Where does our disposition come from?

I usually greet people with a smile. To a fault. I am. almost always respectful and try to put people at ease. The other’s self esteem is important to me so even when i need to be critical of a.m mad I try to reach for an olive branch of honey.

I know not everyone is not like that. Some are too shy or to angry. Trust me, I have been hurt so I get it on level but I can’t understand that desire to not find kinshio

Best Answer:  From The account you have given, it is evident that you have all the positive qualities that are required for a happy living and also for a purposeful living. In life if we have such a disposition, we can be adaptive to change anywhere and at any situation in which we are placed. Even if something negative happens, you are, with such disposition would be able to adjust by making amends. God bless. Therefore, our disposition partly comes from our own inner potentials and partly from the circumstances in which an person is placed.


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Positive attitude as mentioned in Bible, “The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me?”


We are the product of our own philosophy of thoughts

Positive thoughts give us inner strength

Negative ones take away

Anything and everything that we’ve gained anyway

We form habits by repeating

A thing a number of times

Through our sweet will sometimes

Other times in moodiness in which we’re positioned

Then from time to time we agree

And other times we agree to disagree

Depending on situation in which placed

Or preference of certain arrangement

Willingness for which comes from inner recesses of mind

A very carefully crafted and executed habit

May instill confidence to the individual concerned

And may earn respect in abundance

It is also a tendency to act in a certain way

Under different sorts of circumstances

Which defines our character composition

Or mood which we habutually form

Same sort of situation may bring about

Different sorts of dispositions result

Some sunny and others not so sunny

But main thing stands out clearly

We ought to control our dispositions quite cautiously

And refine these accordingly

Feeling pain habitually when others feel so routinely

Thus desist from getting satisfaction from others’ suffering 

Which depends on our attitude mostly

Formed with our own freewill oftenly.


FORMATION of our attitude takes its birth from origination of a thought. Then from thought to action to repetitive action helps in shaping our habit subsequently formation of our attitude. Thus attitude formation is partly thought oriented and partly individual oriented. Due to this, attitude differs from person to person. Importantly and undeniably, difference in attitude depends on the circumstances/situation in which a person is brought up {value system one learns from home (parents and other members at home)}, environment in which an individual lives, of course, including neighborhood in which one is brought up, type of schooling which one gets educated besides the effect of peer group along with the teachers’ having lasting impression / influence that a person is exposed to, in school, college, university or any other formal institution. Though the influence of informal institutions (Church, temple, play grounds, clubs. Community association etc) in shaping our attitudinal behavior can hardly be disputed.


It has rightly been said that as we think so we become. Thinking is the initial spark that we generate in us for any tangible thing to be transacted. It is the one which helps in making our attitude. Our attitude to face life by unlocking our inner potentials arise out of our positive thinking only. It calls for slight shift in strategy, by changing our thoughts first, we can change our attitude. Anybody could make huge difference by changing thought processes and then our attitude towards anything that we deal under the sun. Thus, we can gain divine spark in our attitude by removing the dross that clouds our thinking.

When a child is born, it does not have any sort of attitude. His/Her attitude gets formed slowly but surely when the child gets in contact with relatives and well-wishers and also his/her surrounding in which he / she is brought up. Feeding positive thoughts forms positive behavior thus positive attitude.

On the other hand, negative thoughts results in germination of negative attitude in the child and the child grows to be an indisciplined individual.


Attitude also is developed from our natural traits or inherited traits, our reading of the life and viewing the world through the life situations and people we have encountered or come across, our level of awareness etc. Generally, behavior starts based on the lineage to which one belongs. But, in certain respects, attitudes become acquired as one grows up in age. As a result, persons tend to shape themselves on their thought process and in this regard some persons develop a positive attitude towards life and some persons develop negative thoughts – despite family influences. We’ve seen families with very good attitude towards life, their offspring grow to be negative oriented or vice versa. This seems strange but it is a fact. Therefore, the only reason for the attitudinal behaviour of a person will have to be traced to the way in which he desires to shape his life vis=a-vis family trait.


There are three types of individuals, Satvik who are always positively oriented want themselves and others happy. They always have positive thoughts and thus positive behavior and attitude. People with this trait are spiritual in nature; knowledgeable in every aspects of life. Persons with Tamsik traits are reactive in nature. They want to be in grief and want others to be in grief – always negatively oriented. The persons with Rajasvik traits, have the trait of ruling others, possess prowess, are physically and mentally tough including the quality of head and heart. Generally ruling classes are of this trait.


IT is well known that the ocean’s tides are regulated in accordance with the cycles of moon and sun but the tides in human behavior could not be forecast so easily; whether their behavior without any outer influences or not cannot be scientifically explained. But there are sure links between human behavior and phases of the moon and planetary cycles – there is inseparable connection between humans and the cosmos.

Traits of a person are individualistic in nature; depending on circumstances factoring the formation of our thoughts, habits and ultimately the attitude. These are of following kinds:-

  1. Introvert and extrovert attitudes.
  2. Rational and irrational attitudes.
  3. Reasonable and unreasonable attitudes.
  4. Simple and typical attitudes.
  5. Conscious and unconscious attitudes.
  6. Positive and negative attitudes.
  7. Fearless attitude with solid belief in God’s grace in any situation.


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  1. Our attitude is our trait; which can be positive or negative depending on us only. Kindly go through the write up and comment. Regards

  2. Indeed, remembering the pleasant things of life can lift one’s mood, and a smile when passing a stranger in the street or supermarket can lighten up the dullest day.

    1. Yes madam,it solely depends on our attitude. If we want to remain happy, there are things everywhere around us to make us so, but if we want to remain glum, then there are also too many things. Depends on our attitude. Regards

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