Today we experience daily pressures for fear of unfinished project goals, agendas or not being able to come to the expectations of others. This results in the feeling of anger outbursts directed upon others, hopelessness,  loss of concentration on job in hand including losing self esteem. We become indecisive and even for slightest of our task we remain dependent on others for meeting our demands. If nobody comes to our sucour, we become violent, delusive, whimsical, escapist  and sometimes go to the extent of harming ourselves. In all, we prefer aloofness and brood about the past events and finally may seek an easy way out – harming our own self.  


·        Causes may be one or multiples, we have to think about a way out. How best to seek a pausible way out from the present predicament depends on resolve to reassess our priorities in the light of our unpredictable situation and other considerations.

·        If we have become woefully helpless then we should seek the help of our well wishers for assisting us necessary counseling for normalcy.

·        If nothing works despite our best efforts then there is still ONE who is Omnipotent and Omniscient on whom we can surely bank on for ultimate redemption.

·        We should always keep in mind, when nothing works, His Omniscience surely works wonders. Only one thing is required for His assistance, sincere belief in Him. That is all.


In real life, we are relying more on our past; unfulfilled agendas/goals, past failings and their repercussions on our psyche. In fact we rely more on the past and future than present moment. We should never forget that we are not engineered to withstand the uncertain threats that it entail on our path to high ambitions. We very assiduously are attached with the fruits of our action and not the action itself due to our high ambitions due to high competitions and jealousy between the competitors. A slight downslide impacts our emotions. We lose because of less clarity on the path to fulfil our ambitions which becomes the cause of our suffering. This suffering becomes the cause of desperation and dejection.


Modern life is full of all sorts of struggles of meeting future targets. This way, we are dwelling more in future in setting goals and charting out plans and timeframe for achieving those targets. All our latent energy goes into this with little or no time for other pursuits which narrows our outlook on life. This concentration on a single target or a set of plans makes our life tread on a single narrow path. This way, we just narrow our mental construct. If these plans fructify, it is good forus. If not, then it will fall prey to depression. In this depressive state, we like to seek escape route.

No doubt we should set ambitious targets but how to fructify those targets is a moot point. Calmness and the joy that it bring with it counts much besides everything done with association with God and with ‘God Speed’ bring in its wake healthy dividends. Working with break neck speed may bring good results for some time but after sometimes our speed too impedes when this ‘breakness speed’ tells upon our health and wellness. A speed which impacts our system is a sure recipe for tension, anxiety and depression.


I am of the view that when we are unable to bear the sufferings due to our close relative and friends besides when there is no escape route, we prefer a final escape route to totally eliminate our sufferings and that is taking our own life.


Farm produce or agricultural produce is one of the important pillar of any society. If this sector is not cared, then the rural economy which is roughly about 70% in India is adversely affected. It is considered fact that agricultural produce in India hinges on the good monsoon as about 80% of farmland depends on this. When there is less rain or no rain at all (a drought like situation), the farm produce is adversely affected. The farmers who take loan from the Banks or from outside from the market with exorbitant rate of interest are left high and dry.

The case in point is parts of Maharashtra (severest drought conditions prevails, even there is scarcity of drinking water for example in Latur district), and Karnatka, and UP etc. When drought is there, there is no yield, the scenario creates a hopeless situation thus becomes a cause of depression and dejection because, in many cases, the financial support from agriculature. There is no supplementary source of income. It has been observed in states in India are under the spell of droughts: Maharashtra, Rajasthan, UP, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh and Telengana where suicides are periodic happening. 


Some reasons of farmers suicide are: risky credit systems, alternative income missing coupled with absence of any counseling to the affected farmers, absence of any information related to farming, inadequate saving of rain water, poor irrigation system, cost of inputs and maintenance, use of lower quality of pesticides etc.

It is a travesty of fact that when there is drought and flood farmers suffer, when there is more produce the market price proves to be the real culprit. Then there is the difficulties created by the uncertainty in prices of the commodity market. For example the cost of one Kg of onion is Rs. 20/- presently in the market now but the farmers are selling their produce @ less than a rupee in one of the markets in MP  – lower than the input cost on their produce! This becomes a sure recipe for producing tears in the eyes of the concerned farmers. What the farmers will do in this sort of a scenario?

A way out:

• Government should give loans to the farmers at easy rate of interests so that reliance on the money lenders is avoided.

• There should be adequate compensation when crops are destroyed by unseasonal rains, floods etc or when there is drought like situation as it is being experiences now.

• Timely Crop Insurance should be ensured.

• Govt should ensure timely support prices of each commodities and ensure that each commodity is marketed judiciously.

• The profiteers and hoarders who influence the market should be checked so that they do not exploit the farmers. They lift the important commodities like pulses (dal) and other important commodities from the market when prices are lower and hoard and create an artificial scarcity.


There is more pressure on youth of today firstly they are expected to bring in good pass percentage in the academics. Then there is huge competition for the prestigious institutions of excellence. Sometimes their best of efforts do not pay dividends – may be due to reasons but academics. The problem arises when a particular student has produced good results in both but still is not considered because of considerations other than merit! This creates a sorts of insecurity and lurking fear in the minds of aspirants. What if they are unable to score above 90% or what if they are not able to make a mark in the competitive examinations with high grades? This fear cuts both ways. It makes the students cynical about their own selves and thus are hugely depressed. Thus take recourse to drastic step.

Uncontrolled desperation is sure cause of suicidal tendencies. Weak mental conditioning breeds emotional upsurges. We are really appalled by the recent news of a 16 years old girl at Kota (Jaipur in Rajasthan) who committed suicide by slitting her wrist and neck. She was preparing for a competitive examination (IIT): This shows that high expectations by the parents and unbearable pressure of studies leads to depression and thus results in suicide. There are so many instances of suicide in IIT Colleges etc which indeed is baffling!


• The parents should give quality time to their wards despite of the fact that there is a need for both the husband and wife but not at the cost of the future of their children with the fear in erosion in values if they are not given quality time. work for a decent living

• Expectations are alright. Every parents have expectations from their wards but too much of these lead to disturbing consequences.

• A healthy balance between academics / curricular and extra-curricular activities should be maintained so as to ensure all round development of the child.

• A child should exude confidence in all what he/she does and not loses moorings in the din and bustle of competition.


We do see many bride burning. Its causes are many but ultimately it is one of the dark spots. The causes of hanging due to consistent pestering of ever demanding and greedy in-laws for bringing insufficient dowry, rejection by the boy for marriage due to one pretext or another, forced marriage by parents of the girl, due to depression and anxiety related to married life problems, financial constraints, incompatibility in adjustment at the in-laws house due to changed environs and not being able to adjust with the changed situation. Wife beating too is responsible for taking their lives.

Besides there are the occasions when there is constant bickering between the husband and wife due to husband’s addiction to drugs and other intoxicants resulting in bad blood between the couples which also results in serious difference in the married life. In such cases, the future of children too is adversely affected. When the wife is unable to cope with the hopeless situation of distrust and misery instead of facing the situation she takes the escape route. So saddening!


• The girls should be provided adequate education so that they become financially self reliant – if and when crunch intime comes and they are able to wriggle out from the dire situation created afterwards in their lives and not feel depressed.

• The girls should be taught self defence techniques so that they can not only defend themselves but also to others as well.

• They should feel part and parcel of the family they are married, their offices in which they work and society at large in which they have to contribute.

·        It is the responsibility of the in-laws to let their daughter-in-law adjusted in the new environs with utmost compassion and consideration.


·        Government should make stringent laws to nab those who ill-treat their daughter-in-laws and handed out punishment to avoid recurrence.


Some businessmen, in order to be rich quickly, invest their resources available with them, in the ventures to earn quick buck such as investing in stock markets or any other unpredictable schemes. without realising that on the crash of the stock markets or due to the failure of the schemes, whole of their available resources may be doomed leaving them high and dry.

When there is nothing to hang on, insecurity and despondency are the resultant consequences and from that quickest escape route, they think, is suicide. What a result of their fallacy of becoming quick rich!

There are other pointers too for the businessmen to be depressed. When a businessman relies more on his partner and the partner dupes him thus leaving him in the lurch or when a close relative plays a deceptive game and siphons off all the resources.


• Risk taking in business is alright, even everyday we are living a risk=filled life. But too much risk taking is a allurement for quick buck is a sure sign of ill omen. Calculated risk should be taken not wagering all the available resources on a single endeavor.

• Business run on belief but too much of it leads us astray.

·        We should select our business partner with utmost discretion lest we lament our decisions.


Before the threshold of oldage and middle-age, we should make our firm resolve to adjust physically, emotionally and psychologically as we are not able to do what we used to do in our childhood onwards to middle age etc. We can ward off old age symptoms by proper diet control, exercising routinely, keep absorbed in one activity or another or keep oneself absorbed in some social activity or follow a hobby. Depression and anxiety in the old people which may lead to suicide comes when:-

1. One of the spouse dies. Physical isolation or loneliness too is a disease in itself. When we have nothing to do, we are left with no alternative but to feel anxious about our present and future.

2. When old people are ignored / neglected by their offspring, their opinion not heeded consequently they feel alienated.

3. When old people lose their financial clout after retirement and after having spent every penny for purchase of a house or on the education of their wards and marriages etc.

4. Persistent diseases due to oldage and nobody to care in their oldage.

5. Less activity in oldage but mere reverie / day dreaming about the lift spent when they were active.

6. It should be kept in mind that till we reach our oldage, we must have seem many ups and downs in our lives – may be sudden deaths due to accident of our love ones, diseases and deaths due to other reasons, loss in business etc. All these should not distract from the fact that hard realities of life have to be faced. We can turn our faces from them only on our perils.

7. In old age, we fear of diseases, being left alone by our love ones or being ignored,

8. Lack of hope from any side.

9. These people, being in oldage, think that they have served their purpose of life and thus are not required.

10. Treating Depression in the Elderly is not being done adequately.

Taking the above in view, it is a fact that depression is the main cause of suicide in all the cases. Following should be kept in mind:-

• Firstly, we have to know about the cause of dejection and depression.

• The close family members and relative can make difference in the life of the affected person to remove the emotional heaviness.

• Counseling, if and when required could be sought for the person afflicted with the depression.

• Their self esteem should never be lowered so they should be consulted for any family affairs as before.

• Keeping these people busy – even with no productive perspective should be considered.

• Never hurt feelings of others COME WHAT MAY.

Taking the above facts into consideration, the best way out is turning to spirituality and God  for seeking answers to our complex problems and not taking our life. We have absolutely no right to take our own life because it is a MOST PRECIOUS GIFT OF OUR CREATOR.

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  1. Nobody has any right to take the GOD’S precious gift called LIFE. Lets face life head on rather than seeking escape route. Do appraise the blog and offer your kind remarks. :)) Regfards

  2. Your usual thoughtful, profound, and practical approach, Harbans. It seems to me that, when considering precipitating factors, there are some differences in India from UK; but overall, whatever the apparent external causes, It is lack of self worth that is fundamental.

    1. Thanks sincerely for appraising the blong in its entirety and appreciating the same – just motivational indeed.

      While some situations in UK and India may be different but all the same have commonality of aspects like physiological, psychological, etc for all humans.

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