Strange is the mystery of relations indeed
Some relations are by birth – a gene connect
some are firmed up with sound rapport
Others just develop love at first sight, paheli nazar par
  These  relations prove unique in long run
More enduring than genic one.

All relations in the household
Guarantee cohesive hold
Whenever there is sudden calamity
All equally share the pangs of that adversity

Also protecting the more vulnerable deftly

                                                 While challenging the challenges befallen

Thus all come out of the blues with the grace of Lord.

Of all the relations that we consider much-loved
Mother’s is the most sacred of all
  A child may act sometimes deceitfully
  Amata cannot act as a kumata, anyways
will have always a soft corner for her progeny
  Achild may treat her mother badly

Due to one pretext or another surreptuously
May be it is due to greed for property
Or any other reason whatsoever
Mother being number two in the family
Has important part to play for all the relatives
Just imagine a situation that emerges
When her role as a homemaker is not recognised
Whole the family members feel its pinch
Also families where mothers are not respected
It surely cannot be a god’s abode.

Father is the important component of the household
He is a privy to all the important decisions
impinging on the family’s future
This way, he becomes the leader of the family as a whole
He is the custodian of the family’s wealth, too
He is responsible for all the things
Which a family does or does not do due to some reasons
Whence his writ is not acceted
Or somebody else usurps it
Family as a whole suffers immensely
When he is discouraged by anyone in the family

Then there is all pervasive negativity in the family.

Offspring make the family proud
By shouldering responsibilities the parents assign
Firstly by learning the value systems
Thence finishing schooling as a good learner
In the process be disciplined pupil
Thenceforth go amidst the people
To serve as a professional

For which he/she is competent
Thus serving in the best traditions
Learned during studentship
The traits of maintaining a healthy
Balance in the work-life thoroughly
Thus becoming the beacon of light
For the family and the community
Thus earning name & fame not only for the family
But also for the community of which he/she is a part
And cannot be disassociated
As there cannot be any disconnect
Between nails and the flesh and blood
Doubtlessly two relations are the most important
One which gives birth – the mother
And the other one who comes to our lives afterwards

That other one is our consort – our life partner
Thus completing a full circle of our reltionship
Which binds us together with a common thread
Whose strength and cohesiveness is determined
By the unity an integrity of all the units of family combined.

The worldly relationship that we’ve in the material world

Are only temporal in nature and impermanent

The eternal relationship is between the creator and the created

Which is established when we dutifully

Fulfill all our worldly duties most sincerely

And in the process earn his love eternally.

HOLY QURAN emphsises : God has created laws and rules that govern our relationships in order to maintain balance and proper functioning. As far as human relationships, we should follow the model of the universe.

Bhagwad Gita asserts: So just ignore the negative traits of a person & Love that person unconditionally; just like a mother Loves her children, ignoring the negative traits & tantrums of her children.

THE BIBLE’S goal is to guide you up the path of Selfless Love. God is Selfless Love, and our goal is to become like him.

ਦੇਖਿ ਪਰਾਈਆਂ ਚੰਗੀਆਂ ਮਾਵਾਂ ਭੈਣਾਂ ਧੀਆਂ ਜਾਣੈ
“Men should look at the opposite gender as mothers, sisters and daughters, (women should look at the opposite gender as fathers, brothers and sons).”



It has been observed that it is most tedious job to develop relationship but easier to break the same. The relation is developed slowly, taking into account all the details which are considered important for life. The relationship is cemented with a lot of efforts taking a lot of time and sincere efforts but is broken very easily just instantly – sometimes without even a second thought.

The factors which assist our relationship to be more enduring are annotated below:

  • Having total confidence on each other.
  • If difference creep in, the same are to be sorted out amicably.
  • Relations are developed with ‘giving’ and not ‘taking’.
  • Be reasonably prepared for making amends in personal behaviour, when needed.
  • Helping others when in need,
  • Meeting other’s demands,
  • Feeling pain when other feel pain,
  • Being compassionate,
  • Having helpful disposition.
  • Be flexible always.
  • Forgetting and forgiving when required.
  • Trusting or having belief in others.
  • Love is a cementing factor which should spring from our inner self for others.

The break in relationship is due to the following factors:-

  • Single most enemy of the friendship is egocentric tendencies.
  • Skepticism on a drop of a hat.
  • Not forgiving others’ indiscretions.
  • When we rely more on our mind thereby use of our senses and less on our heart.
  • Distrust is the enemy of our relationship.
  • When selfishness takes predence in our life.
  • Greed for worldly possessions disregarding any other considerations.
  • Anger divides us.

The relationship could between the family members or friendship developed with others in the community could be lasting when there is solid and sincere belief in that relationship and could withstand all sorts of storms. This relationship could be that of grand parents, parents (mother and father), offspring, friends, etc.

Whereas a fragile relationship cannot withstand the onslaughts of adverse ‘time’.



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  1. Our relations with our blood relations is known but when it comes to relations with others and also with our relationship with our CREATOR, we should actually know the inside and outside of the relationship because sometimes the friendship that we develop with outside the blood relation is sometimes better than the genetic ones.

    Kindly go through the blog and offer your kind comments. Regards

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