Sincere word originated from Latin ‘sincerus’  meaning – pure, genuine, honest, upright, whole-souled etc. While transacting our duties, we adopt various methods in fructifying various tasks to be undertaken by us. There could be ethical or sincere mannerism and there could be corrupt practices adopted for doing these tasks. Although, in both, our assigned tasks  would  see the light of the day yet in former instance, we have adopted sincere methods (which gives us innate satiety) and in latter ones we have cheated or adopted insincere or dishonest methods (which  are unethical in nature) for success.

Sincere methods connote what we transact wholeheartedly with transparency, with genuine internal emotions and without any reservations. Not only internal emotions, our external impressions should be above board or sincere. These feelings could be tested and attested in any space and time. The earnest devotion bereft of any hypocrisy or feigning of any kind. Besides, requisite conditionality about sincerity is absence of any sort of misgiving in fulfilling a promise or the principle espoused is fulfilled without any deviation from the principles to be followed most sincerely.

While talking about sincerity, it  is pertinent to mention that the attitude  reflected ought to be beyond  any  shred of doubt. For example,  principle held dear by Aydhya rulers through ages were: RAGHKUL REET SADA CHALI AAYI PARAN JAYE PAR VACHAN NA JAYE’ (It has been the eternal tradition of the lineage of Lord Ram (Raghu Kul) To honor one’s word most sincerely, even at the cost of one’s life).

Sincere person could adjust in any  person and environment in which he/she is placed without much complication. There are people who remain sincere and steadfast to upkeep the integriry and honour of the motherland with sincerity and without any reservation even they could make supreme sacrifice for its cause.

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    1. Yes sir, sincerity is the most important factor in all our thoughts and deeds. It was penned down on demand from our readers. Hope it fulfils their requirement.

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