I recently found out my boyfriend cheated on me, so I broke up with him, any advice is appreciated :-(?



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Best Answer:  First of all, it is rather fine to have broken up with such a person who could have not remained faithful to you. The sooner it is to leave this as a bad dream, it would be better for you. And you are fortunate to have found out about his cheating. If you could have found it after losing yourself in the bargain then what?

Advice for future:-

1. Develop friendship with the one who understands you thoroughly.

  1. Confide everything with your boyfriend; to the extent possible since things can otherwise also trickle down which may cause problem.
  2. Less expectations.
  3. No too much of whining if some things go wrong. Think why and how things have gone to that pass. If things could be put back on rails do it. Otherwise, leave it.
  4. Do not carry baggage from your past, It may cause problem for future friendship.
  5. Have total belief in yourself and your new friend.


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He that walketh uprightly walketh surely: but he that perverteth his ways shall be known.…….Better [is] the poor that walketh in his uprightness, than [he that is] perverse [in his] ways, though he [be] rich.

When there is cheating in marriage, the act not only violates the terms of the contract but also the law of Allah. 

A right thinking person gets exasperated even merely by the whiff of uncharitable incident to happen. The impending event when saturated with vicious attitude, exhibition of quarrelsome behavior on silliest pretexts; stage managed by individuals with self aggrandizement as the self-goal is counter productive. Such events may be fleecing others’ possessions through fraud thus acting like a leech, sucking the blood of victim – without even a second thought about ethics or moral standpoints. This is the play of KALI YUGA at its worst. Here, it is not merely the paradoxical and flawed handiwork of human behavior but also runs counter to all norms of human behavior. It also puts roadblocks in denying opportunity to the individual for refinement through repentance for not repeating such misconceived acts.

Better still are the animals who give second chance to their victims in comparison with the cheaters who seek for their potential victims for cheating for personal gains.

We humans are endowed with different sorts of tendencies. There are the ones who would go all out in assisting others even at the risk of their own lives while there are the ones who do not think two hoots  about others’ welfare; at the back of their mind is  self interest and nothing else. Such people may or may not harm others in getting their things done but sure enough they’ll get their own things done anyway. Third types are those who go all out in getting their agenda fructified even at the cost of others. For them, nothing matters  except their selfish motive. For  them even though  heaven may fall on the earth yet their agenda of high value selfish motive goes unchallenged– come what may!

Tendency to dupe others or hoodwink others by putting others in the dark and earning dividends/reward which otherwise is not theirs in real sense or terms is their religion. This unethical and unsavoury demeanour of humans cannot be considered humanlike. Such people are the cheats.

Cheating is a dishonest or incencere act by an individual  or a group of individuals in order to get undue pecuniary benefits or gain, in the process, hoodwinking others by playing hidious trick. Cheating could be of many types:-

  • Cheating In the examination. Some students use unfair means in order to get through examination without burning of mid-night oil.
  • Cheating while fixing marriages. It has been observed that some resort to telling lies while fixing marriage of their children. This too is a cheating because the marriages which are fixed on cheating cannot be successful. Sand foundation cannot sustain a healthy building.
  • Cheating in gambling match. Cheating has been used to dupe others to garner money from gambling match. Shakuni cheated Pandavas and won everything including their wife Drophati which became the cause of the downfall of Kauravas.
  • Cheating for personal gains. By defrauding or through double crossing others in order to gain – using anything or everything except honesty. He cheated his own friends of what he had got. I have seen people defrauding others for personal gains – a corrupt practice.
  • Cheating by the unscrupulous Businessmen. There are the instances where the unprincipled retailers fleece their customers by promising something which fall short on their delivery. This way the customers feels cheated.
  • Cheating by our close relations by misrepresenting facts. A close relation who could manipulate the home deeds or house ownership rights by ulterior motive. This sort of cheating is rampant.
  • Cheated even death by escaping from the certain death! There are certain accidents in which all the passengers die expect for one lady; she could elude even the death.
  • CHEAT who could swindle money by breaking some law for earning undue money.
  • Getting Undue Reward By Personal Dishonesty And Trickery or misrepresentation of facts.


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3 thoughts on “ON EVIL OF CHEATING”

  1. There are the people who would like to choose their victims for cheating and fraud thus fulfilling their desire for personal gains and also for power and pelf. Such shortcuts lead us astray and put us in quagmire of our own making. Kindly go through the blog and offer and your kind comments. Regards

  2. Dubious indeed is the human mind, and there are so many ways to cheat those who are there for the cheats to exploit, but better by far to do as you would be done by and to treat others as you would have them treat you.

    1. My sincere thanks for your most appropriate comment. The gullible are always there to be exploited by those who are always on the look out for the same but there should be a limit of that exploitation too. Cheaters cannot escape from the OMNIPOTENT and OMNISCIENT. Regards

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