Our sojourn of life is unending. While traversing on this life’s journey, we sometimes have to stop and analyze the progress of our efforts. When this evaluation takes place at the end and beginning of year, it beings in its wake fresh interest and expectations. We can even reorient our target, method of fructification etc. It is also understood that one function ends, the another starts and it goes on. In our zeal to reach goal, we want to reach our coveted target with a speed just forgetting the meaning of God’s speed resulting in earning for ourselves stress related diseases.

The amount of our effort is different while realizing our target and make it a reality.  The imponderables of richness of accomplishments depends upon; what we’ve achieved that we aspired for, whether our performance will bring tangible results or not, what are the implications if there are external impediments and how best to remove them for a smooth functioning, what we’ve gained and sometimes lost or pin-pricks experienced during our endeavor and finally happy and sad moments observed.

During our sincere attempts, we’ve have to maintain a healthy balance under trying situations. Half of our task gets accomplished if we adopt positive approach coupled with equi-poised method for any task at hand.  For our goals to achieve in ease and peace we have to have self confidence despite hurdles and grace of God.

While choosing our coveted resolutions, what happened in the past should give us experience to stride ahead despite some adverse situations. Successes make us happy and failures should bestow us lessons and experiences for forward movement and provide us self belief to go ahead and if need be reorient our resolutions midway.

The following are my resolutions. Also, it can also  be said that same sets of resolutions could be attained and made applicable to all of us:-

  1. Keeping humour as our companion. In order to keep stress-free life it is essential to not to lose sight of humour even in most stressful contingency in order to keep ourselves safe from hypertension and other stress related diseases.
  1. Family values. When there is cohesion in the family, every member respects each others’ privacy and the old members are given due reverence and consulted for advice on varied matters bedeviling the family, there is understanding between husband and wife and give quality time to their children for their vertical (advancement in thinking capability)and horizontal development (adding more knowledge, skill and competencies) besides there exists love for each other.
  1. Removing negativity or regressive tendencies from our midst. It is a must that we should drive negativity in the form of ego, anger, jealousy, bitterness, greed for worldly possessions, lust for sex outside the family, etc.
  1. Difficult situation and way to face them. When faced with dreadful situation, there are two options either fight to the end till the problem ends or flight to avoid the onslaught of the situation confronted. What we want doing depends on us. Here presence of mind and inner strength is a must.
  1. Pursuing Simple lifestyle. We should pursue simple living, simple habits, simple prayer, simple dietary habits. By following simplicity in all walks of life, we can remain within our resources and not fall prey to our ostentatious style of our life.
  1. Spiritual forward march. Through spiritualism we can investigate, analyse and then classify an arising situation concerning spirit  proving spiritualism as science. When we study laws of nature both seen and unseen concerning life and reaches to a conclusion based on facts and figure; in this case it is philosophy besides when we try understanding religion in the light of physical, mental and spiritual Laws of Nature.
  1. Quality of our productivity. Whatever profession we pursue, we ought to perform with utmost sincerity and with due diligence – putting to use all our resources at our command so as to create extra-ordinarily glowing output. This should be based on percept; Quality is better than quantity.
  1. Life to be lived out not rust out. Our idea should be to live with our life with our head held high notwithstanding the functions we perform. Whiling away our time and frittering our knowhow will not solve problem. If we do so then we’ll rather rust ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.
  1. Failure is a stepping stone for a successful life. Aspire for the best and if results are not to our expectations then another sincere effort is called for. Failure should be taken as stepping stone for success finally with firm belief on our inner strength and belief in God.
  1. Egoistic tendencies. Our success, through our self effort, should not make us egotistical and and full of pride but rather make us humble and we should thank God for all.
  1. Belief that every shining thing is not gold. In our real life, we get swayed and get attracted by outer glitter without knowing the inner quality of someone and something. To remain grounded, it is important that we distinguish what is good for us and what is not.

May our efforts fructify.

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