HOLY BIBLE ON CHANGE: Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.

Change is a must whether we want or not, there would be pains and pleasure notwithstanding; this has been mentioned in Bhagwad Gita:

That one is dear to me who runs not after the pleasant or away from the painful, grieves not, lusts not, but lets things come and go as they happen.


Nature has bestowed humans the potential to change from birth onwards. This change represents the beginning of good things to come in the later parts of our life. A progressive indicator is that we pass from childhood, to adolescence, adulthood, middle-age and then oldage with modicum of positive change in each of these stages. Adding up all, we attain maturity. In childhood, our behavior pattern undergoes change in conformity with environment we are put. There is steady but sure progress, without forgetting; what we learn in our childhood (in the childhood we learn on the basis of trial and error) have to be nurtured and handled holistically so that there is a permanent stamp or leverage in progress in each stage of our life. Besides the willpower we’ve made through variety of experiences also plays a stellar role. During and after transition, pains and pleasure are sure to be there but those who remain unruffled by pain come out with flying colours. The one who puts in positive and sincere efforts, God helps that person in those endeavours.


While during childhood, adolescence and adulthood we complete our education and vocation training we aspire for. In this change too, we get the fruits in conformity with our efforts. Nothing is obtained without self effort. Here wishful thinking will do us no good. If our efforts do not pay wholesome dividends, we have to change our whole strategy and make another effort. No tangible result comes without first streamlining our efforts. It is also important to note that change becomes all the more rewarding if it originates from our inner self.

After having completed our educational pursuit, we try for employment in sync with our educational qualification and training etc. Here too we face huge competition. If we’ve acquired adequate education and training and thus fulfill all the credentials, then, sure enough we can get good opening. After securing employment, then too, real test of our endurance is put to test. . In the initial stages of employment, it is advisable to know all the relevant information about the organization concerned, the hierarchy of officials and their names including what you can learn from each one of them. Adjusting with the changed environment where we’ve not only to meet project dates but also learn fundamentals of professional jargons like what the organization wants from us and how best we can come up to their expectations; adjusting with colleagues (learn what they can teach us) and later on when they would be our competitors, know their psychology and move ahead, etc. We can share our experiences when required; without showing arrogance to anyone because that will be creating uncongenial environment. Show offs or oneupmanship attitude with our fellow employees will create jealousies in which environment it is difficult to excel. Here attitude of ‘let go’ sometimes will help.


While as far as coping with change is concerned, I am of firm belief that females, by nature, are prone to be adaptive to change which makes the institution of marriage successful. The females are epitome of change. They have to leave their parents’ home to settle at her in-law’s house thus leaving one set of environment to entirely different one which is more difficult. This is all the more difficult when marriage is outside the cultural, languistic and traditional background totally. I have seen females of this background not only adapting but also influencing with their positive approach their new place of residence! That is the trait bestowed by our Creator to females.


It is axiomatic that we may have stressful situations many a times because our performance may not be in consonance with the requirement of the organization here the litmus test of our endurance and aptitude will be at stake. For passing this test we’ve to be physically and mentally strong because endurance comes when we are fit in every way. The more we try learning the tricks-of-trade with our upright sincerity and integrity, the more we’ll be adaptive to change. One should not brush under the carpet anything that transpires while learning and changing accordingly.


Then in every sphere of life, we’ll always come across people with fastidious attitude. Here we’ll have to tread cautiously – a ‘tight-rope’ walk though. I have experienced such situations during the initial period of my career. My sincere advice is; if we adapt according to requirements of people (hard-to-be pleased ones), who I found to be mine-house of knowledge, we can learn much from them and to top it all, if we’re trained under their guidance initially then we can steer clear of any hurdle not only in our career but also in our life. Daunting change and facing them head on can have a far reaching influence on us. Besides these changes infuse confidence, make us resolute and also make us better prepared for facing the life’s vicissitudes. Putting ourselves in different environments can enhance our awareness and affords us opportunity to be adaptive to change, ever.


It would be easier for us to change if we have prior information about the change we’ve to undergo. We can revisit or practice our strategies and formulate an action plan for the anticipated change. Sudden change has brings unpredictable results.


  1. It affords us incentive to experience new opportunities for a better living but it should be borne in mind that in our changed atmosphere we should exert with fullest attention without thinking about the fruit of our efforts and also keeping our Lord always in our mind. That change will bring about freedom from stress. Bhagwad Gita surmises: Actions do not cling to me because I am not attached to their results. Those who understand this and practice it live in freedom.
  2. While dealing in the unknown environment, it provides us avenues to delve in different set of conditions.
  3. It enhances our confidence to interact with different people with different intelligence quotients. This helps us to grow in more congenial atmosphere.
  4. We can improve ourselves by learning new things which we have not done earlier on. Here we’ve to change our learning strategy.
  1. While we go about changes, efforts should be to limit the number of changes so we can concentrate our efforts on them rather than facing too many changes with no net result.
  2. If we are unable to adapt to a change, we can take the guidance of some experienced person to be successful.
  3. Change changes our outlook on life. We can rise from narrow and parochial thoughts to enlightening ones.
  4. It infuses courage in us to face the facts of life squarely besides we can increase our social base.
  5. More challenges to be faced because of working in different circumstances and with different work cultures.
  6. Those who sweat during their training period or initial period of employment remain calm despite of stress that is the fruit of our efforts. BG has enunciated: That which seems like poison at first, but tastes like nectar in the end – this is the joy of sattva, born of a mind at peace with itself.

Conclusively, it could be said that change is a necessity, we like it or not that makes hardly any difference. Those who are forthright, hardworking, devoted besides being accommodative remain unruffled by any change. We should not forget; whether we want or not CHANGE is a must but it has to be welcomed and accepted as such.


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  1. Change is must for our growth and development but how best we react in changed atmospherics, our resolve is tested there. Kindly go through and offer your comments.

  2. This is of your usual excellent quality, Harbans. I particularly liked the early quotation from the Baghwad Gita, because I have always adapted to circumstances as they happen, rather than try to force issues.

    1. Sir one of the best qualities of your is that you always appraise the write ups thoroughly / read between the lines and give your motivating and valuable comments.

      I too try to be adaptive to the change – moving with the current rather than in opposite direction.

      Thanks sincerely.:)) Regards

    1. Linka madam thanks a lot for appraising the blog and offering your most inspiring comments.

      Facts stands out, if we exert sincerely leaving the results of our efforts .on ‘time’ we remain unruffled with the consequences of our actions. :)) Regards

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