True joy in life is attained
not by having numerous material comforts
which though bestows us momentary pleasure
but, alas!   Dissolves like thin layer of snow on a sunny day
sooner than we actually anticipate in any way
leaving us bereft of any joyous moments to celebrate
taking us to the spot
from where we’d initially started
with sorrow writ large on our faces.

True happiness is acquired
when we earn our bread
using our intellect with our sweet will
thus making our life worth living
engendering a feeling of  satiety
without fear or favour eventually
resulting in profuse joy to the individual
producing positive emotional upsurge
making our heart elated with pleasure

Thus purging the feeling of discomFrot

And a true joy  is so attained.

When we merge completely with god

Pure knowledge and pure perception dawn

Which helps us remove the ill habit of obsession

For the material possessions

Or feeling of over-possessiveness in relationship

Thus help create in real sense feeling of self-realization

 which is a sure sign of true joy in our life – for sure.



We humans tend to search for joy in the external objects for satisfying our needs; thus aspire to find fulfillment thereof. For this, we make attempts to collect funds and purchase different things in order to gratify our perceived needs thereby get comfort from the items collected without realizing that joy and comforts which a person garners out of objects of comforts is of temporary nature and hardly gives fillip to our happy life. Though it could be construed as a fashionable lifestyle yet it hardly gives us joy which is enduring. In our daily life, we must have observed, a thing with external attraction may not be an object of ultimate joy; it could give us a momentary pleasure. It lasts till the indulgence lasts. 

Holy Quran states joy as: ‘State of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy’ and this joy springs from inner recesses of our heart.


State of sorrow is caused when we are confronted with sense of insecurity. Its cause may be sudden due to our attachment or possessiveness. Attachment is the value perception we give to our relationship.  Value perception are mainly the creation of our mind and five senses. This value perception may vary. The more value to a thing or relationship, we feel pleasure of pain when we do not get what we want. Then conflict of interest too gives momentary joy or sorrow. Suppose we are in a position from where we can influence something in our favour, we get immense satisfaction but if we are unable to get what we actually want, we tend to be anguished hence lose ourselves in the bargain. To have a balance both in sorrow and pain, we have to in total control of our mind and five senses thereof.  Hence disproportionate possessiveness or too much attachment could come in our way in getting total or eternal joy.


The moot point here is, whenever a man does not get what he wants to satiate his desires, he gets disappointed which slowly but surely results in different physiological and psychological ailments. The scenario gets accentuated when we start asking God in our daily prayer for these items of comforts! A prayer in which we ask our Creator for material comforts for our joy is not prayer at all.


In our life, we find ourselves confronted with myriad of unresolved problems; although the problems faced by each individual may not be same. Our happiness in life depends on the attitude towards our life vis-à-vis the problems we experience. ‘Nanak Dukhia Sab Sansar’ has been very aptly mentioned in this respect. In our quest for joy, we may explore different avenues but total joy is really a mirage, despite our best efforts. It is also a time tested fact that total absence of sorrow and pain is not possible in life. Detachment from result of our karma can only bring about positivity in our life. Bhagwad Gita exhorts that Karma is our prime Dharma, we should not be attached with the result of our Karma. Doubtlessly,  sincere actions leads to good results.


Even for temporary joy, different people have different yardsticks. One person may get joy out of small-small things in life but others may not rejoice in that ‘temporary joy’ even due to their insatiable attitude!  It is because their satisfaction level is too high to be fulfilled – may be due to ignorance or I shall call it due to their egocentric tendencies.  Such people remain dissatisfied throughout their life with everything essential for humans notwithstanding


 In the poem Miller of Dee, the poet makes a comparison between a Miller of river Dee and a crown king. The Miller is described to be happy like a lark but the king with power is not so happy. He is having multiple unsolved problems. Meaning, happiness or sadness depends on our attitude.


This also goes to prove that joy does not depend on the worldly or material possessions. It largely depends on our state of mind.  An object of joy for a particular person may not provide joy for other one. One man’s meal may be poison for other. There is no golden goose in real life which could give a total or eternal joy. .


True  joy could be attained when we make sincere efforts in merging ourselves with our Creator. For this to be reality self realization or self awareness is a must. Here right knowledge and intelligence to use that knowhow is a must.

And that happiness which is blind to self-realization, which is delusion from beginning to end and which arises from sleep, laziness and illusion is said to be of the nature of ignorance.

Happy are the people whose God is the Lord” The Bible guides us to happiness through God’s Word.

In Our Life, We Come Across With The Following Types Of People:-

  • People who try to make others joyous even disregarding their own joys in life. Their motto in life is to get satisfaction by satisfying the needs of others. What a supreme joy one gets by this attitude!


  • People with insatiable thirst for materials possessions.


  • People who get satisfaction and joy by making others unhappy with an evil intend.


  • Those who introspect and find their true self.


  • Those who find joy in acquiring new knowledge which they utilize for their well-being and spread the fragrance of knowledge and remove ignorance of society to which they belong.






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    1. First of all my sincere thanks for your most relevant comment.When one is contented with his/her lot, means that person is satisfied with what he / she is having. He / she can do with the resources h/she is possessing. He /she does not envy with others’ state of possessions. Having contentment means adjustment with the situation that the concerned person is placed. But it should be kept in mind that the possession should be earned through by the sweats of his brows – not through corrupt practices. Regards

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