Discussion on division of labour and also show that inequality still persists in our society?

Discussion on division of labour and also show that inequality still persists in our society?

Division of labour is in sync with Law of Nature. Just start with analysing your own body. We have different parts of body and their working – have got different functions. For example our own hand. You have different sizes of fingers and when all five fingers start working as a cohesive unit as a hand, the hand performs its function well – as we require. Similar is the case with all the parts of the body which help in maintaining our system as a well-nit unit.

In the similar manner, we have different sets of classes in our society too. And the functions of the members are different. For instance, the farmers till the field and help agricultural produce, skilled labour class help in industrial production according to their skill and capability, the unskilled labour contribute their mite differently, the managerial staff render perform their functions as financial experts, looking after the human resources and employment etc. All have their role defined as per their merit and capability. But when all contribute as per their assigned tasks honestly and sincerely, they help in fructification of their efforts for the organization concerned.

Also, it should not be forgotten that each of the contributing constituents (management, skilled labour, unskilled labour, administrative staff etc) have different roles and functions will naturally get different salaries and perks. This may result in different classes of people – people with higher pay bands, middle pay bands and lower pay bands but we cannot avoid this segregation since everything is laid down and as per rules and regulations. But too much of inequality leads to dissensions in the society.

All this differential works in a particular society for their optimal benefit and this makes a society dynamic.

If there is no difference in the society, then different functions are difficult to be performed as different strata of society have their performances set – according to the aptitude and other considerations. Confining themselves to their own sphere of activity different people function to the best of their ability and belief. Together these un-equal segregation in sociological stratification makes the world go. This is true of the societies, this is true with respect to working of families and also with respect to the working of the world at large.

It is well within the purview to discuss the division in labour with respect to the following:-

  • Division of labour according to Manusimrti.
  • Adam Smith’s theory on the division of labor
  • Karl Marx’s theory on division of labour
  • Durkheim’s theory on the division of labor
  • Division of Labour – Manuimrti. According to Manusimrti, different people are assigned duties and also various rights, laws, conduct, virtues etc according to their Varnas. These varnas are: Brahmanas, Kshatriyas, Shudras and Vaishyas.

In Bhagvad Gita explains: Brahmanas, kshatriyas, vaishyas, and shudras are distinguished by the qualities born of their own nature in accordance with the three material qualities.

  • Brahmanas (Priests, Teachers, and Intellectuals).
    Brahmans provided education and spiritual education to the people. They had knowledge about Vedas, offer guidance to others, should possess all good qualities – sincerity, honesty, integrity, austerity and above above spread the message of dharma and other moral issues to others without any bias because they had to set an example for others to follow. In older times, they were the advisors to the kings and commanded great respect and adulation as far as religion and spiritual matters were concerned.
  • Kshatriyas were warriors in nature, robust in health. They possessed wealth.
    They were rulers, were powerful, health wise. They protected their subjects, ensured that the citizens perform their duties assigned, remain true to their words, possessed compassion for others, to deal firmly with the law and orders and finally and most importantly possessed character of highest order for others to emulate.
  • Shudras: the section of the society who are permitted to accept others’ employment, to render service to others for eke out their living, to be loyal to their masters, to follow general moral principles etc.
  • (farmers, merchants, and business) They are the business class. Create wealth, to do their trade most ethically, to doll out taxes as required.

The differentiation in respective classes of people and their jobs, at that time was suitable, but this is now petering out slowly but surely. Now even the castes have no relevance as far as the division of labour is concerned. Now the Brahamanas, Shudras, Vaishas are joining the armed forces for the defence of the land which previously was the domain of Kshatriyas. For example, I am Brahmana but I served in the armed forced besides my father too served in the army.

Division of Labour in Capitalist Societies

In the capitalist society, the division of labour is according to the merit and capability of a person and believes in the dictum that social inequality reflects natural inequality thus spreading the virus of hatred with each other.

Karl Marx’s theory on division of labour

  • Karl Marx believed in division of labour in capital economy.
  • But he opines that division of labour brings about alienation of working classes as the workers are not able to use the product he makes.
  • Division of labour does not adversely affects the skill of labour he is able to do only a particularor specific type of labour and cannot do anything other than specific task assigned.
  • He was the proponent of division of labour on the basis of social mechanism of control.

Adam Smith’s theory on the division of labor

  • Division of labour plays an important role in capitalism.
  • Adam Smith considered the division of labour as far as production is concerned after the use of capital in the market.
  • This division was conceived on the basis of skill differentiation and consequent increased productivity. Smith gave the example of production of pins.

Durkheim’s theory on the division of labor

  • His views with regard to division of labour as an important constituent of capitalist societies.
  • He considered division of lab our as the natural law.
  • He also considered that division of labour resulted in negative aspects in the societies different classes in the same society – resulting in wide disparity of income in the society.

In view of the above, it is prudent to say that although there are inequalities in the society but this inequalities are due to:

  • Difference in the income of people.
  • Merits of people. More the merit higher the position in the hierarchy.
  • Proficiency in deliverance despite adverse situations etc.

Despite the differences or inequalities persisting in our society, we should make concerted efforts to take along those members of our society who are left out by the history or due to some other reasons through principles of special assistance from the state.






Today we experience daily pressures for fear of unfinished project goals, agendas or not being able to come to the expectations of others. This results in the feeling of anger outbursts directed upon others, hopelessness,  loss of concentration on job in hand including losing self esteem. We become indecisive and even for slightest of our task we remain dependent on others for meeting our demands. If nobody comes to our sucour, we become violent, delusive, whimsical, escapist  and sometimes go to the extent of harming ourselves. In all, we prefer aloofness and brood about the past events and finally may seek an easy way out – harming our own self.  


·        Causes may be one or multiples, we have to think about a way out. How best to seek a pausible way out from the present predicament depends on resolve to reassess our priorities in the light of our unpredictable situation and other considerations.

·        If we have become woefully helpless then we should seek the help of our well wishers for assisting us necessary counseling for normalcy.

·        If nothing works despite our best efforts then there is still ONE who is Omnipotent and Omniscient on whom we can surely bank on for ultimate redemption.

·        We should always keep in mind, when nothing works, His Omniscience surely works wonders. Only one thing is required for His assistance, sincere belief in Him. That is all.


In real life, we are relying more on our past; unfulfilled agendas/goals, past failings and their repercussions on our psyche. In fact we rely more on the past and future than present moment. We should never forget that we are not engineered to withstand the uncertain threats that it entail on our path to high ambitions. We very assiduously are attached with the fruits of our action and not the action itself due to our high ambitions due to high competitions and jealousy between the competitors. A slight downslide impacts our emotions. We lose because of less clarity on the path to fulfil our ambitions which becomes the cause of our suffering. This suffering becomes the cause of desperation and dejection.


Modern life is full of all sorts of struggles of meeting future targets. This way, we are dwelling more in future in setting goals and charting out plans and timeframe for achieving those targets. All our latent energy goes into this with little or no time for other pursuits which narrows our outlook on life. This concentration on a single target or a set of plans makes our life tread on a single narrow path. This way, we just narrow our mental construct. If these plans fructify, it is good forus. If not, then it will fall prey to depression. In this depressive state, we like to seek escape route.

No doubt we should set ambitious targets but how to fructify those targets is a moot point. Calmness and the joy that it bring with it counts much besides everything done with association with God and with ‘God Speed’ bring in its wake healthy dividends. Working with break neck speed may bring good results for some time but after sometimes our speed too impedes when this ‘breakness speed’ tells upon our health and wellness. A speed which impacts our system is a sure recipe for tension, anxiety and depression.


I am of the view that when we are unable to bear the sufferings due to our close relative and friends besides when there is no escape route, we prefer a final escape route to totally eliminate our sufferings and that is taking our own life.


Farm produce or agricultural produce is one of the important pillar of any society. If this sector is not cared, then the rural economy which is roughly about 70% in India is adversely affected. It is considered fact that agricultural produce in India hinges on the good monsoon as about 80% of farmland depends on this. When there is less rain or no rain at all (a drought like situation), the farm produce is adversely affected. The farmers who take loan from the Banks or from outside from the market with exorbitant rate of interest are left high and dry.

The case in point is parts of Maharashtra (severest drought conditions prevails, even there is scarcity of drinking water for example in Latur district), and Karnatka, and UP etc. When drought is there, there is no yield, the scenario creates a hopeless situation thus becomes a cause of depression and dejection because, in many cases, the financial support from agriculature. There is no supplementary source of income. It has been observed in states in India are under the spell of droughts: Maharashtra, Rajasthan, UP, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh and Telengana where suicides are periodic happening. 


Some reasons of farmers suicide are: risky credit systems, alternative income missing coupled with absence of any counseling to the affected farmers, absence of any information related to farming, inadequate saving of rain water, poor irrigation system, cost of inputs and maintenance, use of lower quality of pesticides etc.

It is a travesty of fact that when there is drought and flood farmers suffer, when there is more produce the market price proves to be the real culprit. Then there is the difficulties created by the uncertainty in prices of the commodity market. For example the cost of one Kg of onion is Rs. 20/- presently in the market now but the farmers are selling their produce @ less than a rupee in one of the markets in MP  – lower than the input cost on their produce! This becomes a sure recipe for producing tears in the eyes of the concerned farmers. What the farmers will do in this sort of a scenario?

A way out:

• Government should give loans to the farmers at easy rate of interests so that reliance on the money lenders is avoided.

• There should be adequate compensation when crops are destroyed by unseasonal rains, floods etc or when there is drought like situation as it is being experiences now.

• Timely Crop Insurance should be ensured.

• Govt should ensure timely support prices of each commodities and ensure that each commodity is marketed judiciously.

• The profiteers and hoarders who influence the market should be checked so that they do not exploit the farmers. They lift the important commodities like pulses (dal) and other important commodities from the market when prices are lower and hoard and create an artificial scarcity.


There is more pressure on youth of today firstly they are expected to bring in good pass percentage in the academics. Then there is huge competition for the prestigious institutions of excellence. Sometimes their best of efforts do not pay dividends – may be due to reasons but academics. The problem arises when a particular student has produced good results in both but still is not considered because of considerations other than merit! This creates a sorts of insecurity and lurking fear in the minds of aspirants. What if they are unable to score above 90% or what if they are not able to make a mark in the competitive examinations with high grades? This fear cuts both ways. It makes the students cynical about their own selves and thus are hugely depressed. Thus take recourse to drastic step.

Uncontrolled desperation is sure cause of suicidal tendencies. Weak mental conditioning breeds emotional upsurges. We are really appalled by the recent news of a 16 years old girl at Kota (Jaipur in Rajasthan) who committed suicide by slitting her wrist and neck. She was preparing for a competitive examination (IIT): This shows that high expectations by the parents and unbearable pressure of studies leads to depression and thus results in suicide. There are so many instances of suicide in IIT Colleges etc which indeed is baffling!


• The parents should give quality time to their wards despite of the fact that there is a need for both the husband and wife but not at the cost of the future of their children with the fear in erosion in values if they are not given quality time. work for a decent living

• Expectations are alright. Every parents have expectations from their wards but too much of these lead to disturbing consequences.

• A healthy balance between academics / curricular and extra-curricular activities should be maintained so as to ensure all round development of the child.

• A child should exude confidence in all what he/she does and not loses moorings in the din and bustle of competition.


We do see many bride burning. Its causes are many but ultimately it is one of the dark spots. The causes of hanging due to consistent pestering of ever demanding and greedy in-laws for bringing insufficient dowry, rejection by the boy for marriage due to one pretext or another, forced marriage by parents of the girl, due to depression and anxiety related to married life problems, financial constraints, incompatibility in adjustment at the in-laws house due to changed environs and not being able to adjust with the changed situation. Wife beating too is responsible for taking their lives.

Besides there are the occasions when there is constant bickering between the husband and wife due to husband’s addiction to drugs and other intoxicants resulting in bad blood between the couples which also results in serious difference in the married life. In such cases, the future of children too is adversely affected. When the wife is unable to cope with the hopeless situation of distrust and misery instead of facing the situation she takes the escape route. So saddening!


• The girls should be provided adequate education so that they become financially self reliant – if and when crunch intime comes and they are able to wriggle out from the dire situation created afterwards in their lives and not feel depressed.

• The girls should be taught self defence techniques so that they can not only defend themselves but also to others as well.

• They should feel part and parcel of the family they are married, their offices in which they work and society at large in which they have to contribute.

·        It is the responsibility of the in-laws to let their daughter-in-law adjusted in the new environs with utmost compassion and consideration.


·        Government should make stringent laws to nab those who ill-treat their daughter-in-laws and handed out punishment to avoid recurrence.


Some businessmen, in order to be rich quickly, invest their resources available with them, in the ventures to earn quick buck such as investing in stock markets or any other unpredictable schemes. without realising that on the crash of the stock markets or due to the failure of the schemes, whole of their available resources may be doomed leaving them high and dry.

When there is nothing to hang on, insecurity and despondency are the resultant consequences and from that quickest escape route, they think, is suicide. What a result of their fallacy of becoming quick rich!

There are other pointers too for the businessmen to be depressed. When a businessman relies more on his partner and the partner dupes him thus leaving him in the lurch or when a close relative plays a deceptive game and siphons off all the resources.


• Risk taking in business is alright, even everyday we are living a risk=filled life. But too much risk taking is a allurement for quick buck is a sure sign of ill omen. Calculated risk should be taken not wagering all the available resources on a single endeavor.

• Business run on belief but too much of it leads us astray.

·        We should select our business partner with utmost discretion lest we lament our decisions.


Before the threshold of oldage and middle-age, we should make our firm resolve to adjust physically, emotionally and psychologically as we are not able to do what we used to do in our childhood onwards to middle age etc. We can ward off old age symptoms by proper diet control, exercising routinely, keep absorbed in one activity or another or keep oneself absorbed in some social activity or follow a hobby. Depression and anxiety in the old people which may lead to suicide comes when:-

1. One of the spouse dies. Physical isolation or loneliness too is a disease in itself. When we have nothing to do, we are left with no alternative but to feel anxious about our present and future.

2. When old people are ignored / neglected by their offspring, their opinion not heeded consequently they feel alienated.

3. When old people lose their financial clout after retirement and after having spent every penny for purchase of a house or on the education of their wards and marriages etc.

4. Persistent diseases due to oldage and nobody to care in their oldage.

5. Less activity in oldage but mere reverie / day dreaming about the lift spent when they were active.

6. It should be kept in mind that till we reach our oldage, we must have seem many ups and downs in our lives – may be sudden deaths due to accident of our love ones, diseases and deaths due to other reasons, loss in business etc. All these should not distract from the fact that hard realities of life have to be faced. We can turn our faces from them only on our perils.

7. In old age, we fear of diseases, being left alone by our love ones or being ignored,

8. Lack of hope from any side.

9. These people, being in oldage, think that they have served their purpose of life and thus are not required.

10. Treating Depression in the Elderly is not being done adequately.

Taking the above in view, it is a fact that depression is the main cause of suicide in all the cases. Following should be kept in mind:-

• Firstly, we have to know about the cause of dejection and depression.

• The close family members and relative can make difference in the life of the affected person to remove the emotional heaviness.

• Counseling, if and when required could be sought for the person afflicted with the depression.

• Their self esteem should never be lowered so they should be consulted for any family affairs as before.

• Keeping these people busy – even with no productive perspective should be considered.

• Never hurt feelings of others COME WHAT MAY.

Taking the above facts into consideration, the best way out is turning to spirituality and God  for seeking answers to our complex problems and not taking our life. We have absolutely no right to take our own life because it is a MOST PRECIOUS GIFT OF OUR CREATOR.




An inborn response to an action
To an unforeseen event
Which comes just naturally
With little or no interference
By organisms’ existing intelligence.

No one teaches a baby how to cry
When in need for attention or feed
Or while learning to crawl or walk.

Animals live in the natural settings
Survive on the basis of their natural instincts
Which the Mother Nature
Has bestowed them aplenty
Even more than so called evolved humans.

The birds make their nests
On the basis of their instincts
Migrate from one place to another of their choice
In anticipation of change of climate
Caring fig for the manmade barriers so openly
or borders, which are protected, so unstintingly.

Even plants’ growth depends on the light and shade

Persistently assisted by their instincts
Sun flower changes its direction
As per the light of the Sun
Or in shade and light
There is perceptive change in the plants.

Photosynthesis is the best examples
By which plants convert light energy
Into chemical energy

In presence of light of sun
Which fuels the organisms activities
Which the Mother Nature has bestowed on the plants

Thus living beings complete their

Full circle of reliance on each other

In which instinct plays a predominant role.



Instinct is something which is intrinsic or intuitive in an human or animal which need not to be learned. It comes just naturally without a thought about a happening or an event. Our brain need not play its part in this. We observe that the newly born baby cries whenever there is a need for feed, learns to crawl or walk, which could be construed as an instinct action, etc. Then animals behave on the basis of their instincts. In other words, when there is automatic response to stimuli, we call this action based on instinct.

Instinct has been mentioned in Holy Bible as: Even the stork in the sky Knows her seasons; And the turtle, dove and the swift and the thrush observe the time of their migration; But My people do not know The ordinance of the LORD. It goes to amplify that in all the living world, instincts play predominant role. Mother Nature has bestowed this train in plants too: touch-me-not (Mimosa pudica) just folds its leaves inward when it is disturbed. I am of the view that humans sometimes just feign ignorance about instincts or willfully do not recognize the existence of this important trait.


A natural reaction on the spur of moment or displaying of particular behavior by people or species without recourse to a thought or analysis is instinctive act. In other words, it is innate behavior or inclination of an individual or an organism to act in consequence to an act. It is through instincts that the birds migrate from one place to another in anticipation of change in climate or imminence of some danger. The police use dogs for locating the criminals merely because dogs’ instincts are very responsive and through their scent itself they can help locate them. Dogs are also used for locating the victims trapped inside the debris of buildings in the event of natural disasters etc. When water is thrown on the animals, suddenly, they shake their fur and remove water. There are other natural behavior of animals and birds worlds like making their living places, nests, learning to fly, animals learning to fight etc come under category of instinctive behavior.

It has been experienced, when in spiral of piquant situations, even a die hard atheist will instinctively invoke God for deliverance. This inner voice comes just naturally. In Holy Quran it has been said: The Fitrah (natural human instinct) proves the Existence of Allah.

Some factors are responsible for instinctive behavior firstly it is happens without previous knowledge or experience. In other words, it is expression of innate or internal reaction which comes to the fore without any forethought. The instinctive or insightful action that an organism exhibits can alter the stimulated action on the spur. This action could be trained or sharpened with experience.


The role played by the living beings/species depends on the role of social learning by individual besides the affect of environment and maturity gained through different experiences. Intuitive-related aspects play a prominent role in all the processes. Our past experiences form our behaviour. More of connective experiences make our behavior mature and when crunch comes this behavior helps us take decisive action on the spur. Meaning we can call instinctive or impulsive reaction to an event as a mature behavior (learned behavior through various experiences). Here two things have to be kept in mind; the learned behavior and the innate reaction to an event. But innate behavior does not happen without first experiencing some failures. I think a balanced mix of inner strength and healthy experiences (both hits and misses) we make mature behavior which we call instinctive behavior or intuitive / perceptive reaction or impulsive reaction.


First of all it is important to understand what spirituality is all about. For some spirituality is about going to prearranged or formal places of worship like church, mosque, temple or any other organized places for conducting religious discourses or holding prayers according to the our beliefs and faiths we espouse. Or spirituality is obtained through private prayers, conducting yogic postures, meditation or silent contemplation. Taking into account the meaning of the spiritualism, it is worthwhile to surmise that if we follow spiritualism then by its practice in real life we are actually forming a habit or behavior pattern by following spiritual beliefs. In other words, it is through training ourselves that we form our behaviour and thereby give power to our inner self. All these activities, if followed in right earnest then we can activate our instinctive tendencies.

It is said in Bhagavad Gītā that simply by surrendering oneself unto the lotus feet of the Lord….to pray to God when one is in difficulty is a natural instinct in every living beings.

Following factors are considered while we talk about instinctive action:-

(i) Instinctive behavior is automatic and sudden, without any personal effort.

(ii) It is a trigger to some event or a happening – known to have taken place or anticipated.

(iii) An intrinsic force is overpowering if developed by observing conditions required for this purpose.

(iv) For this sort of an act training or experience makes a positive impact and makes it a positive and in fact evolved habit or behavior. The behavior such as helping an accident victim, rendering help in dousing fire, cooperating in lifting a weight, sorting out differences between close relations etc.

(v) Instincts happen in all the living world. In animal it is more prominent and in humans it is evolved through daily experiences.

(vi) Reflex action may or may not happen with or without the help of brain.

(vii) There is evolution of humans due to knowledge gained over a period of time through various experiences.

(viii) Environment plays a obvious role in molding the instinctive behavior of humans and other species.

(ix) Instinctive behavior could be with learning or without learning even.

(x) When our instinct is strong, it can anticipate the occurrence of an event and prepare for the defence.

(xi) Humans have evolved from the instinct to survive through variety of experiences.

I survived solely because of grace of Providence or can say the instinct or inner voice. My left hand wrist had fractured a few months back. Though the pain is less yet it cannot be fully used i.e. it is in the process of fully healing for lifting any weights etc. While boarding a speeding vehicle, I was just to use my left hand for catching the handle for boarding the entrance door. But suddenly on the spur, my instinct fore-warned me and I stopped my extended hand and used the right hand to take hold of the handle of the window just on time. Therefore, I also call the instinctive act as the act graced by our Lord.

In Bhagward Gita it has been made amply clear: Only when we face the instinct to survive and the instinct to possess, will we enter the zone of fearlessness. Until then it can never happen.





Baisakhi marks ushering in the New Year,

Of Vikrami Samvat  – Calendar,

A lunar calendar based on ancient Hindu tradition of yore,

Falling, Surprising on 13th April on every year!

When new resolutions are made,

And old ones introspected,

And lessons learned.

A festival known variously in countless regions of India.

Whilst the farmers toil in the fields on months on ends,

Tilling lands from early morning till fall of night,

Occasionally forgetting even siesta and meals,

Sow seeds and water the crop that grows,

Looking after the crops in the fields,

Observing its growth with huge keenness,

So that his crop’s yield may grow,,

Like he observes the growth of his dear ones at home.

On this auspicious day the farmers,

Having collected all the crop yield so harvested,

Join together in singing, merrymaking with full gusto,

Celebrate Baisakhi with Bhangra and gidha at full throttle,

In their colourful mesmeric folk attires,

Distributing sweets and good wishes to others in delight.

At the holy mazars (monuments) of ‘pirs’ and ‘fakirs’,

Known for their piousness and ocean of wisdom,

Offer prayers for the prosperity all around,

And also for their crop yield to grow, years after years.

The nature too is at its colorful best,

With flowers emitting fragrance,

The blanket of greenery spreading,

Factually so mesmerizing,

Soothing to our eyes that these could survey,

Making the environs invigorating and heady indeed,

Surprisingly without even intoxicating agent!

This day too has a history of its own,

Shri Guru Gobind Singh established Khalsa Panth,

To bestow security to the unfortunate ones,

People too gather in various Gurudwaras,

Shri Golden Temple emits its splendor, as ever,

Devout take a dip in the holy tank,

And pray for well-being of their nears and dears

Do come to our succor

O our dearest Creator.

Harbans Khajuria

India is a land of festivals. All festivals are in commemoration of certain historical events, change of season, cultural and religious events, traditional based et al. The well-known amongst several ones are Dussehra, Diwali, Eid, Gurpurbh, Lohri, Holi and others having regional leanings. In all these festivals, people of all hues celebrate with gaiety and religious fervour. Baisakhi is generally celebrated in Northern India on 13th  April every year. It is also a starting of New Year of Vikrami Samvat Calendar.

Baisakhi is generally celebrated in Northern India on 13th April every year. It is also a starting of New Year of Vikrami Samvat Calendar. This is a cultural harvest festival which takes place annually and all people celebrate this day with full zeal and enthusiasm.

People start from their houses in groups singing group songs and dancing to the tunes of drums in colourful / holiday finery. A designated holy place of some Peer or temple or Gurdwara is well chosen for this occasion.

Competitions of Gidha by women folks and Bhangra by the menfolks are the main attractions besides wrestling bouts (dangal) by the prominent wrestlers of the area are also organized. Prizes are distributed to the winners of these events. People get together and meet their friends and also this fair affords an opportunity to expand their friends circle.

New meaning to this festival was given in 1699 when Khalsa Path was established by Guru Gobind Singh – the 10th Guru of Sikhs at Anandpur Sahib – a place most venerated by one and all. Khalsa means PURE without any negativity and leading a perfect life besides having courage to lay down their lives for a cause.

The festival holds special significance to Sikhs. Many Sikhs choose to be baptized during this holy day of Baisakhi. People also come out from their houses in the form of congregations called Nagar Kirtans singing hymns from Shri Guru Granth Sahib. What a day to remember!

BAISAKHI is celebrated due to the following:- 

  • It is celebrated on the occasion of 1st day of Baisakh month of Bikrami Calendar (Samat). People chalk out different plan of actions for the coming year as per Bikrami Calendar and pray that their sincere thought out plans get fructified.


  • BAISAKHI is a seasonal festival and it is especially celebrated in Punjab region and in Jammu province.


  • After harvesting the wheat crop the farmers feel joyous and to express their joy they celebrate it by staging Bhangra in different groups, Bhangra competitions are also held and award presented to the one which wins this competition. This is in the form of fairs (melas) wherein people gather in majority and make merry. Different stalls selling wooden crafts and other household earthen wares are sold there at reasonable prices. Then there are the stalls selling the seasonal fruits like water melon, musk melon etc make brisk sales. All age group people including children enjoy Baisakhi fair.
  • Baisakhi also affords an opportunity or an occasion to thank God for bestowing the farmers with bountiful crops besides praying for more crops in future too.
  • Baisakhi has special significance for the Sikhs since on this day, Khalsa Panth was established by 10th Sikh Guru Gobind Singh. On this day Sadh Sangat take organise religious congregations and sing prayers and rhymes from Sri Granth Sahib.
  • Hindus and Budhists too celebrate Baisakhi with zeal and enthusiasm. Hindus take sacred bath in River Ganges and other rivers. They pray to God for His grace. Even in parts of South India this day is celebrated but with a different name.






India is a land rich in cultural mores
Here the festivals are galore
Commemorated on certain seasons or occasions
Amongst the venerated festivals in Hindu traditions
Navratri attracts all shades of people for celebrations
Celebrated two times in a year
March-April – as Chaitra Navratri,
October-November – as the Shradha Navratri.
Nav-ratri is the created from two Hindi expressions
‘Nav’ meaning nine
And ‘ratri’ meaning night
Related to Goddess Durga – the Warrior
Attired in mesmerizing dress in red colour
Mounted on the lion so ferocious
Navratri too is linked with fertility of land
Folks observe the fitness of earth
By testing seeds germination in pots earthen
Folks also observe fasting rigidly
And keep themselves chaste
In words and in deeds indeed.
Legends abound about Navratri.
Meheshsura the demon king worshipped Lord Shiva
Who grants him the boon of invincibility even from Gods
Starts killing people most innocent
And even acquired the Seven Lokas by force
Including the thrown of Indra.

To annihilate the powerful Maheshsura
The Trinity & other Gods confabulated
For creating a power supreme for defeating the demon
Created Ma Shakti – Mother the most powerful one
Or Durga, the Warrior Goddess.
The war between Maheshasur and Mother Divine
Lasted for days nine
On day tenth She killed him
Navratri thus symbolizes the victory of good over evil
On (9th day) Mahanavami nine young girls are worshiped
As Nine Forms of Durga Goddess
And gifted food and new dresses.

Another legend has it
King Daksha the King of Himalayan Kingdom
Was blessed with a daughter
He named her Uma – a most beautiful one
She worshipped Lord Shiva immeasurably
So that He may accept her in marriage easily
Having pleased Lord Shiva
Thus marries Uma
Against the wishes of King Dhaksha
One day King Dhaksha held a grand Yagna
All Gods except Shiva were invited
Uma wanted to attend
Yagna with Lord Shiva’s reservation even
And against His wishes
King Daksha reprimanded her for coming uninvited
In rage she jumps into Agni Kund (Fire-grate) and perished
And was termed as Sati
Madev as Virbadhara took King Daksha task for this
On rebirth (as Parbati) she marries Lord Shiva again
She comes to Her parents to stay for Nine Days
And thus we celebrate these Nine Days as Navratri.
Legend also has it that Lord Rama
Worshipped Goddess Durga’s
Nine Forms for nine days
On day tenth He was able to kill powerful demon king Ravana
Thus day tenth is celebrated as Vijaydakshmi or Dussehra
First three days are dedicated to Goddess Durga
In the form of child; young girl and mature woman
The three varied stages of womanhood
Symbolizing victory of evil over falsehood
Next three days are dedicated to Goddess of Wealth & Prosperity
Her name is Goddess Lakshmi
She symbolizes wealth; peace and prosperity
Last three days are commemorated in the name of Goddess Saraswati
The Goddess of knowledge
In snowy white dress
Mounted on a white swan
Thus Navratri is termed as the sign
Of purity and well-being.


India is a land of festivals, with diverse history besides diverse cultural mores. All festivals are occasioned either on change of certain seasons or based on certain historical events. People call the same festival differently in different regions but spirit behind all these remains just vibrant. Enthusiasm and gaiety remain the guiding force behind all the celebrations. It may be dussehra; diwali; holi; lohri; Eid; Good Friday; Guru Purabhs or any other festival of any religion, the spirit of celebration remains the binding force.

Literally, the word, NAVRATRI – NAV means NINE and RATRI means NIGHTS. Prayers and fasting is observed by devout during these nine days. A lighter refreshments, if taken at all, to keep light and pure in body and mind like mountain air and helps an individual to pray with a focused mind. This also provides the devotees a freedom from adulteration and contamination both in body and mind besides purifying soul along with keeping it taint-free of any sort. All these traits enhance the Karmic Credit and credibility of an individual devotee who observes the fasts and also offers sincere prayers during these days with utmost devotion. This lightness in body and mind provides us an opportunity to devote our mind in our prayers to Goddess Durga maa – an embodiment of power ‘shakti’.

Besides observing fasts, devotees organize congregations in the form of melas and also enact programmes and cultural functions in the form of group dances and devotional songs. For example famous ‘garva dance’ is organized in the state of Gujarat and devotional songs and dance competitions are organized in West Bengal besides prayers in the specially erected and decorated pandals is a usual pheno. People visit the famous temples of Vaishno Devi in Katra (in Jammu province) besides all the temples of Goddess Durga in its different forms / manifestations attract devotees in these nine days.

The main driving force of the Navratri is to purify our thoughts and deeds thereof. In these nine days devout observe strict fasts; remain chaste and desist from telling lies. Wish that people always behave like this all the days!

The first three days are celebrated on the name of Durga Mata – Goddess with immense power
For next three days she is worshipped as spiritual wealth – Mata Lakshmi.

Subsequently for next three days, she is Goddess of wisdom – the Goddess Saraswati. It bestows spiritual enlightenment besides showering an individual with all round success.

It is useful for our benefit to know the importance of each day.

1. First Day. On the first day, Mata Durga is termed as Shailputri – the daughter of Himalaya and the consort of Lord Shiva.

2. Second Day. Mata Durga on the second day is called as Brahmacharini which represents worship. She is the embodiment of huge reserve of power – Shakti.

3. Third Day. On the third day, the Goddess is venerated as Chandraghanta. She is the embodiment of power and beauty.

4. Fourth Day. On the fourth day, Maan Durga is worshipped in the form of Kushmanda – the creator of whole universe by the power of her laughter.

5. Fifth Day. Here on this day, Eskandha – the main warrior of Gods’ army.

6. Sixth Day. On the sixth day, Mataji takes the form of Katyayani with three eyes and four hands – all powerful and with immense grace.

7. Seventh Day. On this day, Maan Durga takes the form of Kalratri – she is shown as black as dark night with four hands and makes the evil doers fearless.

8. Eighth Day. On the eighth day, the Mata Durga takes the form of Maha Gauri – with beauty besides having calmness and exhibits immense wisdom.

9. Nineth Day. On the nineth day, Maan Durga is worshipped as Siddidatri – with all the eight sidhis. In this form, she is worshipped by all.

Benefits of Navratri:-

• Fasts keep our digestive system in fine and helps maintain our body healthy.

• It purifies our mind because we pray Goddess continuously for nine days/nights in the way it is done by Muslims in RAMZAN FASTING.

• Purification of body and mind means spiritually directed conscious mind thus a shift from negativity to positivity

• Congregations in melas etc help in people to people contacts thus animosity, if any, gets obliterated and a feeling of fellow feeling and cooperation sprout.

• Group dances and spiritual song competitions enhance competitive spirits in the youth and also help them direct their latent energies to productive use.

• Devotees, in their zeal to show earnest desire to have total connectivity with Goddess Durgaji, offer singular devotion to Her during these auspicious days, reap the harvest of answering their problems faced and get PEACE OF MIND in their lives as a reward of this worship.



What should be done for love to be lasting?

You love somebody earnestly when there is no confusion in the relationship, no suspicion in the relationship and your mental cues say you have a person of your choice. Nothing should be there to suggest that you have made even an iota of mistake in choosing that partner of yours. It is also not mere listening to your partner but following you and vice versa. The other partner should really be understanding your viewpoint and you intend also listen to that person and follow his / counsel as need demands. That relationship can be termed as lasting and worth ‘falling in love with.

For the love to be lasting, we’ve to make positive adjustments some of which are enumerated below:-

  1. Be understanding the partner as you understand yourself.
  2. Deal with your partner as you want him/her to deal with you.
  3. Make your life simple by following a simple lifestyle. Complex lifestyle brings in its wake intractable complex problems
  4. Have less or no expectations from others because having more expectations leads to differences which cannot be plugged easily. Less expectations means no grudges when these are not met and the relationship remains in tact.
  5. Never feel jealousy .when the other party is more successful than yourself but praise him/her achievements.
  6. Whenever there is a difference of opinion, it should be sorted out without much delay   lest the simmering discontent snow-walls into a biggest controversy thus spoiling relationship.
  7. Being humans, we are subject to commit mistakes. We should be open in accepting our mistakes and conduct ourselves clear thereafter.
  8. Forgetting and forgiving should be followed in life threadbare.
  9. The chasm of differences increase when small things are not settled. It is like a flicker of flame which can engulf and spoil our happy life.
  10. Lead a God speed in any endeavour; in active partnership of our Lord.

   11.Adage:  Love begets love should never be forgotten and made guiding force in  our  relationship. If we reciprocate love, it will surely be a permanent one.

  1. Love is a magnetism which attracts more love and hate works as its corrosion.
  2. Avoid cold behavior – create warmth in the relationship. Cold behaviour leads to breaking of relationship.
  3. Love is a mind game initially but it should be made a soul game in due course of time.