While speaking about self reliance, we have to be doubly sure about individual’s self-sufficiency in relation to an his/her body needs, emotional needs, spiritual needs etc. We also think that every individual is different, intelligence wise, physically besides putting up with changes that may entail while facing a situation. A person who, through his work and achievements, inspires confidence despite handicaps is really a person with a difference. Irrespective of what others think, nobody but myself can make things right for me. My strength flows from the strength of my own mind. The assertion by Napoleon Bonaparte is more relevant here: ‘The word impossible is in the dictionary of fools’. He was the person fired by self confidence and drive who faced every situation squarely and came out unscathed. He was a workaholic and risk taking genius – a personage with steadfast mind. He exemplified a personality imbued with a pursuit of self-reliance and self sufficiency and exploited his resources to the hilt. But everybody cannot be Napoleon. So nobody can work for me, think for me, pray for me (I have to do it by/for myself).

If I fall; I only have to make efforts to get up, nobody except me will have to do it. If nothing works well in our life, I’ll have to make concerted attempt to put synergy in our effort in whatever way we can. This is what happened in my case. I had an accidental fall last month due to which my left hand wrist got fractured. It looked as though every path around me had stopped; my job, my active life, my prayers, etc just got affected. But my inner voice prompted me to face the facts squarely and encouraged me to not to put a stop on any activity with even a sling pouch in my left arm proving that if we want to face challenges, we can!

A question pops up, can we be self reliant with all the inconsistencies and imperfections in our capacities? Nobody in fact is perfect in all the walks of life and if somebody thinks it otherwise then that person seemingly is over-indulging in self-worth. Also we have to introspect whether the chessboard of life could be played by a single person or not. Self-sufficiency or self-reliant surmise may spring a thought as to how an individual could be self sufficient, he may excel in one field but may have to take the help of others in fulfilling his agenda. But it can also be emphasized, despite imperfections, we can take the assistance of those who can fill the gap in inconsistencies and make sincere efforts for becoming self-contained.

We tend to be overwhelmed by our disabilities but think of the people who suffered from various forms of disabilities yet they made their mark in different fields. They not only became SELF RELIANT but also inspiration for others who get disheartened even with slightest adverse circumstance.

How best the people with various types of disabilities train and conduct themselves through trial and error method in order to be self reliant. Although failures will certainly be there yet will to survive and excel under duress makes huge difference. They not only make themselves reliant for themselves but also become beacon-light for others and show that disability of any nature could be overcome with self-determination of highest order. Following are some of the examples of physically challenged persons challenged the adverse situations / conditions and showed their fighting instinct and out-shined..

  • Sudha Chandran from India despite her disability (with artificial right leg – which was amputated due to an accident) she became a talented dancer. For her talents she has been numerous awards.
  • How blind and deaf Helen Adams Keller learned to communicate and camoaigned the causes of women, rights of workers along with other causes.

  • Stephen William Hawking with motor neuron disease (which was detected when he was only 21 years) but became a world famous theoretical physicist, won Presidential Medal of Freedom (a highest civilian award) and other awards due to his strong will and zeal to excel.

  • Example of John Nash is really impressive. He started showing signs of paranoia. After recovery, his scientific temper became more pronounced besides he won rewards for his work.

We follow other people’s footprints or follow oft beaten track while doing anything important and do not create some unique or adopt out of the box method for fructification of our fforts. Even in prayers we tend to conform to what others do and fear what ‘others’ would think if we adopt something singular practice in order to seek God’s connectivity. Those who do their jobs differently achieve something exclusive. Mere empty ideas will hardly make any difference; putting these ideas into practice in our own way; using our head and heart; without external influences or coercions will make us more self reliant self-contained.

Self-reliance actually means to nurture a belief that one is self-sufficient; one is able to satisfy one’s needs without depending more on others for meeting needs. Here too one thing stands out, by nature, all things created by our Creator are dependent on each other for their survival. Interdependence and sustain each other is the natural outcome for an action plan to be executed in a systematic manner.

Individualism is reasonable but humans cannot exist in isolation though all have their importance in their sphere of activity/influence. When an individual takes for granted others, besides a person who forcibly or illegally snatches others possessions through deception, that person lives a parasitic life. One who does not care for others or does not share the fruits of his action is bound to fail after sometime.

Man depends on others for meeting his needs; from childhood onwards. The child wholly depends on parents for meeting all its needs. In the loving care of parents, child grows up, learns the first lesson from parents and then from the formal institutions and his confusions are removed and his self-confidence is established.

Normal practice is to send our children to school and our combined education makes them self reliant. But it is sad commentary that when we talk about self reliant, we mean it for economic self reliance. Real self reliance happens if a person gains spiritually, morally and economically partly through self efforts and partly through the assistance of others with enough graces of our God. Confidence in working with strangers comes when one has learnt the traits of assimilation initially. Thus essentially, gaining independence and taking decisions freely result when one is flexible in learning the art of living under different sets of situations one is placed for self reliant in all the spheres of our lives.


If above is relevant for humans it is also relevant for nations. We are aware that now a days we are living in a global village where anything happening casts a shadow globally. For instance economic slowdown /meltdown in China is having economic repercussions world over the happenings in Syria is having its reverberations all the world over.

In other words, what is true of an individual is also true in a larger perspective while it relates to international relations. Besides being proud of our heritage and produce things ourselves for meeting our demand but also export the same for earning foreign exchange which could be conveniently used for meeting the import bills besides boosting our foreign exchange reserves. A country should be self sufficient in the fields like industry, agricultural produce, science and technology in sync with the growth in population. Also, now a days, one country has to be self reliant in defence related production to protect its sovereignty.

Total self reliance is not possible, so the nations depend on each other for meeting their demands. Some countries may say that they are self-reliant, they do not need other countries support for driving their economies which can meet their demand and supply – it is not possible at least presently because of advancements in various fields.

For self reliant we should ponder over the following aspects:-

  • Creative Zeal. To be self reliant at individual plane we have to create something unique / some out of the box accomplishment.

  • Excel despite our limitations, (physical and resource-wise). No adverse circumstance should deter us from our chosen path. There are several examples wherein people have become self contained and self reliant despite their disabilities. Here self confidence coupled with God’s graces count.


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  1. Yes great thoughts! There’s an aspect of acknowledging and taking ownership of one’s individuality.

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