Why we Indians fear THE politicians, bureaucrats and police?

Update: They are actually public servants but why they are treated special???

Best Answer: It is a sad paradox that we only choose politicians or bureaucrats or police simply for guest of honour or chief guest because 3PS+B ( politicians, police and public including bureaucrats) are inevitably interrelated that if one constituent dysfunctions it impacts the functioning of others. Politicians are responsible for legislation of laws for governance, bureaucrats are responsible for implementation of those legislated laws and police is responsible for maintenance of law and order in the society. All these three constituents are integral to India’s or any country’s onward march hence invited to for becoming Chief Guests etc. It is not merely due to fear or awe that we call them.

It is, therefore, pertinent to understand their respective roles and how, we, as responsible citizens want them to serve the country better and earn respect with no fear attached.

While there are some amongst these three constituents (politicians, bureaucrats and police personnel) who perform their assigned duties/ tasks diligently and go all out and earn a name and fame, in getting their responsibilities fulfilled; while others just showcase their VVIP culture in order to hog limelight. The responsible ones are creams of our society while the recalcitrant’s are the burden on our society and national exchequer and hence set a bad name.

Our representatives are chosen by us in the election. If they are not performing their duties as per the our wishes (general public) or are corrupt then such people should not to be chosen in the next elections. This will serve a lesson for others too. As far as the question related to bureaucrats or top babus are concerned, they are the one of the important components of the governance. It is not that everybody in them is corrupt or everybody is upright. Exceptional are always there in the hierarchy of service.

Similar is the case with some police personnel. Some, police personnel who are responsible for law enforcement, as a routine, adopt corrupt practices thus earn a bad name for their entire organization but there are exceptional too who provide exemplary services to the common people.

Why our police force is always talked about negatively? In the police force there are the people who are worth emulating – Late Karkare (who offered supreme sacrifice while protecting the general masses) and many more examples are there. In any organisation in the society, a few people spoil or tarnish the image and give a bad name. We should not feel disheartened and fear big babus or police force. They are there for serving the society, including in fact the politicians. They are part and parcel of the society and necessary for governance/- running the machinery of the government. Is governance in any way possible without these three components? Certainly not.

The way out is to impart training to bureaucrats and police personnel so that they do not forget that they are for the service of the people at large. They are their public servants and not their masters. Now general public can take recourse to filing RTI (Right to Information) against the wayward public servants and get their grievances addressed if they feel something untoward has happened.

Conclusively, following need is felt:-

(i) Amongst politicians, who are corrupt, do not perform their duties as responsible representatives of the people should be given special counseling in public relations by their parties concerned and sensitized so that they perform their duties as true reps of the people, if they still do not make amends, their weaknesses should be exposed. Even then, if there is no change in their behavior pattern, then people should have right to recall them. It is the responsibility of the politicians to transact business in the houses (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) or in State Assemblies.

We’ve seen how much noisy scenes are being created in both the houses thus spoiling chances of enacting new laws or amending the old ones which have not stood the test of time. This way, they are doing disservice to the nation and coming in the way of progress of India. Need also is being felt to deduct the salary of those who remain absent or obstruct the smooth functioning of the houses. Our electronic and print media is very active in exposing the VVIP Culture. This way, general public is made aware about the day to day behavior of the public servants.

People should also know their representatives fully – how they are performing their duties as responsible reps. If they are not actively performing their duties as responsible reps then in next elections they should be voted out. I opine, the people should have right to recall the reps who do not contribute their mite for legislation or create hurdles in legislative work.

(ii) Big Babus or bureaucrats and police officers should be sensitive towards the needs of the society at large and thus earn respect from them instead of fear and awe.

(iii) The VVIP culture which is prevalent in our society should come to an end. Respect to the concerned people should be based entirely on their work culture and devotion to duty. Citizens should be awakened and should know their constitutional rights and duties and act accordingly.

  • Politicians are special because they are responsible for legislation of laws and amend those which are old and not suiting.
  • Bureaucrats are special because they are responsible for: Assisting the Govt in implementation of policy matters, administrative planning, assisting the Government in implementation of legislated laws, looking after the financial aspects of the country, assist the Govt in streamlining and maintaining the relations with other countries besides all the functions that are assigned from time to time etc. We can say that bureaucrats are the backbone of any country.
  • Police is special because it is responsible for maintenance of law and order within the country so that writ of state prevails and the law breakers are dealt with as per the law of the land.

Three constituents of governance (POLITICIAN, BUREAUCRATS AND POLICE) are special is indisputable but we cannot ignore the part played by JUDICIARY; which though I am not delving upon here.


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