The phrase ‘Live and let live’ highlights  the sagacious viewpoint that living beings have the right to live according to their choice i.e. there should not be artificial boundaries in their sphere of activity.They should have freedom of expression and action within the confines of norms set by the society.  Nobody has the right to force others to accept others’ terms for a healthy and purpose living. Life should not revolve  on the percept: ‘All men are born free, but everywhere they are in chains’ since it is contrary to natural justice and fair-play. If freedom to grow gets jeopardized then the human values will also lose its sheen.

The principle of ‘LIVE AND LET LIVE’ gets affected due to the following:-


Humans have the trait of discrimination – can differentiate between right and wrong. We do we use this trait logically in actual practice. It has been noticed with utmost concern that we do not identify ourselves as the single entity / creation of our creator. We distinguish between humans on the basis of religion without understanding the truth underlying / contained in that particular religion. Truly speaking each religion is a path to connect with our Creator. Different paths, in the form of different religions are there, but the source or destination is only Eternal One. Knowing this truth should make us realise that every religion teaches us the same truth, its language to convey the same may be different. But alas, we do not see in actual practice. We intentionally create different impediments in others’ paths, considering their own one (religion) the superior one. This creates bad blood between people of different religions thus impinging upon the human rights of others hence coming in the way of acting on the principle of: LIVE AND LET LIVE.

There is also tragedy, there are some insipient layers in individual religion even, professing different percepts, each predominantly differing from other creating still more differences resulting in rivalry within individual religion even. I need not quote these layers, each of us knows about these and division these create within the societies.  No other religion has the right to subvert other religions but follow his/her own and live in harmony. The religions should help groom good human beings and create conducive atmosphere for communal accord on the principles of : LIVE AND LET LIVE .


Most of the differences are generated on the basis of prejudices based on caste, colour, creed and regionalism. We should rise above narrow parochialism and create atmosphere of cooperation on the percepts of unity in diversity and adopt / cultivate social and traditional values for propagating:  LIVE AND LET LIVE.


The gender based violence which prevails is a sad pointer to the age old discrimination that is prevalent in many society. Sometimes it starts from identification of gender of the unborn and the destruction which is not only a crime under the law of the land but a inhuman act. Then there is human trafficking. Every child (male or female) has the right to live. The perpetrators should be prosecuted and punishment awarded for its avoidance. LIVE AND LET LIVE is the crying need in this respect too.


Then we differentiate other humans on the basis of their state of mind or body afflictions. It is important that the perceptible difference between different human beings be identified first, understood properly and not discriminated on the bases of some gender differences. Their rights should be protected and provided freedom to live their normal lives without let of hindrance.

Gays: These are the persons who are attracted to members of the same sex –traits of being homosexuals.

Transgender: If the gender differs from the one a person was born. They could identify as male or female. Or it could be that neither male or female suits them. They could change from male to female and vice versa on choice. It could be through surgery or with some other method.

Gender Neutrals. Then there are the people who are genderless or absence of gender – neither male nor female i.e. neutral.


We domesticate animals and keep them as dogs for our protection, cows and buffalos for milk and goats, camels, horses, mules  as a means of transportation of goods, goats and sheep for  fur and meat etc. Domesticated animals are looked after since these are beneficial to the person who domesticates them. But do we show the same consideration for the stray dogs etc. In many cases, certainly now!  These also need equal consideration. It does not mean the animals should be our slaves. They should have equal rights since these are also the creation of our creator. It should also not be forgotten that animals and birds too feel pain while we inflict pain on them. They feel pain, pleasure, fear etc like we humans do. Only difference between us and animals is that the human are having the power of discrimination whereas animals and birds do not have that.

Paradoxically, we must have observed how power hungry and self-centered people act according to their whim and fancies, showing no mercy on their victim for satisfying their ill-designs. They will have no reasons or rational about their nefarious acts of omission and commission. They will commit heinous crimes without caring two hoots about their actions.

The story of a WOLF AND A LAMB suits the negative attitude of some of inhuman elements towards others. The wolf saw a lamb drinking water lower down the stream. He wanted to eat the lamb so he asked the lamb as to why she was making the water muddy. The lamb respectfully replies that water was flowing from him to her and there was no reason how she could make the water muddy. Then he invented another excuse to entrap the lamb in his web and asked her threateningly; as to why did she abuse him last year. To which the lamb replied that he was only six months old; how he could abuse him when he was not even born. The wolf did not care about the answer and pounced upon the lamb and ate it up. The lesson from this story is that an oppressor need not have any excuse for terrorizing his victim. He will have his way. Accept it or not, that is not the sphere of that tyrant’s thinking.  Here the ideals of LIVE AND LET LIVE GETS DEFEATED.

A leaf from the noble principle of LIVE AND LET LIVE could be taken from a legend of RAJA JAMBOOLOCHAN the founder of Jammu, called city of temples, in 14th century BC. It is said that during one of his hunting trips, he reached to a river named Tawi, which originates from the lap of Kali Kundi Glacier. To his utter surprise, he saw a goat and a lion drinking water together. He was obviously astonished to see this unnatural harmony.  An idea crept in his mind, a place where a lion and a goat could take water together, could be a place of peace and harmony.  So he built a palace at that place and subsequently a city named Jambu Nagar which now is called Jammu. Thus in this respect the principle of ‘LIVE AND LET LIVE’ becomes a reality. Being a resident of Jammu City I am really proud of City of Temples and its people who live in peace and harmony besides  with a feeling of unity in diversity because people of all religions (Hindu, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs etc) reside there.














































































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  1. LIVE AND LET LIVE is one of the best way of living. We should not browbeat others since it will boomerang on us ultimately. So the best course of action is to give others freedom to grow. Regards

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