Holy Bible says: Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.

Holy Quran: Those who purposely tempt the believers and do not repent from their evil will end up in Hell Fire.


Our will power is an instrument of our own making. It is combination of instincts, senses and urges and comes to our rescue whenever we are confronted with temptation of any kind – positive or negative. This way, our instincts. senses and urges  provide us resistance or otherwise we may yield to these allurements.

Our will power is an instrument of our own making. It is combination of instincts, senses and urges and comes to our rescue whenever we are confronted with temptation of any kind – positive or negative. This way, our instincts. senses and urges  provide us resistance or otherwise we may yield to these allurements.


The idea of writing about ‘temptation’ dawned on me when I was standing in a queue for waiting my turn for depositing the demonetized Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes. A total stranger came to me and offered old currency notes at 60:40 return – a bait which many must have accepted, meaning for every hundred 100 rupees, I shall gain Rs. 40. What a pity! This is an example of temptation. I introspected and refused the offer right away.


Importantly, temptation is the passionate or a strong urge or desire to do something or to have something which, we know, from the bottom of our heart that we should not have. doing what we should not, ethically or morally speaking, is too bad or unwise. it leads depletion  of our credit in karmic deeds. Not only the act but also the feeling for it comes in this category. The root word for it is ‘temtare’ meaning to taste. It may lead to undesirable consequences. in other words, an act which we should avoid for its ill-conceived results. Temptation leads to not only futuristic ill-effects but also reduces our will power and resolve to transact anything logically.


Temptation induces a person to commit sin or crime. Lure of becoming rich induces us to adopt corrupt practices to become rich through backdoor means. It is the unethical desire from where evil springs which sullies the person’s character – which when lost cannot be built again.  Temptation may also lead to break laws of the land leading to deterrent punishment. This includes committing adultery will not save us from punishment for a person for going tempted or going astray. When a person loses his practer, he loses his reputation, merits and position in the society.

When the question of temptation comes, it is based on our own misdirected desires and product of our mind hence we cannot associate God with it. He helps us remove our tendencies to any sort of inducement but funny thing is man always shifts blame for his temptations on others even knowing well that this is an exercise in futility. He, sometimes takes umbrage in medical scientific phraseology like mental sickness – psychological infirmity. This escapist attitude is moralistic and uncalled for. Fact remains, nobody or no circumstances or situations could be held responsible for our inducement to commit sin.


We should not forget that man is curious by nature. Till such time our curiosity is satiated, we remain about it. This may create temptation. Too much resistance may be sometimes sickening.  But one thing we have to keep in mind, if we yield to a particular longing, then we have to think what would be the consequence of its commission. When we yield, we will be disillusioned because it did not give us fulfillment that we anticipated. A person who is self aware and awake will not repeat but others who keep repeating the folly are ensnared by it and suffer ultimately. It is also worth mentioning that those who suppress their desire may miss to learn from the opportunity provided. Hence the persons with sagacious mindset adopt middle course. They follow the desires of the heart and their minds finds ways for acting intelligently and with awareness.


S0me good temptations are beneficial for us. If we strive to fulfill these sincerely, we can gain a lot. For instance, our temptation to create something unique which may be of benefit to us and the society in general.


While i was a kid, we used to study a story ‘ the greedy dog’. It got a bone which he carried in his mouth. While crossing the wooden bridge, he looked down into the stream and saw his own reflection. Thinking that it was some other dog holding a bone. He growled. The reflection too growled at him. He then started barking. In this process the piece of bone fell in the water. Thus the temptation of having another bone resulted in losing his own one! There is a strong message that greed or temptation or allurement  is in essence bad.

The influence of temptation or allurement or outward attraction is so strong and irresistible that Sita Mata, the consort of lord Rama, could not resist the temptation of having a golden coloured deer.

During their stint in the exile, while Rama and Sita were sitting together and Lakshmna guarding them they saw a golden deer. Actually this beautiful deer was really a demon in disguise sent by demon king ravana. Sita Mata was so much lured by the beauty of that golden deer that she wanted to have for herself. To fulfill her wish Lord Rama pursued the deer. while Lakshmana was left to guard Sita Mata. But the deer ran away and after reaching quite a distance, the demon imitates Rama’s voice – calling for help. Lakshmana then leaves to his aid after drawing a Lakshman Rekha which none could cross except Sita. While Sita Mata was left alone. This was the time when Ravana in the disguise of a sadhu came for alms and persuaded Sita with his pep talk to cross the line. Thus she was abducted.

This way, we learn a lesson that even Lord Rama and Sita Mata could also could be lured by temptations. Normal human beings like us could also fall prey to these? But one thing is there, while outer attractiveness of allurement, sometimes is irresistible, yet before falling prey to the same we should first introspect about  the consequences.


One thing that is worth acknowledging about temptation is that we know that our act which we are not supposed to do yet we are induced to do because of weakened will power. I think it is due to unsatisfied or unfulfilled desire about a thing the influence of which far exceeds our resolve to resist. This although is subjective in nature. There are people who will not even give a cursory thought or look on an enticing thing without even an apparent effort. That is the testifying by fire. A purse lying on the way containing high denomination notes may entice one but other may not give a second thought about it and would like to hand it over to the police for restoring the same to the rightful owner.


Then there are others who are in the habit of enticing others into sinful act by deception, flattery or teasing with seductive demeanor. This may be offer of body for sex in return for money – a form of solicitation. It may also be ensnaring through blackmail which is particularly undertaken by the spies for extracting sensitive information.

Types of allurements:-

  1. Unfaithfulness in marriage institution.
    2. To give false witness with the intention to be rich.
    3. Covetousness /Greed For Personal Satisfaction.
    4. Act Against The Religious Beliefs without thinking about its consequences.
    5. Vile Parading Of Sex for tempting or enticing the individual.

Therefore, It could be right to conclude that temptation or allurement to which our mind gets attracted to for temporary satiety but forgetting that its long term ramification. If not checked within a short span of time, slur of temptations could ruin our character. Hence, we’ll have to cleanse vile / sinful thoughts from our system so as to desire of enticement is annihilated. This could be attained by leading a spiritual oriented life.

Meditation is the way out as enshrined in Bhagwad Gita

Yoga meditation is the process of cultivating and stabilizing the awareness of one’s real nature, through definite spiritual and psychological methods and laws by which the narrow ego, the flawed hereditary human consciousness, is displaced by the consciousness of the soul.






































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  1. We are engulfed with temptations by the outer shine of some things. If we have strong will, we can control our urges and proceed on in our life. Meditation is essential for self control and to control our mind. Regards

  2. Your usual sound thoughts. In my Jesuit grammar school we were taught to beware the world, the flesh, and the devil, which didn’t seem to leave us much room for manoeuvre 🙂

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