AN ORDINARY TWINE WHICH UNITES THE SOULS (This festival is on 18th August 2016) May God spread the message of brotherly feelings amongst the humanity


AN ORDINARY TWINE WHICH  UNITES THE SOULS  (This festival is on 18th August 2016)  

May God spread the message of brotherly feelings amongst the humanity




The various festivals on different occasions,

Keep reviving the favour,

Of various festivals,

Based sometimes on change in seasons,

Or some sacred religious event,

Or remembering a national hero of repute

Or celebration of National Day, so common

Other times based purely on human emotions,

With common thread of reviving relationships.


The RAKSHA BANDHAN is the festival, so pure,

When sister ties the sacred thread around her brother’s wrist,

This festival is held in the Hindu month of Shravan,

Witnessed by the auspicious FULL MOON FROM THE HEAVEN,

Filled with  sisterly adoration,

And awe-inspiring sentiment of brotherly affection,

A festival of deep bond of emotion,

Wherein a brother promises defence,

Of his sister from any danger unforeseen ,

An ultimate ‘bond of protection’ though unwritten,

Yet this thread is not an ordinary twine,

But solemn undertaking given.


Rakhi is not mere a knot between blood related brothers and sisters,

It is knot between neighbours,

And other society members,

Here caste, color or region hardly matters

Purpose is to keep the fabric of society intact,

To ensure communal harmony, with no strings attached

History is replete with examples,

When Rajputs & Maratha queens sent Rankhis,

To the Mughal kings,

And won their sympathies at the time critical

There is also a story of Alexander the Great’s spouse,

Sending a Rakhi to King Porus,

Which King Porus reciprocated and respected

By not harming her husband

Such is the sacred strength of rakhi’s bond.


Such is the power of this ordinary thread,

That it can keep even adversaries united.


O our All powerful Creator,

Thee who can do anything anywhere,

Knot the world community with thyThread, so holy

So that all live in peace and in harmony.


We, in India, like many in other countries of world, are fortunate to have different festivals which we celebrate with religious fervour and devotion. Festivals may be different but there is a commonality of feelings which is emoted during these festivals; which is indeed mesmerizing. That is the beauty which binds us  together with a common Thread of Love and Care for each other. This may be Christmas celebrations, Eid festivities, Diwali, birthday of important historical figures, National Festivals (related to liberation), etc. The dates may be different but the enthusiasm remains the same.

The word Raksha means an act  of protection and bandhan is related to a/bond/or an association. Taken together the two means a relation which ensures/ protection from unpredictable quarters.  Raksha Bandhan, in other words is a bond between brother and sister for bestowing protection to the sister whenever contingency arises – a sacred pledge that he (brother) will fulfill the promise of protection come what may. In return, the sister prays for the wellbeing and prosperity of her brother.

Raksha Bandhan is a  Hindu festival which highlights the importance of brother-sister relationship. Here, brother-sister may be related biologicallyor even  unrelated. In some parts of India it is simply called Rakhi festival or Rakhi Purnima (falling on full moon). India being a multi-cultural society, not only Hindus, it is celebrated by Sikhs, Jains etc. The sister ties a (Rakhi thread) sacred thread on the wrist of her brother and the brother, in turn, gives a solemn pledge or promise to the sister to come to her succor at any unforeseen eventualities. A promise which is formulized on RAKHI PURNIMA DAY. This festival falls on full moon day (Shravan Poornima) and that is why it is also called as Raksha Poornima.

The brother-sister relationship is really very sensitive. When brother and sister are biologically connected then they grow up together under the same roof and the parents make them understand the importance of brother-sister relationship. As the sister, after she grows up, has to leave the home and hearth of her parents, Rakhi Thread becomes a link between brother and sister to remind each other that there exists somebody to care for him/her. It is, in other words, an emotional bond/link which brings forth the memories of the past days when both brother and sister had lived and brought up together. To say the least, I opine, sisterly love is next the motherly love.  A simple woven thread, self made or purchased from market with great reverence cements relationship even further between brother and sister.

Some of the salient features of RAKSHA BANDHAN are given below”-

  1. Raksha Bandhan signifies the love and affection between brother and sister – an emotional link which solidifies the relationship between the two blood-related or otherwise.
  1. Brother promises to protect her sister and come to her succor whenever called for besides giving a suitable gift for his sister as a token of love.
  1. At the time of tying the knot of sacred thread parents, grand-parents and other members of the family ritualistically gather to shower their blessings on brother-sister at a spot where sister ties knot of Rakhi to her brother and pray for their well-being and prosperity. Tying of knot of a Rakhi is done in a ceremony by lighting a earthen wick or a candle in a shallow plate. Sister applies tilak or tikka on the forehead of her brother and then ties Rakhi. The purpose of lighting a wick is for sanctification of RAKSHA BANDHAN in presence of Fire God. Brother gives her gifts and promises to protect her whenever there is a need. Subsequently, the sister prays for the wellbeing and prosperity of her brother. Some sing religious songs in connection with Rakhi festival.
  1. The sister prays to God for the safety and prosperity of his brother.
  1. A sacred thread, in the form of Rakhi thread, cements a bond between brother and sister thus establishes goodwill and emotional bond between them two.
  1. Most importantly, when brother-sister love is affirmed outside the biological relationship then it will enhance inter-faith cohesion and fellow feelings between different castes, religions etc. This practice persisted in the past and is prevalent now as well. Raksha Bandhan evokes feeling of love, respect, and a sense of protection and also engenders a feeling of togetherness between different religions.
  1. Then there is a practice of sending Rakhi threads made by the school children to the soldiers guarding the borders who could not be with their sisters because of their emergent commitments. These soldiers will naturally feel elated and emotionally suffused by this sacred gesture.
  1. Self made Rakhi Threads along with the sweets and gifts are sent to the orphanages for tying to the ones who were not so fortunate to have their brother tying this sacred thread. This also brings smile on their faces.
  1. Brothers and sisters who are geographically separated send their Rakhis by post or any other fast means along with the gifts in the form of gift cheque etc. Now-a-days, due to the progress of communication owing to net, Rakhis could even be e-Rakhied without wastage of time. What a way to exploit the fast communication! This gesture too keeps the bond of brother-sister love ever blossoming.
  2. The Prohits self-make Rakhis and distribute amongst their disciples who put these on their writs with fervour. This too is considered as a SARED TWINE.

Historical Perspective

Earliest exampels of a Rakhi Bandhan prayer is found in VISHNU PURAN:  a prayer that Yasoda sung while tying a sacred rakhi lucky charm on Krishna’s wrist.

May the lord of all beings protect you,
May the one who creates, preserves and dissolves life protect thee.

Historically legend has it that Rajput queens used to send rakhi threads (a scared thread) to other neighbouring rulers in order to show their linkage or relationship and establish a bond of relationship and spread brotherly feeling amongst the neighbourhood and avoid bloodletting on small pretext or misunderstanding of any nature.

There is a legend, Lord Ganesha had two sons named Shubh and Labh. While Ganesh’s sister came to tie a Rakhi around the wrist of Ganesh, his sons became disappointed. They wanted a sister too. Then  Narda Muni came and persuaded  Lord Ganesha for the same and thus created a daughter by the name of Santoshi Maa by the divine flame emerging from wives named Ridhi and Sidhi who tied Rakhi on the wrists of her brothers Shubh and Labh.  There is also a legend in Bhagavata Purana and Vishnu Purana that after Lord Vishnu won the three worlds from demon king Bali, he requested Lord Vishnu along with Maa Lakshmi to stay in his palace. This was not like by Goddess Lakshmi. She had a plan. She tied a Rakhi around the wrist of King Bali and made him his brother. When asked for a gift she asked for the freedom of Lord VISHNU and freed from the promise to live at his palace. Demon king agreed.

In Manabharta, Lord  Krishna considered Draupati as his sister. When there was a cut on his finger while beheading Shushupal, she pierced a piece of her sari and tied it around his injured finger which was bleeding. Krishna took it as a sacred thread (RAKSHNA BANDHAN) and bestowed her protection whenever called for the same.

There is also a legend of Yama (the lord of death) and Yamuna (river). Yama, due to pre-occupation could not visit her for 12 long years. She told Ganga for the same. Gangaji mentioned this to Lord Yama. He visited his sister thereafter. Yama was very happy to see his brother after a long time; prepared tasty food for him. On asking for a gift, she extracted a promise that he should visit her year after year. This too is connected with Rakshna Bandhan.

May true spirit Raksha Bandhan prevails and creates congenial brotherly feelings amongst the humanity as a whole .

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  1. May the spirit of RAKSHA BANDHAN prevails amongst the length and breadth of the globe. Do appraise the blog and comment. I love your comments.

  2. Love and kindness are eternal, they bind tighter than steel bands and last through eternity. War and death are powerless in the face of love. Although they destroy life, they cannot obliterate love .

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