Willpower is the capacity to act resolutely

Thus be a driving force to bestow God Speed to fructify

Our sincere efforts taken in hand ultimately.

We all are born with a desire

To get an object of our choice we aspire

In the process of realization of our aspirations

We naturally are faced with several inhibitions

Like: financial, bodily disability, situational

In all fairness care ought to be taken

That these hurdles should not bury us down

Under the debris  – wait of our own

But affords us opportunity

To have unflinching self control with honesty

By fighting conflicts between desires and goals thereof

Shunning short-term temptations which come on the way

Whilst fixing our eyes on the long-term attainments

Success of our efforts for the task to be accomplished

Depends on our strong resolve we tend to acquire thru self control

And persistence whence our efforts

Meet with adverse end-results

This falls under the purview of our mind

A capacity to act in a particular decisive way

And act as a vehicle for success of our mission

Of course with God’s bounties as a bonus for task execution.



Willpower is a moving force generated when our potential energy gets exploited by our personal efforts besides graces of our Lord. Willpower or determination is created through our persistence in our efforts by bringing into play self control and then exploiting our energies for our ultimate good. It is natural there would be occasions when miseries, failures, sorrows and diseases become impediments in our path. We should strive to seek cures for these separately and not blame circumstances or others for our failings or our Creator to that matter. Instead we should make our failures, pains, defeats stepping stones for our tenacity and perseverance in our effort to go ahead despite adverse circumstances. We should take miseries or failures as the necessary springboards for putting in more efforts to put in more energy and fight them like a true warrior. For this equanimity of mind is a must. A person who just wavers at the first sign of misery or setback can neither have determined mind nor succeed in any endeavour.

In Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna advises warrior Arjuna to overcome dejection and face the enemy in a spirit of firm determination to strive and to win. We should all face difficulties or hardships in life with strong willpower, weathering storm that comes in the path. Favourable and unfavourable waves will surely be there but our determination should be unwavering at all times.

It is not that we can remove our difficulties merely by thinking about it. Result is obtained through determined efforts through self control – controlling our emotions, behavior, temptations, confusions and if and when necessary make sacrifices for overall benefits.  There are numerous examples wherein efficacy of determined efforts could be proven. By observance of certain norms of behavior and rules, we can bring about dynamic results in our all round development through sincere determination. No difficulty can deter a person who has determined mindset. There are umpteenth number of personages who despite their physical handicaps succeeded in life due to their sheer determination. They worked systematically built on a foundation of intense doggedness to minimize deficiencies to achieve success.  Ms. Ira Singhal  topped the civil services examination despite being physically challenged (curvature of the spine). There are so many examples like her.


The first step that we have to take is to remove the darkness (Andkar) of ignorance that pervades in us. For this, we’ve to introspect as to what is ailing our system, these solutions cannot be found from outside, we have to delve deep inward, know our week and bright spots, work for removing the week spots and convert these into bright ones and for this nothing works better than our determined mind. When the layers of ignorance evaporate, our SOUL works like a carrier for our entire system.


Willpower is not a commodity which could be purchased from the shelf at  a supermarket. Putting off things makes us lethargic and tardy in our assigned tasks. It is just like static water which after sometimes starts giving out foul smell. Similar is the condition with our mind. If left inactive the results will be disastrous for us. Mind left to itself just decays like iron left to the beggaries of weather.


For a determined mind, all the faculties of physical, mental and emotional do the action at hand. All the thoughts precepts, behavior and deeds are directed towards fulfillment with regard to the task at hand. Towards what direction we have to direct the force of our mind (positive or negative) depends solely on us. If force/frame of mind is directed positively, it will generate environment and all other favourable factors for fructification of our effort. This effort will be beneficial internally (to our body, mind and soul development) and outwardly (in the form of respect from society at large). Willpower or determination is thus fully acquired by perfecting and perpetuating the positive traits and negating the negative ones.

A person who lives a  life based on truth, believes in simplicity, by nature is positive in attitude towards everything that he/she does, is always in the pursuit of truth by living a principled life. That person does not live life according to others’ whims but as per the need of hour coupled with his/her conscience. That person changes when change is a dire need. That person is never a subborn. It is also said that those persons who conduct themselves well under all circumstances are the cream of any society. They are the self made persons because they are determined to follow a particular path. They shape their destinies through their attitude, thoughts and deeds on contininuous basis and whenever there is a need. Destinty and opportunities knock at their doors all the times because they are ready with a determined mindset.

Will power is to consciously control our impulses, regulate our behavior pattern, control our reactionary patterns, keeping away from the harmful habits through self discipline is will power. Roy Baumeister, a social psychologist has very rightly said that willpower is a depletable resource, can be increased and strengthened like a muscle through exercise and nutrition. Self determination or will power could be enhanced through self discipline, regulating our habits, managing our pressure level that comes in our daily lives besides practicing relaxation. Meditation could also be a medium for providing a solid base for  determined mind.


The adage: where there is a will there is a way should always be kept in mind while making  mind for doing something. That ‘something’ should not be based on compulsion – which we actually do with strings attached. Undoubtedly, our mind could make us a powerhouse of information if it determines and we work in right earnest for the fructification of the path so desired. But for this a determined will is a must in order to direct our energies for the target in hand. Will to do does not mean that it would be a cakewalk afterwards. Setbacks would be there but we have to take those setbacks as the part of the process for ultimate success of our mission.   Will to succeed besides firm self belief in ourselves with thought that failures would be there in our path should hardly deter us for furtherance of endeavours towards the set goal.

Moving ahead is the best way in life. Those who remain inactive, they get physically, mentally and spiritually rotten. Dynamism is the key ensure completion of any task that we take in hand and for this desire and steadfast decision to start trying to accomplish something is the first step in accomplishment of a task. No success is as sweet as is obtained with determined mindset. For a determined mind, it is desirable that we remain very careful lest any unwanted negative thoughts trickle down our system and work like a virus that spoils the complete stored data in the computer system.

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