1. Why do some people feel pleasure seeing others in pain? 2. Why am I so depressed?

1. Why do some people feel pleasure seeing others in pain?


I don’t get it. How can you feel pleasure seeing another person suffer. Why are some people this way?


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 Best Answer:  Those who feel pleasure after seeing somebody in pain are themselves very unhappy people. They are negatively oriented, having very narrow world view, are unethical, illogical and are sadistic in nature. They earn wrath of everybody while they show negativity in all fields of activity. They earn discredit in their karma even. +

+  Pain and sufferings should not be inflicted on others intestinally or otherwise. Rather these should be shared with each other; if it is possible. We are emotionally disturbed when somebody subjects us to pain deliberately. This pain could be physical, mental or psychological. Physical pain and sufferings, experience (s) can not be shared in real sense of terms but these could be ameliorated to certain extent by lessening their effect. Sharing is in mitigation of the suffering of the sufferer(s) by word and action with a spirit of give and take. But, mental and psychological pains and sufferings of the sufferer (s) can be emotionally felt but not experienced. Experiencing and offering relief in action is sharing. Hence, if we are unable to render any help in alleviating the pains of others then at least we should not feel satisfaction and joy in inflicting pain on others or feel elated while others are suffering.  This in fact is unethical and against the principles of spiritualism.


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2. Why am I so depressed?

Hey my name is Jade i’m 14 years old (well almost) and I’ve been struggling with myself feeling down and I seem to have a loss of interest in a lot of things. I’ve been called a “deep thinker” and quiet but I don’t know what a deep thinker is. I try to keep my head up to hide that I’m feeling down, but it always seems to get me. Sometimes I cry randomly and my eyes look glassy all the time 24/7, I’ve seen the school counselor every month and he always said I look like I’m going to cry. What’s wrong with me?!

Update: And I can’t talk to my mother about it or she’ll just say “you’re not depressed” or “don’t put that dumb *** look on your face it makes you look retarded”

 Best Answer:  From the account you have mentioned, I can say  with certainty that you are a very sensitive person. But after knowing about your age, I can say with a lot of assurance that you’ve matured more than your actual age. It is rather good in a sense. Instead of worrying and being depressed, you should exploit this and devote your time and energy in positive pursuits so that you grow to be a well rounded personality. Just live the present. Do not think much about the past events nor what would transpire in the days to come. Just focus on present and do not waste your time by thinking about the negative things with regard to the future. Future would be good if the present would be good. Just outwit and outgrow your present emotions and in place of being depressed remain joyful internally. +

+It should be kept in mind that crying and feeling depressed is no solution to anything under the sun. as things stands out, it should always be remembered that nobody can make us disappoint us, till such time we allow us to do so. It is thus in the fitness of things that we introspect and resolve/determine not to be browbeaten by any event perpetrated on us by others and thus keep a balance in life. When pain or pleasure comes our way in our life, we should maintain equanimity despite downtrend in our lives.

It should never be forgotten that we are our own masters. Nobody should dictate terms to us which impinges on our lives. This is possible only when we rein in our senses and challenge the challenges which may visit in our lives. We should not allow others to control us and our thought processes in any event whatsoever.


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  1. We should not inflict pain on others intentionally or otherwise but should share their pains and sufferings to the extent possible ALSO, when somebody is depressed, he/she is not able to thin k rationally. we should remove the causes of the depressive feelings and help him/her feel normal in whatever way it is possible.

  2. This is very well post on depression. Negativity is the root cause of depression. There are many who enjoys a lot when others suffer as mentioned in this post. The solution provided for both the problems is really optimal.
    Very nicely penned sir. 🙂

    1. Ashish sahib thanks a lot for appraising both the questions posed to me and giving your inspirational review. God bless.

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