Value of an idea or a thought

In the form of an earnest attitude

Made applicable by us all

Or a thing, so important

Depends on the value it entails

For its utility or a price tag it carries

in our daily lives

These value systems are the precursor

Of our society in which we aspire

For new ideas of values to percolate

And make us move forward

Discarding what’re (ideas) old and faded.

Values are the prime-movers of any society

And keep us wrapped-up with the reality.

But in reality economic value and its possession

Cannot earn for us valuation

Equivalent to goodwill and wellness creation.


First of all, it is pertinent to delve on the literal meaning of word ‘value’. In economical parlance, the value of goods and services is determined by the price tag it carries. In international monetary matters, the value of respective currencies fall and rise due to internal and external pulls and pressures; these may be economic or other factors. For example, the value of a particular country currency falls due to overall internal production factors (like decline in industrial output, agricultural output) or when imports and exports are incompatible or when there is sluggishness in the international economies like fall in China’s growth story has made a huge dent on the internationally or when there is imminence of war/war like situation between countries. Then we have fall or rise in real estate or in bullion market or mineral oil value according to the domestic factors (location/geography of the place, transportation facilities, school and communication facilities available etc) besides current international economic cues coupled with demand and supply factors too affects the value of goods and services. Value tag of goods and services is thus given according to utility which is attached to it.

Before giving value or importance to an idea or a thought, it is worthwhile to understand what is the yardsticks or parameters used for measuring value of an idea or thought? It is used for a culture or a tradition – as to what is good in a culture or for a culture depends upon attitude and behavior of the society in question. How we can have orderly behaviour and attitude and best to use these in our daily lives depend on what we have imbibed / learnt from our home or from the society in which we are living? Our behaviour or attitude also depends on our behaviour vis-a-vis our society and its environments.

Humans are one of the best creations of our Creators; endowed with the power of discrimination besides all individuals have different traits, intelligence, understanding and aptitude to act. By practicing discrimination in our real life, we can adopt those values which are good for us and through the process of nihilism (refusing to obey a body of beliefs or doctrines or traditional values which have lost their utility in the present times may be due to moral or ethical standpoints). We have to follow value based life on daily basis; enjoying every moment of it while performing daily duties or karma to the best of our abilities besides living our lives most sincerely, honestly on the principles of ‘live and let live’.

The intrinsic value of life can be understood when we adopt those modes of life which are realistic in nature/lifelike – the present moment is the true gift of our Lord, we can adopt wholesome values this moment only. Procrastination leads us nowhere. Who knows about tomorrow – it may come or not for us?

It has been observed that half backed information or its application of value system is being fed to our young minds from various sources which themselves do not have much inherent knowhow about the value system.

The way we adopt fairness or even-handedness to handle some problems impacting our domestic life counts but our sincerity with which we follow the course of action also impacts the values we espouse.

Value also connotes the right or wrong with respect to:

  • Ethical values,
  • Moral values,
  • Traditional values,
  • Thoughts and actions with values attached,
  • Beliefs and faiths and values attached with these,
  • Norms of behaviour, family values and societal values.
  • Sometimes we become too much judgmental about a value; may be due to passage of time or value has lost its utility over a period of time.

In recent times, it has been observed that the value system has been eroded to a maximum extent – may it be on political or sociological sphere. I speak about the political scene of India. It has virtually become a wrestling match/mud slinging match. Selfishness is the prime motive rather than pubic service.


Examining the Indian political scene, the political values have slowly but steadily degenerated over a period of time. The richness in national debates that we used to have in both houses of Parliament have lost in value. The noisy scenes that are generated/slanging match in august houses by the parliamentarians seemingly look like a wrestling arena. Although so much of tax payers money is spent on these parliamentarians yet very little or no worthwhile contribution is being made by way of speeches on various legislations/bills. For instance, our chosen representatives are entitled for lifelong pension even for being an Member of Parliament for less than five years! We witness a lot of noise and din created sometimes without any reason whatsoever – just to stall the working of the houses. The unprecedented noise which is created every time something happens in any state (even though that comes under the jurisdiction of a particular State) its undercurrents are felt in the Parliament- more so in Rajya Sabha. Reasons may be any; for example the National Herald case, killing of a Dalit in Punjab or Haryana or due to utterance of some by some politician – invent an incident and stall the parliamentary work has become the order of the day. Any reason is sufficient enough to stall the proceedings in the parliament and disrupt the proceedings.

What is more appalling is that the politicians are dividing the people on the basis of caste, religion, sex, regionalism and thus exploiting the masses to the hilt for garnering votes. One of the causes of economic backwardness of the masses is the non-passage of some bills and legislation like GST and Land Bill etc in the parliament.

After we gained independence, the national building and its destiny rested with our people since they chose their representatives but noisy scenes as we witness in the parliament especially in Upper House is really appalling. Trooping in the well of the house and raising sloganeering besides disrupting the session after session is the order of the day. Now some politicians are not concerned about improving the lots of their people who voted them to power. They play power games as they are not interested in the service and upliftment of the masses. This has resulted in the disillusionment of the electorates. All this and much more has contributed in huge erosion in political values.


Knowledge about moral or ethical values notwithstanding, these are of no consequence till such time we utilize these practically in our daily lives. Mere theory will not do – practice makes difference. For example, though we’ve learnt that positive behavior and attitude like obeying the older members of our society are good but when it comes to really practically using the same we do it otherwise! Then possessing that value system is of no consequence – learning to use it practically makes sense. This value inculcation may be from our parents, gurus or any other members of our society. Merely listening discourses from religious discourses/congregations (satsang) are of little value till we use the same practically.

Then what we’ve learnt by way of value system ought to be clarified from a person who is well versed in spiritualism or Jnana Yoga (absolute wisdom) in the light of new knowledge revolution which is sweeping the world over.

Those who are having essential values and use these on daily basis are the real friends of the community. In Mahabharta there is a fight between Pandavas (positive forces having positive values system) and Kauravas (representing negative forces – without values). The one who is having knowledge always follows the good or positive karma, have positive frame of mind, leads a life full of compassion for others. While dark forces are self centred, conceited, negatively oriented and have their growth only as their sole ambition is to fulfill their self-seeking plan.

Knowing the inner truth is precursor for self realization. It is also a fact that we as humans are bestowed the power of discrimination; as to what is good or what is bad for us and proceed further in the path of self awareness.

Demon king Ravana too was obsessed with pride and wanted to suppress all the civilized and positive values prevailing at that time proved his negative credentials by even abducting Sita Mata, the consort of Lord Rama thus represented evil as its worst manifestation. Lord Rama (incarnate of Lord Vishnu) represented positive forces. In order to annihilate evil and establish good value system, Lord Rama killed Ravana. The domain of God can never be understood by demanding proofs that form essential part of science. Pure wisdom (Jnana Yoga) could be attained through pure value system.


  • We can realize truth and gain values for use in our life from any source of knowledge Quran, Bhagwad Gita, Bible Sri Garanth Sahib and other religious scriptures.
  • Transfer of traditional value systems from parents.
  • Transfer of value system from formal and informal institutions.
  • Present moment is the time when all those theoretical values which we’ve absorbed have to be made applicable practically first by trial and error method and subsequently these values become part of our daily habits. Past is dead, whatever done or not done by way of imparting values is hardly of any credence.
  • Value system which has lost its shine due to passage of time could be replaced with some gained presently.
  • Religious scriptural values are eternal in nature and hence could be revived and revised through discourses with religious preacher or Gurus who have got self realization.


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  1. Values are the forerunners of any individual or a society. Valueless society or an individual is like a rudderless boat. Regards

  2. In the last fifty years I have watched the valuable concept of service and enabling support in my own former career become dominated by financial and judgemental ethoses

    1. Thanks a lot for your most potent comment. This goes to show that all over the world, humans are same – same attitude, same habits, same ethos etc. :)) Regards

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