History of our existence
Bears strange but mystical testimony and sometimes coincidence
Which unravels to us that wisdom
Of an individual does not come
With number of years that we’ve spent
On this beautiful planet
Which provides us
Umpteenth of  bounties so indispensable
Which make our lives sustainable
For our survival
But difference between us humans
Is based on finely tuned acumen
Far sightedness and clear sightedness
With exceptionally observant properties

And with huge reservoir of humbleness
Despite impeccable personal insightfulness
Which is obtained after experiencing good and bad instances
We undergo during different life’s stages.

Or having acute mental sharpness of the exceptional order
Due to the good Karma of our past lives combined together
Indeed a spiritual tale – not easier to understand.

The miraculous narrative of Guru Har Krishan Ji
Who became 8th Sikh Guru when he was merely of five years
Is outstanding in every way
On 23 July 1656 he was born
The youngest amongst all the Gurus, so pious
But was possessing the traits
Of soft and kind heartedness
By even taking upon himself
The dreaded disease of small pox.

When challenged by a Sanskrit knowing Pandit JI
To translate and explain the verses from Bhagwat Gita
Guruji just pointed a stick to Gangu’s head
Who in turn started
Reciting verses from Bhagwad Gita, so eloquently
Making all present there abundantly
Young in years but all brimming with insights
He lived only upto the age of eight years!

The example of Vivekananda
The well-known Swami of repute
Who carved a niche for himself
And made himself eternal
With his ideas and ideals
Within a span of only 39 years
Which many of us do not do
Even after spending plus hundred years
On this beautiful earth.

Humans through their involvement gain experience, experience becomes the knowledge. Gained knowledge need not be wisdom. It is truly rare of the rarest humans who attain total wisdom through daily life experiences because in one aspect they may excel and in other one they may lack. Extraordinary humans attain knowledge without pride or losing themselves in the bargain. Their sphere of activity – oral and written get acceptance and acclaim from the masses. Besides, there is positivity in his/her words and deeds. But the uncommon knowledge and sagacity of high order does not make much difference to the person concerned. Pride does not touch that person. He/she is always humane, humble and compassionate and remains always thanks God for everything for which he/she is bestowed with.   in acceptance and endorsement get the identity of wisdom for truly uncommon knowledge. Narendranath, Swami Vivekananda, is no exception.

Evolution is a natural law. Humans face challenges, successes and failures give us experiences, in case of failure, we try again till we succeed till our goal is attained. All these cumulative struggle gives us knowledge. Gained knowledge does not mean gaining wisdom. They do not tarry by the way but even challenge the challenges that come in their paths. It is not that attaining knowledge is equivalent to attaining wisdom. There are many people who reached to the pinnacles of their glory with knowledge in different disciplines but all of them did not attain the coveted place what could be construed as wisdom. It is because there are so many instances where some attained huge reserve of know-how but could not reach the level where we could call the person concerned as sagacious. For example demon king Ravana attained erudite knowledge of Veda, Puranas, composed the Shiva Tandava Stotram and many other firsts besides being one of the best devotees of Lord Shiva from whom he got many boons. But his karma of abducting Maan Sitaji made him a villain in the eyes of the people – thus a king though having unlimited knowledge but lacking in wisdom. For him, Divine Knowledge is rather connectivity with God by enforcing his will even for getting His boons.

Extraordinary people get unconditional knowledge (with no bondage attached) through their belief in God, belief that what they attain is due to their sincere effort,  compassionate to the core, feel pain when others around him/her are afflicted in pain. Wisdom filled people love humanity besides all the creations of our Creator. Also, for a man of wisdom, Brahm Gyan or Divine Knowledge is through persistent and sincere prayers and subsequently attain connectivity and oneness with God and realize Him.


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  1. Age is no consideration for imbibing all the traits that which we call wisdom. Wisdom filled person knows everything under the sun what suits him/her but does not drum it in public. Regards

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