsible for this lapse but at least we can tell our children to exploit this capability and create something unique for which we could be proud of them.


With initiatives, we can mend fences with our relations which have gone sore. If initiative for mending fences is not done then we remain where we are. Just with illwill for each other? Also, we remain thinking; why me? Why not the other person? And also, what difference does it make if I am not taking initiative? These questions still keep us away from taking initiative. We are very conscious about the environment in which we are; what others will think, if I tend to do something different? This could be at work place. Or may be this fine-tuned trait could meaningfully be used for establishing good neighbourly relationships.


Initiative also is important while pursuing the goal of our spiritual life. The main defect in our attitude is that we follow this path mechanically. Just following passively what others do, without realizing that what is appropriate and beneficial spiritually for others may not be suitable for us. Whatever suits for a particular person most for prayer/meditation should be followed. Passively following others just will not work. We should listen to our inner voice for this. In other words, we ought to have faith in our inner resolve and then follow that sincerely.

It should also be remembered that power of our initiative is related to our soul. Whatever suits us the most spiritually should be sincerely followed otherwise we should take the cue from other successful personages (as gurus/preachers) and follow with some improvement, if and when required. It should be kept in mind that our Creator’s infinite power can make a huge difference. Small hiccups should not be limiting factor in our way.


We’ve examples of men of impeccable character who through their initiative made a name for themselves. Those were the men who earned their greatness with personal initiative by facing adverse situations. In fact we can ensure flowering of initiative through inner resolve and personal initiative in moving ahead despite hardships. Past record of failings should not deter us for our onward movement though past experiences should be taken as a cue. Every coming moment should be taken as a moment of new opportunity and exploited as such. Whatever part we are playing, we should play that part exceptionally well and then God will certainly come to our assistance. In other words, we’ve to be attuned to Cosmic Power. If once we fail, we’ve not to sit just tight but fight it out – try again and again till we succeed.

We observe people just toiling it out; sometimes aimlessly, without planning running after mirage which they are unable to reach. This hot-chase just continues unabated. Many a times we are running mechanically like a robot – sometimes not well programmed one. Motivation is all very nice but motivation without proper planning, taking plunge without realizing where we’re plunging. It is like groping in the pitch dark; where we shall fall is anybody’s guess. Motivation with proper perspective planning is a must and initiative for this is a panacea. Those who take initiative are extraordinarily creative, never lose themselves while planning, executing = and if even then they fail they try again. That truly is the right way to use our initiative faculty.










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    1. Sir, I am really thankful to you for your inspiring comments. Coming from a creative personage like you gives fillip to my motivation.

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