Holy Quran says: God prohibits gambling and games of chance in very clear terms.

Holy Bible  says:  For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?

Bhagwad Gita: There are many kinds of cheaters all over the universe. Of all cheating processes, gambling stands supreme…..

In Sikhism it is vividly enunciated: Sikhs are advised not to gamble in games of chance, but to earn a living by honest means while engaged in earnest hard work.


Temptation for some ‘more’ easy money

A curse that we promote anyway

At first we start it as a ‘time-pass’

Thence it becomes a habit difficult to leave us

Easy to be formed but quite hard

To be easily forsaken at all

And finally becomes a cause of our downfall!

The question we should ponder

Resources earned with hard work

Bring forth prosperity and all round happiness

When used for our offspring

And dependents we hold dear

Besides elevating our Soul to new heights.

Whereas money earned

Other than the sweat of our brow

Like from impulsive gambling

Or through unpredictable betting

Being easily made is frittered away very easily

This money when used for our children and love ones

Bring about results so gloomy

That we are stunned as to how it all occurred eventually

And with it all we lose sheen of our own soul!

We become slave to gaming as a habit

Through constant repetition

Form a permanent addiction 

Leading to physiologically harsh implications

Along with psychologically severe afflictions

This way we become cause of our own destruction

This way, we not only ruin our own selves

But the future of our well-wishers.




Even as we ponder: Habits die hard’ yet there are the myriads of habits which not only adversely impact the individual concerned but also the entire family to which that individual belongs. Habit of gambling is one amongst them. Many a families have had disastrous repercussions financially, socially, morally and physically.  It is a vice which sullies our soul ultimately.

The literal meaning of gamble is to play a game or match wherein outcome or result is uncertain or a pastime which depends purely on chance or a bet with an intention and expectation to reap windfall profit – a shorter gain. People may say, in life we take so many risks and let there be another risk for earning randomly without botheration of hard work. If only this were so simple! It is not so as we all know, it is a reckless or hazardous and downright negative behavior/ habit which impacts not only the individual concerned but also the entire family.

Gambling may also include risking on some unsettled issues or agreements of household or betting or wager on some unpredictable result of a game like cricket, hockey or football which wholly depends on chance – result could be any. Investing in stock exchange also is a sort of a gamble. There is a huge risk involved. The stocks we put in our investment may become bullish or may crash to abysmal levels. This uncertain boom or doom may put ourselves high or may dry us of all our resources at our command.

What do you call a bettor – a empty brained who neither thinks about himself nor of his entire family. The honour and future of entire family is put in disarray by a foolhardy fellow. He is dishonest to himself, his entire family, his community and finally to his Creator? Fact stands out that those who are gambling addicts are affilicted with mental and physical problems (mood changing, cannot be relied upon for any decisive action under the sun besides may have personality disorders).

The daily habit we have cultivated over a period of time with our own sweet-will like various types of addictions like: smoking (nicotine from cigarettes is addictive like heroin which not only adversely affects our lungs but also brain besides it produces undesirable affects on almost all the parts of our body including brain), drugs (Intake of drugs could have both short and long term implications on our body and also leads to addiction besides when addicted, it is difficult to get rid of this risky habit without the help of an experienced medical practitioner) and other health risky habits, these habits are easy to form but difficult to erase from our system.

We know what happened in the famour epic Mahabharta to Pandavas who wagered everything in the game of a dice with Kauravas. Shakuni induced the Pandavas to wager one precious things after another and won everything (their kingdom and everything that it contained, their own selves including  their most precious gem their consort Dropati). The entire loss was due to the hope of winning and paid heavy price after losing everything. This was done basically by the deception and conceit of Shakuni. We also know what was the consequence of this deception and consequence. Pandavas were exiled and even after their tenure of exile  was over they were subjected to different kinds of discrimination. The result of all this was a most ferocious battle between Pandavas and Kauravas in which there was death and destruction wroght on Kauravas and even the winners Pandavas too lost much. This epic of Mahabharta should be a guide for us all what a gamble can bring about – a total destruction.

Then there is tradition of gambling on Diwali day. It is believed that on this day Maan Parvati played dice with Lord Shiva. But unfortunately, some irresponsible people just continues and make it a habit to gamble even staking high to earn more after this festival. Yesterday, I happen to meet a fellow who had lost a hefty sum of money on the eve of Diwali (on which it is viewed that if we gamble, good omen befalls on us for our entire life). The entire amount was taken from the other party on an interest @ 10 % per month which comes to whopping amount per month. This fellow was forced to give this interest from monthly payment. On paying this huge rate of interest, he was left with only a paltry amount with which he had to meet his entire month’s expenditure  including the fee of his children; while his principle amount remained intact!  This individual and his family members who are dependent upon him entirely were left to fend for themselves. What predicament, this insensitive person had put himself and his entire family! This case shows to what limit our greed could take us and consequences it can lead us to.

Not only this one, there are many examples in which the person(s) concerned  could not stand the ensueing trauma of repayment to the creditors and were forced to commit  suicide leaving their families in the lurch for good. This is a problem gamblers or gambling addicts who wager everything with an expectation to win to become rich without  hard work / sweating fall in the pit of uncertainity for good. Compulsive gambling is a vice and lowers the person concerned morally, socially, physically, emotionally/psychologically and even spiritually.

Doubtlessly, there are some adverse implications for the addicts and their families who resort to gambling. These include:-

  1. Economical implications. Consequences of becoming rich instantly through gambling has financial implications for the entire family when that addict wagers everything including home and hearth. This loss is felt by the entire family; the children in the family for whom money is required for their upbringing and schooling suffer adversely. More often than not, compulsive gambler lose their jobs because they are not able to devote wholeheartedly on the job-at-hand.
  1. Adverse Implications on children. It becomes all the more problematic for the children whose parents are gambling addicts. They are either left at home or somewhere else while both the parents gamble and one can very well imagine the predicament of these hapless children when both of the parents lose. Ultimately, it has been observed that the children too become gambling addicts when they grow up and are forced to live a life which their parents led.
  1. Sociological Implications. When there is somebody in the household who is a gambling addict, the entire family suffers. There is a threat of creditors looming large and the entire community comes to know of it all. Worse still a police case may also result in some cases. This, many a times, causes irreparable damage to reputation of the entire family. All members of the family face social stigma.


  1. Psychological implications. When there is an addict in a particular family, everyone in the community comes to know about this fellow. This way, the entire family experiences emotional and psychological problems resulting in mental and stress related diseases.


  1. Physiological Implications. While an addict in the family just fritters the hard earned resources due to greed for more, the members of the family have to fend for themselves. They are constrained to live with less or no resources at all; the family members are forced to live frugally impacting their physical wellbeing.


  1. Gambling and Spiritualism. Gambling is associated with attachment and greed for more worldly possessions and hence a negative Karma and carries with it a disgrace of negativity whereas spiritualism is associated with knowledge (Gyan) and when this knowledge is used practically it helps us in transformation of ourselves holistically – not merely religiously but in moral and ethical standpoints too we acquire higher platform. But gambling as a vice snatches all these from us.

The following suggestions are made for the one is swayed/lured to gambling curse and turned into addicts:-


  • Habits are formed through repetition. This is true for good and bad habits. We may start gambling as a mark of religious practice (just innocently) but end up having a perennial habit. Then why to gamble at all – even as a mark of religious ritual? A bad habit cannot be construed as good one even when a religious tag is attached with it?


  • Greed & Gambling. When the stakes are higher then our expectations too become higher and it is not that our expectations are always met, then what? We lose. This loss of our precious earned resources take toll not only as an individual but also our family too gets aftershocks. This greed for anything has to stop. Earnest earning through hard work pays huge dividends should never be forgotten.


  • Honest earnings bring prosperity. It has been experienced that if we use the hard earned money for the family, it will bring huge rich dividends for us and our offspring. Resources  coming through corrupt practices, like gambling etc and used on our children bring dismay and negative results ultimately. ‘As you sow so shall you reap’ is the best example for this.


  • While wagering remember that there is somebody waiting for you at home who loves you. While we are gambling, we should never forget the unfortunate examples of those who lost their everything including the members of their families through the scourge of gambling.


  • Cultivate good pastime. It is well said: ‘ An idle brain is a devil’s workshop’. We should cultivate some positive and productive pastime so as to utilize our spare time so that we may not be lured by some dangerous game like gambling or betting.


  • Children should be kept away. Even when we are playing some innocuous games like rummy or cards even when the stakes are very little, the children should be kept away from these all lest they too fall prey to these.


  • Accept your fault & determine not to gamble. Problem with us is that, in the first place, we do not accept our fault. It is a eternal truth that till such time we accept our fault, we cannot rid ourselves of gambling or any other malaise that bedevils us. Therefore determination to rid of any vice or evil precedes acceptance. Being rigid on our part will not help find solution to the pestering problem hence choice is on us whether we want solution to our addiction problem or not. This problems of addiction to gambling was created by us and we have to seek its solution, the sooner it is done the better?





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  1. Amongst all the vices that we cultivate, gambling is one of them. This not only destroys the individual concerned but also the family with all the nears and dears. Wish that life debilitating curse is removed from amongst us. Regardss

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