Mother Nature works under varieties of Laws,

Which, we humans are constrained to follow,

If not in sync with Nature’s Rules,

Thence we have to face the music,

For its transgression,

No excuse of IGNORANCE can come to our rescue for our actions!


Ignorance of the rules of Laws of the Land,

If we break with impunity at our command,

Doubtlessly can land us in trouble,

And we’ve to be ready to pay a heavy price,

Here again, ignorance of Laws holds no defence,

No escape route accepted of not knowing rules,

Sundry excuses give no solace in execution of justice.


O our benevolent Creator,

We beg for your succour,

Help eradicate the darkness of ignorance from our midst,

With Your LIGHT – powerful the most,

So that we learn to respect Nature’s Laws,

And the Laws of the Land in which we live.





BIBLE: Then said Jesus about IGNORANCE to all those present : Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. ..

Qur’an says “turn away from the ignorant.”

The ignorant work for their own profit, the wise work for the welfare of the world, without thought for themselves. BHAGWAD GITA



Ignorance is defined as want of information or lack of knowledge about a subject matter or a state of badly informed. This lack of information may be due to our own lack of effort or somebody may not have apprised conveyed the relevant information. For example in an organization, when due to some miscommunication, we remain oblivious / unaware about important information which otherwise have huge implications on the future of the organization, this ignorance although unintentional could spell doom for further growth of that organization. On its face value, although this sort of ignorance may seem innocuous yet the consequence which it entails is enormous. This intentional or unintentional keeping somebody in dark (ignorance) is due to somebody else. But we cannot always place our ignorance at others’ doorsteps – if due care and caution are exercised then we can always remain well-informed.


In our day to day discourse or interaction, we come across people who intentionally feign ignorance about a subject matter even though they are well aware. We’ve to remain cautious about such people.


We marvel at the state of present-age knowledge revolution which is making round around the world today. With the click of a button, we can enlighten / educate ourselves on the variety of subjects in comparison with what we used to have in not so distant past. How best we can use this knowledge revolution and remove our ignorance depends on an individual’s initiative and drive.


It has been observed that in our zeal to have easy connectivity with our God, we adopt some frivolous methods like wholesome offerings at the Altar or to the priest, chant our prayers just mechanically where there is disconnect between head and heart. This shows our utter ignorance that our Creator being Omniscient and Omnipotent wants nothing but our sincere love to answer our prayers.


We resort to all negative tendencies like smoking, drinking, greed for worldly possessions etc, thereby losing our true identity and adopting brute-like behavior without thinking about the disastrous long term implications. Also, in order to be rich overnight, we resort to gambling. All must have seen the pitiable plight of those who gamble away their everything including their dwellings which offer shelter to them! We all know the state of Pandavas (in Mahabharta) when they lost their everything, one after another including their lovely wife (Dropti) in gambling to deceptive Shakuni. Not that we are ignorant of the consequences of our ill-conceived Karma, but still we do it. All this could be termed as SELF DESTRUCTIVE IGNORANCE.


Then there are old beliefs, we continue following even ignoring about their consequences. There are beliefs in some communities there are rampant practice of throwing / dropping the babies from a height (in Maharashtra, India), ritual of running of bulls (in Spain and Africa), ritual killing (though banned now but being practiced in some parts of the world) etc. Ritualistic traditions, which on the face of all, seem bizarre yet these are prevalent. These traditional practices are followed, not that we are not knowing about their consequences – a height of ignorance indeed and funny side of it all is that these are repeated despite their ill-effects!


In Bhagwat Gita it has rightly been said: As the heat of a fire reduces wood to ashes, the fire of knowledge burns to ashes all karma. Including, of course our ignorance.

The Path of Knowledge can enlighten and dissipate darkness of ignorance.

We are aware that knowledge enhances our intellect besides enlightening and removing our ignorance. Age limit is no limiting factor for acquiring knowledge. Training of senses (hearing, seeing, touching, tasting and smell) is the main thrust of an individual. At every step of life, there is learning experience. We can take assimilate or not depends on our own free will – just negating what is not appropriate. Discarding what is immoralistic, unethical and contrary to Natural and Native Laws. During our life’s twists and turns, when we come across any negatively oriented phenomenon or an event where our honour is at stake, we can pull our steps back thinking that what adds to our negative Karma should be shunned out-rightly. Thus what we want to acquire and what not depends partly on our freewill and partly the situation in which we are placed. Not this – not this (Niti – niti) should be the true philosophy.


It should never be forgotten; we should not be deceived by Maya of what shines outwardly, like worldly possessions or mesmerized by external attractiveness by somebody or something being impermanent, can lead us astray. It should be kept in mind that knowledge which is positive and leaves a permanent imprint on us is eternal in nature, and could stand any test of ‘time’ thrown on us. Positive approach is a way forward for positive know-how to remove the ignorance from our midst.

Jnana yoga is termed as the yoga of knowledge where our efforts in getting self awareness and equip ourself with ways and means to know about how to connect with our Creator besides the knowhow about our Soul (Atman). Here too we’ve to know what is eternal and what is temporary. Leaving the momentary pleasure giving and taking in real ones. The sweetness of our relation with our Creator is realized when we remove all the slush from our midst, offer our prayers with utmost sincerity; but taking into account that duality is deceptive (in this snake and rope – both seem similar) while we’re pursuing the idea of removing the scourge of IGNORANCE.


Wherever the mind wanders, restless and diffuse in its search for satisfaction without, lead it within; train it to rest in the Self. Bgagwad Gita

Our senses are the via-media to develop our mind, intellect and body. Positive approach besides positive actions pave the way, we can ascertain what is real and what is unreal for us besides knowing our limitations of our body and mind besides our eternal soul. Not knowing the eternal nature of our soul, we continually remain living in delusion. By knowing the permanency of our soul (bring pure, perfect and free); which neither dies nor ever born. After having known the truth, we can easily live with the idea of; as you can think so we become. It can better be said, knowing the true nature of our soul, we can attain what we want and remove the INTRINSIC IGNORANCE FROM OUR MIDST.


From the above, we can conclude that ignorance is a dark spot in our life and we should make concerted efforts for removing the same for enlightenment and living a balanced and purposeful life.




jesus-christ-returnsVirgin Mary was graced with
The loveliest Son of Holiest Spirits of our Lord,
At Bethlehem, the city of David,
A savior of humanity,
With His preaching to all and sundry
And to spread the fragrance,
Of God’s message of peace.

Men of wisdom came from places afar,
Mesmerized by this Shining Star,
To witness a holiest event,
Which only sometimes happen,
Angels sing songs so melodious,
Shepherds pay their highest reverence.

Oldage catching up though,
Simeon & Anna saw their ambition fructified,
As they too had a glimpse of the Glorious One,
Brought up in rural town of Nazareth,
His adaptive father Joseph,
Taught Him the art of using,
Tools of a carpenter,
A labour so arduous by any standard,
Resulting in relentless sweating,
By the rays of sun so searing.

The most revered God’s Son,
Worked tirelessly in the hot Sun!
Thence as he cometh,
From the waters of Jordan,
A voice so invigorating,
Cometh from Heaven,
‘This is my beloved Son
In whom I am very pleased’.
Thence Jesus went to the backwoods,
Surprise of all surprises!
To allow Satan to temp Him.

To break the back of Satan.
He fasted for days forty,
And vanquished the Satan thenceforth,
With will of God in the heaven, so everlasting,
With the Holy Spirits bounties brimming
He lived with the commons,
For three long years.

St. John recorded Jesus as the Son of God,
Who raised the dead to live again,
Made the blinds to see the gifts of nature again,
Lames to walk again,
Demons not to appear again,
Came to the succour of unfortunate ones,
During mighty storms.

With a few loaves and fishes,
Made food sufficient for five thousands!
Believe – we have to!
Since He is sent by Him,
As a Saviour,
As His Incarnate,
The All Knowing,
The All Powerful Being.

Then on a Thursday Night,
He meets his followers,
In the city of Jerusalem,
On an occasion so solemn,
He announced,
It is ordained that He may die,
For those He loved so dearly,
And told them to remember,
His association with them,
And also promised,
To come back,
For their sake!

He spent time in the garden of Gethsemane,
Prayed to the Divine Providence.

No case was found against Jesus,
By those who tried Him,
Yet was crucified on Friday,
He gave this life for He loved us all so dearly,
After He was not in corporeal body,
His power was made known,
By happenings, most unexplained.

On the morn of Sunday,
He rose from the dead,
Appeared to Mary,
And apostles and a huge gathering,
And gave the message of love, so endearing,

Proves, He remains invincible in both the states

But for true devotees

He is even more marked

Because he lived for God for spreading His word



Our Heavenly Lord sends,

His own most adorable Messengers,

With Mastery in Spiritual-Vision,

To spread His pious Message to earthy humans,

To instill transformation,

And reforming His creations,

So that unnecessary practices,

Which corrupt the society at large,

Are weeded out swiftly and surely,

From our midst,

And change our mindset,

In sync with our Lord,

Thus create a feeling of Love.

Jesus Christ was sent to us by the Lord Supreme,

To engender happiness and reform,

So that the rust generated by old & useless customs,

Could be erased by mystifying spray of pious ideals and ideas,

Which the Super Soul doles out,

For the gentry at large,

Some may not be respective to these holy ideals,

Thinking these to be far-fetched,

As many did,

When Lord Jesus was with us in flesh and blood,

For which He had to suffer pangs,

Fearlessly at the Cross/- crucification

And finally resurrection,

To make us realization,

That the True Son of Lord cannot be omitted from our memory,

By anybody – however powerful humans at the helm may be,

His preaching will remain enlightening us till eternity,

Through Christ Consciousness of highest order.

O Lord, bestow us Thy Invaluable CHRISTMAS DAY GIFT,

The precious one of all Thy Gifts,

That Thee only could grant,

The coveted gift of peaceful coexistence,

In the world at large,

So that this world could be a better place to live,

A place where there is a prevalence of Eternal Love

Surely Thee possess that power to grace us this gift invaluable.



Axiomatically, God incarnates great souls for spreading divine message on His behalf to obliterate ignorance and enlighten souls. It is a prime requirement of deluded minds who are immersed in the world of their own making and never realize that their mission in this world is to spread humanity.

Jesus was born in 7 – 2 BC and was crucified in 30-33 AD in Jerusalem on the orders of the Roman prefect, Pontius Pilate. He was born in Nazareth, Galilee to Parents Marry & Joseph. That is why he is also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth. St. Mathew has spoken about the birth: ‘….Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, being interpreted is, God with us.”

The Supreme Lord sends His Messengers on this earth to spread His Message. His teachings are so relevant that there is a definitive imprint of His teachings on the psyche of people and that is why His influence remains centuries after centuries. Those sincere devotees who have attained certain level of spirituality can see the Divine Vision.

Jesus was the one who had won victory against material consciousness. He exists in the hearts and minds of His followers. He said, ‘I do nothing of myself, but as my Father hath taught me.’ Christians including numberless others who have indomitable belief in His preaching shun delusions and follow His ideals. His presence is felt through his teachings. Those who have self realization know that in every speck of cosmos Christ Consciousness exists but only those who have vision can experience this. Christ Consciousness is a part of Cosmic Consciousness should never be lost sight of by us humans.

His teachings are so exhaustive, yet, if we care to follow the ones mentioned below, we can make our life sublime.

  • Jesus Christ preached the importance of having compassion for our fellow beings. He taught that kindhearted feeling should always be there even for all including our enemies:-

Mark 6:34 When he went ashore he saw a great crowd, and  he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd. And he began to teach them many things.

Colossians 3:12-13  Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved,  compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another and,  if one has a complaint against another,  forgiving each other;  as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive.

  • He is held to be the Son of God, a Messiah or Messenger of God, a charismatic healer:

Matthew 14:14 When he went ashore he saw a great crowd, and he had compassion on them and healed the sick.

  • Christ preached forgiveness and mercy. He even forgave those who harmed him immensely. No ill-feelings for anyone absolutely that is the message given:

Matthew 6:14-15  For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

Matthew 18:21-22 Then Peter came up and said to him, “Lord, how often will my brother sin against me, and I forgive him?  As many as seven times?” Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you seven times, but seventy-seven times.

Daniel 9:9  To the Lord our God belong mercy and forgiveness, for we have rebelled against him

  • Christ spread the message to judge others correctly it is fine if we judge others negatively then we will also be judged by our Creator on the Judgement Day then we have to face the music for every creature’s action is recorded in the consciousness of God.

Matthew 7:1-2  Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and  with the measure you use it will be measured to you.

  • Jesus Christ being a social reformer He had the unique quality of helping those who are suffering – it may be any kind of suffering.

Corinthians 1:3-4  Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.

May Christ Consciousness come in all of us so that ignorance is obliterated and enlightenment dawns.









HOLY BIBLE ON CHANGE: Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.

Change is a must whether we want or not, there would be pains and pleasure notwithstanding; this has been mentioned in Bhagwad Gita:

That one is dear to me who runs not after the pleasant or away from the painful, grieves not, lusts not, but lets things come and go as they happen.


Nature has bestowed humans the potential to change from birth onwards. This change represents the beginning of good things to come in the later parts of our life. A progressive indicator is that we pass from childhood, to adolescence, adulthood, middle-age and then oldage with modicum of positive change in each of these stages. Adding up all, we attain maturity. In childhood, our behavior pattern undergoes change in conformity with environment we are put. There is steady but sure progress, without forgetting; what we learn in our childhood (in the childhood we learn on the basis of trial and error) have to be nurtured and handled holistically so that there is a permanent stamp or leverage in progress in each stage of our life. Besides the willpower we’ve made through variety of experiences also plays a stellar role. During and after transition, pains and pleasure are sure to be there but those who remain unruffled by pain come out with flying colours. The one who puts in positive and sincere efforts, God helps that person in those endeavours.


While during childhood, adolescence and adulthood we complete our education and vocation training we aspire for. In this change too, we get the fruits in conformity with our efforts. Nothing is obtained without self effort. Here wishful thinking will do us no good. If our efforts do not pay wholesome dividends, we have to change our whole strategy and make another effort. No tangible result comes without first streamlining our efforts. It is also important to note that change becomes all the more rewarding if it originates from our inner self.

After having completed our educational pursuit, we try for employment in sync with our educational qualification and training etc. Here too we face huge competition. If we’ve acquired adequate education and training and thus fulfill all the credentials, then, sure enough we can get good opening. After securing employment, then too, real test of our endurance is put to test. . In the initial stages of employment, it is advisable to know all the relevant information about the organization concerned, the hierarchy of officials and their names including what you can learn from each one of them. Adjusting with the changed environment where we’ve not only to meet project dates but also learn fundamentals of professional jargons like what the organization wants from us and how best we can come up to their expectations; adjusting with colleagues (learn what they can teach us) and later on when they would be our competitors, know their psychology and move ahead, etc. We can share our experiences when required; without showing arrogance to anyone because that will be creating uncongenial environment. Show offs or oneupmanship attitude with our fellow employees will create jealousies in which environment it is difficult to excel. Here attitude of ‘let go’ sometimes will help.


While as far as coping with change is concerned, I am of firm belief that females, by nature, are prone to be adaptive to change which makes the institution of marriage successful. The females are epitome of change. They have to leave their parents’ home to settle at her in-law’s house thus leaving one set of environment to entirely different one which is more difficult. This is all the more difficult when marriage is outside the cultural, languistic and traditional background totally. I have seen females of this background not only adapting but also influencing with their positive approach their new place of residence! That is the trait bestowed by our Creator to females.


It is axiomatic that we may have stressful situations many a times because our performance may not be in consonance with the requirement of the organization here the litmus test of our endurance and aptitude will be at stake. For passing this test we’ve to be physically and mentally strong because endurance comes when we are fit in every way. The more we try learning the tricks-of-trade with our upright sincerity and integrity, the more we’ll be adaptive to change. One should not brush under the carpet anything that transpires while learning and changing accordingly.


Then in every sphere of life, we’ll always come across people with fastidious attitude. Here we’ll have to tread cautiously – a ‘tight-rope’ walk though. I have experienced such situations during the initial period of my career. My sincere advice is; if we adapt according to requirements of people (hard-to-be pleased ones), who I found to be mine-house of knowledge, we can learn much from them and to top it all, if we’re trained under their guidance initially then we can steer clear of any hurdle not only in our career but also in our life. Daunting change and facing them head on can have a far reaching influence on us. Besides these changes infuse confidence, make us resolute and also make us better prepared for facing the life’s vicissitudes. Putting ourselves in different environments can enhance our awareness and affords us opportunity to be adaptive to change, ever.


It would be easier for us to change if we have prior information about the change we’ve to undergo. We can revisit or practice our strategies and formulate an action plan for the anticipated change. Sudden change has brings unpredictable results.


  1. It affords us incentive to experience new opportunities for a better living but it should be borne in mind that in our changed atmosphere we should exert with fullest attention without thinking about the fruit of our efforts and also keeping our Lord always in our mind. That change will bring about freedom from stress. Bhagwad Gita surmises: Actions do not cling to me because I am not attached to their results. Those who understand this and practice it live in freedom.
  2. While dealing in the unknown environment, it provides us avenues to delve in different set of conditions.
  3. It enhances our confidence to interact with different people with different intelligence quotients. This helps us to grow in more congenial atmosphere.
  4. We can improve ourselves by learning new things which we have not done earlier on. Here we’ve to change our learning strategy.
  1. While we go about changes, efforts should be to limit the number of changes so we can concentrate our efforts on them rather than facing too many changes with no net result.
  2. If we are unable to adapt to a change, we can take the guidance of some experienced person to be successful.
  3. Change changes our outlook on life. We can rise from narrow and parochial thoughts to enlightening ones.
  4. It infuses courage in us to face the facts of life squarely besides we can increase our social base.
  5. More challenges to be faced because of working in different circumstances and with different work cultures.
  6. Those who sweat during their training period or initial period of employment remain calm despite of stress that is the fruit of our efforts. BG has enunciated: That which seems like poison at first, but tastes like nectar in the end – this is the joy of sattva, born of a mind at peace with itself.

Conclusively, it could be said that change is a necessity, we like it or not that makes hardly any difference. Those who are forthright, hardworking, devoted besides being accommodative remain unruffled by any change. We should not forget; whether we want or not CHANGE is a must but it has to be welcomed and accepted as such.




Truthfully the one who is born here will have to die one day. Nobody is immortal / eternal when it comes to living world. Everybody has to die one day at the time fixed for this final journey yet some through their deeds acquire the status of martyrdom and thus immortalize themselves. Their name and fame in the annals of history is recorded for posterity for us mortals to draw lessons.

The level of sacrifice becomes all the more all-encompassing since it was for protecting the religious sentiments of all other religions. I shall call it a sacrifice unknown in the annals of history – to die for upholding the belief and sanctity of other religions. This sacrifice for others’ causes makes it amply clear that even the thinking of ‘self sacrifice’ is not a normal thinking. It is unpatrolled and unprecedented. It, I am sanguine, comes from our Akalpurakh. This thought is emancipation of consciousness / awareness to a level which catapults a personage (in this case Guru Tegh Bahadurji) to a level of highest spiritualistic ideals, highest moralistic ideals besides taking the religious homogeneity percepts to new heights – meaning all the religions are different pathways to a SINGLE SOURCE. This noble sacrifice is given by only ones who know the true meaning of a religion. Knowing one’s own faith is not a big deal, knowing about the common thread / common bond between different faiths makes all the difference.

To live and practice one’s own religion is done by everybody and is normal practice but there are a few exceptional who tend to protect other’s faiths which is really unique and one of the best examples of setting new moralistic yardstick for others to emulate. Devotion to one’s own religion is not so great as the protection and to give supreme sacrifice for others’ causes is creation of new standards in understanding the meaning of any religion. Guruji’s ideals is based on the precept: : “I believe in the right of others to practice their faith peacefully”

It is pertinent to mention here about the highhandedness with which Aurangzeb ruled this country from 1658 to 1707 for 49 years. He killed his three brothers and even imprisoned his father and came to power. During this rule he wanted to bring true Islamic governance in whole of his empire. Akbar adopted many un-islamic beliefs in his personal life and also on his empire. He visited Hindu temples and let others to follow their religious beliefs without let or hindrance.

Contrarily Aurangzeb had a strong religious convictions with, of course, a very simple lifestyle which he assiduously practiced and followed. He compiled a book of Islamic Laws. The historians tell us about his intolerance and oppression. He is said to have destroyed the religious places of other faiths; the Hindus and the Sikhs and it is an undisputed historical fact. He followed the policy of forceful conversions and those who disagreed were put to death. He even opposed veneration of Sufis.

Amongst other religions, in all his empire, he stressed implementing his dictum ‘convert or be killed’ strictly. Amongst these Kashmiri Pandits (a highly intelligent and regiously awakened community) were also the victims. The Kashmiri Pandits had a highest reverence for Sikh Gurus from Guru Nanak Dev Ji onwards. Pandit Kirpa Ram along with other community members came to Anandpur on 25 May 1675 to take Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji’s succor with a plea to save them from the tyranny of Aurangzeb who had given them the option; either convert to Islam or face a sure death. A decree which made the entire community helpless and thus they have sought the assistance of the Guru.

Guru Tegh Bahadur followed Sikh traditions and did not follow customs of Hindus but helping the hapless and oppressed being the mission of Sikh Gurus, the Guru was in deep thought with concern writ large on his face. Factually, the intolerance perpetrated by Aurangzeb moved the Guru immensely. During the time, revered Guru was in deep thought, meanwhile, his nine years old son (Guru) Gobind entered. Sensing the concern, he asked his father about the whole matter. After having known the predicament that Aurangzeb had issued a decree that all Hindus should be converted to Islam. It is because, according to him, his religion was the only true religion.

It was also made known by the revered Guruji that a sacrifice by a holy man could avert all this. The great son of the greatest Guru replied: who could be holier than you(his father). Having pleased with the pronouncement of his son, subsequently, the Guru unambiguously told Kashmiri Pandits: Go and tell the State Governor that you people were ready to convert Kashmiris provided he was able to convert Tegh Bahadur, The Kashmiri Pandits felt relieved by this pronouncement. The Sadh Sangat present there was really saddened by this but they knew they could do nothing when the decision was finally made.

The message was finally conveyed to the emperor who knew the steadfast beliefs of Guru Tegh Bahadur. These principles being: All religions are pure and only noble deeds count ultimately. The emperor ordered that the Guru ought to be brought to Delhi. Then afterwards the Guru bade his farewell to his wisdom filled son, his wife Mata Nanaki and Sangat after recitation of holy Kirtan on 11 July, 1675.

On reaching Delhi after his visit to other places, he was asked to convert to Islam or face consequences. Guruji, without mincing any words, unequivocally replied that he loved his religion and will not forsake it. It was also told to him that if he refused to convert, his followers would be killed. In this, Bhai Mati Das and Bhai Gayala besides Bhai Sati Das were killed ruthlessly which the Holy Guru saw with utmost serenity because he thought if this was the Will of God then be it. Thence afterwards, Guru was kept in a cage. There too Guruji was absorbed in prayers. Utmost persuasion and persecution could not do any dent on the resolve of Guruji.

Finally, the emperor ordered that our revered Guruji be executed in Chandni Chowk. This order made the sadh sangat saddened/perturbed. On 11th November 1675 Guruji was brought to a selected place and made to sit on a specially made platform. All eyes were on Guruji. Then the orders of the emperor were complied (which I too find difficult to pen down – even now). Thus our revered Guruji attained martyrdom on this day. Such was the barbarity of the ruler. All present there were overwhelmed with this inhuman act. Not only this, even Mother Nature shed tears; a huge thunder storm followed.

Bhai Jaita picked up the severed head of the Guruji who had immortalized himself by his supreme sacrifice for a cause of protecting people of other religion! The head was cremated at Anandpur Sahib where a Gurdwara stands in the fond memory of our Guruji. The body of the Guruji was taken by Bhai Lakhi and his son immediately from the scene to their home most reverently, offered prayers to the memory of departed Guru and subsequently set the house on fire. Factually, an example not found anywhere! Thus, Guruji’s disciples exhibited a supreme courage in saving Guruji’s head and body from being disgraced. Gurdwara Rakab Ganj stands in the memory of the most revered Guruji,


  • The Laws of Nature are unalterable.

  • • Miracle has no place in religion (Guruji told the emperor wehen he was told to exhibit any miracle).

  • • All religions are pure,

  • • At the end of all, only noble deeds count,

  • • Freedom of worship should be allowed without any bias.

  • • All religions should be treated equally.

  • • No life is as precious as the principles one stand for, He made supreme sacrifice for upholding those principles only.

Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji’s ideals and principles are more relevant now than ever and therefore ought to be followed by all right thinking persons.






A most sacred relationship
Which complements all other relations
Withstands all sorts of sufferings
Without even a whisper or a whimper

A fine blended analogy with the Mother Earth

Surface of which is firstly made soft through ploughing
Then seeds are put which sprout
Thence grow to be plants
After sometimes it yields a bumper crop
Which feeds one and all.

From the time of fertilization of the egg inside the womb

Paying unrelenting attention that it entails

For proper and uninterrupted feed

With precautions in abundance

What to be taken and not to be too

Smoking and food & drinks having caffeine are taboo

For gestation inside her being

For a period of nine months

Mother mothers it in every way desirable

Using her head and heart for it all

More use of heart to listen to her growing child needs

Many times forgetting even her own life comforts indeed!

My mother, after my birth

Like all other mothers, took charge of me head-on

What to feed and when not

With limited recourses available

She slept on the side

Where bed-spread was suffused with wetness

Due to me as a kid!

Provided me her warmth of heavenly lap

Cuddled me with her lovely hands

I grew up in her kindest heed

Brimming with everlasting love – so Godly indeed.

Bestowed her rock solid protection on me day and night

Bereft of any complaint at any time

A smile from me was a blissful gift for her

My cries filled her heart with deep pain

Calming of her heart came

When my sobbing came to an end finally

Childish prattle of mine amused her immensely

Whilst I crawled and learned to walk

She felt herself on the ‘seventh-heaven, factually

Once I was down with severest fever, I almost was in coma for days

Medical help could hardly make any difference

I know her sincere prayers came to my rescue.

Then came the time of my schooling

I was a reluctant customer, a truant for going to school

My mom knew how best to handle me in this too!

Cajoled me with eatables as the enticement or bait when required

Reprimanded me sternly whence necessity was felt

As though she knew when a particular dose to be administered

For drawing out the ills & putting the best traits

School and then college went on smoothly under her supervision

Worth mentioning, she was not well-read, so to say

But knew all fine-points of life and how to live it with sincerity!

She exhorted me to face the facts of life squarely

Only weak willed ones flee when confronted with difficulty.

I felt her omnipresence whenever some of my chums offered any allurement

Desisted from any of these fearing, in the bargain, matching punishment

From my mom who could read my face and mind with ease

Telling lies with her never succeeded

Telling truth and get pardoned was only way out.

Thence I got my employment

Far away from my loving mom and lovely home

A home (not house) which did not have much materials

But was brimming with love and care for everyone.

I used to visit my mom only once on weekends

Once on a visit to home – reached late at night

To my utter dismay and consequent pain

She was down with cold and fever

This had taken toll on her health despite medi-care

There were others in home to care for her

In the morn the next day

While the Sun rose from eastern horizon

She intended to take breakfast in the sun – outside on the cot

After light b’fast, she desired to keep her head in my lap!

How fortunate I had been I thanked my God

The one who had provided warmth to me in her heavenly lap

Wanted to keep her head in my lap

Having done thus she felt completely relaxed

As though bidding her final farewell

This peaceful act was not an ordinary one

It was an eternal peace – so solemn!

My honest confession, all positivisms in me are due to my loving mother

All negativisms are earned by me from my own mistakes

Although she is mixed with (Five Gross physical elements) PANCH BHUTS

Yet she resides in my heart for good

And guides me when hugely required.



HOLY BIBLE mentions about mothers: Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Holy Quran enunciates: We have enjoined on man kindness to his parents; in pain did his mother bear him, and in pain did she give him birth.

SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB says: “A mother does not keep note of the transgressions of her son. O God, I am Your son. Why don’t You destroy my sins?”

IN MAHABHARTA BHISHMA said: The mother is the panacea for all kinds of calamities. The existence of the mother invests one with protection; the reverse deprives one of all protection.

Mother, to say the least, is one of the noblest relationships who understands her offspring because she is graced with soft emotions which could attract even the person with brute mentality thus could have far reaching influence. It is a gospel truth that in the household husband is the head and the mother the heart and when head and heart combine they make huge difference both to the children and the home as a whole. Eternal peace and tranquility in the household happens when emotions of the heart are respected by all in the family. All the important decisions which have far reaching implications on the future of the children should be taken with active participation of mother. By so doing, not only the natural say of the mother will be respected but also there would be peace and harmony in the household.

It should never be forgotten that mother provides the first lesson to her child – what to be done and what to be shunned. This first lesson is the foundation on which the edifice of future education of the child is built. Profuse praise of the child along with necessary punishment commensurate with fault will do a lot of good to the child. There are many mothers who are not adequately educated but they understand their children better because they use their instinct rather than knowledge. Mere rebuking children will not do – a soft approach can deliver much. If nothing works then a pep-talk on need of education by the mother can also do wonders. If this also does not work then the help of the experts in the field could be attained. This should be done after a thorough research. Purpose is to follow all norms which may help child in acquiring knowledge besides character building.

It is important that the mother should keep track of following aspects in mind in order to know and adopt remedial measures /take corrective steps for child’s improvement:-

  • Company the child is following while schooling. It should be done with discretion without letting the child know.
  • Progress of the child to be recorded. The mother should keep a tab of the child’s progress in all fields : Progress on: health, education, mixing with other children, respect for all, curbing egoistic tendencies (words or sentences usage like: I did it, it is due to me, my contribution made it possible etc), how to face diverse situation with courage, infusing feeling of commitment, spiritual bent of mind, games and sports, positive habit building, learning to obey the orders of elders including teachers etc.
  • Best use of internet facilities. Whenever a child is sitting on the computer, mother should monitor as to what the child is browsing. Corrective steps to be initiated if the child is lead astray.
  • How best to keep a healthy balance between the household chores and the monitoring child’s progress.
  • Sometimes what is learned has to be unlearned. Here care and caution are required.
  • Kindle a spirit of understanding and respecting others’ privacy in the child.
  • Appropriate appreciation and punishment whenever required should be made for growth of the child.

Finally, from the above it is evident that to look after a child is a whole-time job. If quality time is not given by the mother, the child may be lead astray and lose the moorings for a healthy and upward march in life and a MOTHER knows it all.

An important note: excessive indulgence (mou mamta) by the mother can also spoil the balanced development in the child. Meaning, if a mother sweeps the mistakes of the child under the carpet then sure enough the child will grow up to be a spoilt one. So an objective approach is: admonishing when required and shower love when called for will do a lot of good for all round development of the child.


































































According to the Vedic scriptures, all forms of sufferings are results of our own karma, our own choices of right or wrong actions. We may wonder: what wrong choices have we made to warrant so many natural calamities as reactions’ It is all due to our Karma.

It may be in North Eastern states, Jammu & Kashmir, or now in Chenai (Tamil Nadu) such a deluge of this dimension has occurred after about 114 years or tsunami which occurred in 2004 all these natural disasters occur because of our own omissions and commissions. We disturb the balance of Nature by our own actions. It is self-evident that earth’s climate change occurs when it gets more or less heat from the Sun due to shifts in its orbits in relation to Sun. But in the past century there are manmade factors responsible for climatic change like emission of green house gases due to burning of fossil fuel (carbon emissions) including burning of coal etc in the atmosphere responsible for the change in climate. Since the last century, the temperature of this planet has more than doubled causing disturbances of highest proportion. Recently a concern has been expressed in Paris Paris Climate Change Conference. The goal set has been for keeping global warming below 2°C and for global greenhouse gas emissions to peak by 2020 at the latest. This is quite ambitious at its face value but it has to be achieved in letter and spirit by all countries.

Heavy rains lashed the southern Indian city of Chennai on Monday and Tuesday, causing widespread flooding in the major metropolis for the second time in less than a month. Authorities concerned issued an early flood warning and educational institutions were closed. The continuation of incessant rains in Chennai is indeed having compounding the problems / having a telling affect on the lives and property of people. This intensity of rain has occurred after more than 114 years and the resultant deluge has really made the life standstill. A 10-15’ deep flood water in some places speaks volumes about the condition of the general people with special reference of the people who are residing in low lying areas.

This rains and resultant floods of disproportionate proportion has also tested provision of essentials like; necessary civic facilities drainage / sewerage system and other essential services like medical services, communication system, availability of power supply, drinking water and food requirements, accommodation for marooned people with requisite facilities etc. Although all the contingencies could not be met because of degree of deluge and continuation of rain has made matter worst yet effort is being made to provide the essentials for sustenance to tide over the situation.  

Chennai airport is inundated and hence shut and naval air station Arakkonam is functioning as a makeshift airport due to water logging and thousands of passengers are stranded. Even Indian Oil  Corporation has shut its Refinery due to flooding, 15 people died in a hospital ICU ward due to flooding of ICU ward due to falling of boundary wall.


The spirit of Chennai people is really a bright spot despite hard time. They are found to rendering help to their brethren in distress. Chennai gets record 114 years breaking rains due to which more than 200 people have died. Thousands have been stranded, the city has been under water, residential areas completely submerged due to which over 7 million people have been hit. For these 72,000 relief camps are established. Army, AF and Navy are providing succor to the flood hit people. Adequate number of NDRF teams are working round the clock and undertaking gigantic rescue work – 10,000 persons rescued by the team of NDRF personnel.

Central government has extended all sorts of assistance required – monetarily or provision of rescue teams Army, Air Force, NDNF, Railways, Indian Airlines. Prime Minister has assured the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu of more succor so that TN comes out of this natural tragedy. Railways will go all out in repairing tracks but tracks being submerged, their task is made all the more difficult.  

Community kitchen centre has been established opened by the joint efforts of NGOs and general public have chipped in a big way for the provision of food items to the flood hit people. Food distribution system through vans is functioning adequately.

Even 35 canines have not been unaffected from the flood fury. Thse dogs have been shifted to Bengaluru.

More than 1.64 lakh people have been put up in relief camps in the four flood hit districts of Tamil Nadu including Chennai. There have been gigantic efforts by Indian Air Force in airlifting people from flood affected areas to safer places, railways besides providing shelters is also providing food packets to the marooned people. Even 5 star ITC hotel too is rendering a helping hand including feeding.


  1. Mindless development. There has been unprecedented unauthorized construction of low lying areas. There has been reports that there are more than 1.5 lakh illegal structures. Whenever there is rain this area is flooded.
  2. Disappearance of water bodies. Water bodies which could otherwise would have provided help in retaining more flood water.
  3. Swamp area is used for unauthorized constructions resulting in flood water entering into the residential areas. The wetlands which used to absorb extra water of flood etc are now being used for construction of colonies.
  4. Inadequate drainage Functional sewerage system is not there which could take extra water emission due to floods etc.
  5. No Storm water drains in the suburbs though the same is available in city.
  6. Incessant rains forced authorities to release water from Chembarambakkam reservoir into Adyar river which is not so deep and since its banks are encroached upon by the people creating worst flood situation. Release of water from Poondi and other reservoirs into another river that flows through the city created havoc.
  7. Poor water management. Due to poor water management at the time when inundation is severe needs a close look and learn lesson out of this unprecedented rain and its resultant deluge.



In June 2013, a severe cloudburst in the northern part of Uttarkhand caused devastating floods and landslides killing thousands of people. Then who can forget the Tsumani of 2004 and devastating earthquake that shook Latur and also of Bhuj. All these natural calamities were faced by Indians unit.

Five days of incessant rains lashed the state of J&K due to which life in the state of J&K came to standstill. Due to this unprecedented rains, all road communication to the valley from Jammu, Rajouri and its adjoining areas got disrupted. communication too got disturbed besides washing off many bridges due to which transportation of goods and services were severely hit. The road from Srinagar to Leh and Ladakh was also damaged. This made it difficult for the people to stock the supplies for the coming winter, as is the usual practice.

It has been experienced, whereinsoever and whensoever humans has disturbed the natural fabric / balance Mother Nature gives back with ferocity at its command in the form of natural calamities. Meaning we ourselves are responsible for natural imbalance and we have to suffer the consequences of our actions. In any part of the world, whenever there is a natural disaster in the form of earthquake, tsunami, or floods; these ought to be taken as a problem requiring humane consideration because there is huge loss of men and materials. It goes to show that Mother Nature is very kind to those who respect It but very retributive who disturb its balance. Nobody is big or small for the Mother Nature. It has its own method of pay back.

Be that as it may, it should never be forgotten that in the past, National calamities of any degree, Indians have come to the forefront and provided every succour to the needy brethren. This time too this is our e fervent appeal that our countrymen will come to the rescue of the people.

Ii is not merely in India, natural tragedies in the form of earthquakes, tsunamis, blizzards, floods, and other natural disasters etc do happen in other parts of the world. The causes are not far to seek. These happen because of our own karma. 


  • The role which the Army, Air Force and the NDRF have performed should also have been done by the Police Force of Tamil Nadu – who are much aware of the topography of the area. It is advisable to render them adequate training.
  • Contingency Plan by the State administration should be made based on the lessons learnt from the present unprecedented floods.
  • There is a requirement of building strong bunds and sand bags kept ready in adequate numbers made ready to plug the breaches.
  • The wetlands which used to absorb flood water are being used for construction. It should be stopped forthwith.
  • The relief and rehabilitation after water level recedes should be looked after on a war footing. This should be done on war footing.
  • Contingency Plan should be made to fight the outbreak of any epidemic. Hospitals in Chennai should be better equipped to deal with any eventualities in future.
  • Construction of houses which would be damaged due to adverse affects of water logging due to unprecedented flood water. For this planned effort is the need of the hour. Or the houses which have already been destroyed or partially damaged need to be taken care of.
  • Forest cover to increase for maintaining natural balance.
  • Stop unplanned constructions by cutting trees.
  • Joint efforts of all the countries of the world is the crying need for maintaining atmospheric balance. Paris joint effort has to be agreed to and respected by all to save this earth from future  natural tragedies.

This unprecedented flood should be considered as National Tragedy and requires a gigantic National effort which, I am sure, will fructify if all the people forge together and come forward in this hour of need; in whatever manner they can. We fervently appeal to our countrymen to come forward and make their contribution to the PM’s Relief Fund or any other legitimate agency for this effort. God will certainly help those who show compassion for their brethren in need. Let it be known that tragedy in any part of India should be taken as a NATIONAL TRAGEDY.