What had happened in the days gone by
Whatever is happenning right now, presently
What would happen in the choppy waters of future, so uncertain
Belief that what would happen would happen for our good indeed
Will finally bring about positivity to our frame of mind
Whence results are unfavourable
We put in still more effort
To make ourselves competitive and ready to act
To pass any impending test that life puts
If success kisses our footsteps
We feel hugely elated
If otherwise despite best of our efforts
Thence we feel excessively perplexed
Introspecting to whom to bank on in the situation presented.

Knowing well, we have exhausted all the evenues available
Persevered, worked hard thereby leaving no stones unturned
Now only option left with us finally
Is to decypher the inner voice correctly
And leave everything on the god’s bounties
And just introspect with cool headedly
That outcome was not in our favour basically
Because it was not destined to be so
May be negative outcome is appropriate for us
Success may have brought in its wake
More misfortunes than we could anticipate
Thus leaving everything on creator’s grace
Will pull us out of the predicaments we are presently placed.


It is a fact that the experiences that we acquire in our lives (good or not so good) makes us cautious about how to deal with them. If somebody criticises us unreasonably, we should actually take it as a blessing in disguise, with an idea that there may be some leeway to improve; that is why the criticism. This ought to be taken as a bounty from God for our improvement. Be it as it may, i consider it double whammy since it will afford us opportunity to improve our calibre and also a strong belief that our Bhagwan Ji too is with us in this endeavour.

There may be cynicism involved that when something happens, we have to withstand the consequences / outcomes,  favourable  or unfavourable. They think that whatever happens has to be borne without any demur by the concerned person.  They do not think that sometimes mystic hands too can play a part in rendering us succour and saves us from the impending predicament. This way, our belief in our Creator just gets soldified – that he can pull us up when need be with a belief that whatever happens, happens for our good.

If something appropriate happens in our life, we take it as the result of our hard work or still more, we think the good results were partly due to our efforts and apt situations under which we were placed. But when it comes to inappropriate results, then, we heap faultline on destiny or more so, on providence. We never realize that what has happened good or bad or what would happen would be good for us. It has also been experienced that if we put our best and sincere efforts and have total belief in god, then everything turn out to be in our favour but with a caveat, destiny can provide us things we want which surprises us many a times, but we have to make an effort to get it. For instance, if we are provided a plateful of pudding, we have to make an effort to eat it. It will not come to our mouth without  us making an effort. 

Even our creation, evolution and destruction are in our favour. When a child is born, it follows a fixed pattern of growth – childhood, adolescence, adulthood, youth, middle-age, oldage and subsequently death. Our soul (atma) being eternal, gets transferred and takes new carrier in its next birth. Every living beings, without exception,  follows this outline. Then according to theory of reincarnation, we die for a new beginning – meaning whatever chain has been created by our creator is good for us, proving that his writ runs large. We want it or not , just does not matter.

Having conviction, that whatever happens (success or failure) happens for our good. If we are having this belief, then failure will not be as daunting and pain giving as we think it would be otherwise.

Some of real-life incidences i would like to relate which happened in my life which has soldified my belief that the hand of god is real.

  • It so happened that i had cleaned up the flower pots, removing some of the earth from each of these so that these pots could be watered with ease and some of the water remains in the flower pots to maintain its moisture level for some more time. Due to my busy schedule, i did not get time to remove the bagful of earth for some days. Two days back, as i was busy writing something on my laptop, i heard a commotion outside my home. When i opened my main gate, i saw smoke emanating from inside the room where the electric meters and electric connections for six units of houses are installed. I saw people shouting, fire, fire, but nobody was doing anything to extinguish the fire that had engulfed the entire units of the meter boxes connecting main lines etc. To throw water on the live power supply was out, throwing sand or earth was the only option.

Suddenly i realized that we had a bagfull of earth. I runningly picked up the bag and started throwing the dry earth on the power units on fire.. Low and behold, the fire started dousing and dimming on the portion i was throwing the dry earth. A further furtive effort extinguished the fire in next eight minutes. What a relief we all got when the engulfing fire was put off. What if the fire could have remained for next ten more miutes? It could have spread to the entire units of houses and the plastic wires could have given boost to the spread of fire. 

Then i introspected that if i would have disposed off the bag full of earth what would have been the fate of the houses in my neighbourhood, only option was to wait for the fire brigade or the people from the power department who, anyhow, reached after 20 minutes! And in 20 minutes, the the fire must have engulfed the entire buildings. I also must have been helpless spectator like others who were only crying hoarse but doing nothing tangible for dousing the rampaging fire. I reached to the conclusion that whatever happens or done or undone is good for us ultimately with the grace of god.

  • While waiting for a bus ride, i missed an opportunity to avail the bus to go to my destination because it was full to the capacity but i could have adjusted, if I wanted, but I decided against it – may be due to some internal cues. I had to wait for next half an hour for next bus ride.  On the way, when our bus stopped, we could know that something amiss had happened. There was a tragic accident in which all the 60 passengers died. To my utter horror, it was the same bus which I skipped about an hour before.  I would have been amongst the dead if I would have taken a ride an hour before. I was fortunate but not the others who were there on the fateful bus. What it proves
  • My four years grandson had a sudden small cut while playing with his toy. When i asked him what had happened, he most innocently replied. God has punished him for his fault – meaning doing something untoward brings in its bad results. His simple reply surprised me immensely. Even a small kid believes that if he does something bad God will punish him. Meaning there is a lesson in this small incident – good or not so good. Besides whatever happens is due to Him. It is for our refinement. Nothing else.

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  1. When we experience something tangibly, we realise the hand of our Creator in everything to do or do not do. This blog is also base on some personal experiences. Kindly go through and offer your kind comments. Regards

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