We measure happiness by the yardstick

Of earthy passions or lack of it

That we want to anyhow acquire

To show off our status or power

Amongst the people we live with

Without giving even a passing thought

That we’ve moved not

Even an inch forward on joy plane

But rather taken backward strides

For not understanding our own self!

Not knowing self means not knowing our Creator

Which is the cause of all discomfiture

Getting earthy things in abundance

Hardly means getting perpetual happiness

Getting Him means getting eternal bliss

Which is more important before the final kiss

To this beautiful earth we reside.



True happiness and true joy are sequel to our God realization. Due to God realization we can have His compassion, grace and bounties. But moot point is how we can get His glory? It is also an acknowledged fact that true happiness is acquired through the quietness of our soul. How the quietness of our soul is acquired is also important. This is doable when we have control over our mind and its five senses.

Truly, God’s innate joys, pleasure, inspiration, sagacity could be attained when we sincerely meditate, when the thoughts which bedevil us stop rushing and spoiling the show of our spiritual rev up while meditating. These myriad thoughts could be about some disgusting experiences which we tend to latch on or deceit of our own close relatives who has ditched us whom we trusted the most. These memories cloud our reel of real life and we remain immersed in those thoughts. The net result is depressing on three counts; firstly, the past remains haunting our present thoughts thus impacting adversely our actions and secondly, it stops our further movement in spiritual progress and thirdly; it negatively affects our Karma (Karmic debit is increased). We have to quite our present thoughts if we want to acquire knowledge for awakening. Not to speak of spiritual progress, remaining glued to past or future puts stop to our acquiring any meaningful knowledge for living a meaningful life.

It is also a fact that we tend to be deluded partly by our own past influences and partly due to the environs we live in presently. Not to speak of these past bulging baggage, we tend to even clutter our mind with the thoughts of future too – with the thoughts like; in the scenarios which are developing what would be our position, how we would adjust, if failure results how we shall subsist? These thoughts remain haunting us making us still more confused and jittery.

In the cacophony of past and future clouding our present thoughts we do not make concerted effort for a coherent thought for today – the present moment, for now. We just forget that there exists some force who could be relied on, who could manage things for us and who could stabilize our present. For this, stillness or silencing our confused thoughts is a very must. I call this, putting these thoughts in the back-burner of our mind try letting them die their natural death – if these cannot be detached from us! Lets try. May be, we succeed. One who is able to control his mind and senses is the great fighter and a victor ultimately.

Need is to probe and explore our inner self and enjoy the inner self of everlasting glory of Spirit. By delving more inward, the more detached we would be outward. In this way, we can get rid of the deadwood of our past and even the thoughts of unpredictable future too.

Now environs in which we live too remain influencing; / keeps us pre-occupied in its thoughts. Need is to live in the environs and not to be totally enthralled by its outer magnetism. Complete detachness could come if we’ve learnt to enjoy our inner glory and to live in partnership with our God – by accepting our shortcomings and overcoming these so as to make a pucca road-map to our Lord so that He accepts us. Pure heart attracts pure thoughts and pure thoughts are dear to our God.

We all know that purpose of life is to be happy but this happiness is not a true happiness because it is based on earthy material mindedness which keeps us shackled /bondage with the Maya as earthy things cannot bring about true or eternal happiness. Earthy comforts, fame, status are transitory in nature. With all these, people remain worrying for something else like health or other anxieties concerning their love ones etc. The happiness which we get due to transitory things is fleeting. Anybody anytime can take this from us either by deceit or through other corrupt means. Then what is left? Then we would have existential problems. In such a scenario, if we have will to survive under diverse situations besides never-say-die attitude coupled with complete belief on our Creator then everything could be retrieved including our pride and wellbeing.

This goes to prove that God realization and unifying with Him thereby nullifying the separateness between individual and God and His glories is the main purpose of our life – above everything and everybody. He is the everlasting bliss; eternal happiness/joy.

It should never be forgotten that if we’ve unflinching desire for acquiring anything in life, we can. If this were so then why not desire for something which is invaluable and everlasting – not only for this existence but also the next(s) and perhaps libration (moksha)! That is the desire for our GOD. He is acquired through true, pure and sincere efforts


Once we realize Him, then we will know that His bounties are easiest to acquire than any human’s. The beauty of God is the law of compassion and grace. When He is acquired then compassion, grace, wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and every other thing needed will follow without asking since then He knows our needs and aspirations and tries fulfilling without us asking Him.

Conclusively, it could be said that Nothing else matters other than God. If this idea seeps in ourselves then there is nothing else to acquire. Once this is done, then will would be enjoying His ETERNAL JOY.





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