Whilst things are incredibly hazy

Nothing works as we want and have gone crazy

If we cling on to our festering problems – pure mental

Rather than unpolluted existential

Then we keep on going deep into quagmire

Of our own making

Based solely on worldly things

Like our hurts, our fears and our angers

And thus get submerged into our ego based black sea,


Even then there’s nothing lost

If we shut and put a powerfully built lid to our past

And wander inside

We’ll find an ocean so tranquil

Which will keep us away from turmoil

Wonder of wanders it is not

so distant – just inside us all!

Need is just to peep deep

Shutting the five doors of mind tight

Focus inward and see the luminous light

Of sixth sense = the intuition

And our dark hazy situations

Get just evaporated in a jiffy

For innate light is really

Mystic than what we witness

With our eyes open wide

Such is the sight inside so wonderful

Which is difficult to portray in words

For, really words seem empty ones

That’s what we can fathom

So fellows nothing is lost

If something earthy is lost

We’ve our treasure inside us only

Need is to see it with sincerity.
























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